What Kind of Bar Is This?


If you want you know what’s really going on in Berlin, you’ll end up consulting the magazines Zitty or tip eventually. This can cause confusion occasionally (Zitty, Tip, Tiity, Zippy) but does help to end up in the right place at the right time in this beautiful city. Now, the two have created a real place together, and by that, we don’t mean the editor’s office but – muuuuuuch better – a joint bar. The cozy Kinski-Bar is closed, now open is a Zitty-and-tip-Bar, still nameless but with this promise: Thursdays to Saturdays, you can say cheers in the Friedelstraße 27 in Neukölln. With what exactly and how it’s all going to be nobody knows –  not even the owners and even less us. Zitty says: “It’s all very improvised, it was kind of a crazy idea”. And we think: every bar should start with a crazy idea.
Zitty & tip Bar | Friedelstraße 27, 12047 Berlin | Facebook

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Who is Jack?


Who is Jack?

The 2 Minute Interview

Who is Jack? isn’t a question, it’s a statement. Since 2012, the so-named international formation around actor and musician Sven Carl Gusowski and actor and director Christian David Fischer have been developing interdisciplinary cultural projects focussed on theatre and local attachment in Berlin Neukölln. Content wise, the network deals with topics such as identity and the fragmentation of personalities caused by the ’new‘ media, separation and isolation in social agglomerations as well as finding a definition for the terms ‚homeland‘ and ‚at home‘. Whew, so in plain English that’s: step outside your front door, there are others waiting! Last week, he or she celebrated the debut of his/her revue „Wandering Stars“ about displaced people in the popular Heimathafen. On April 21st, 22nd, 29th and 30th you’ll have another chance of getting to the bottom of this. Our rating: do it! Why, wherefore and for what reason? That’s what we wanted to know and got an answer to every question. Well, sort of.


Name: Jack Buginithi
Age: timeless
Home: Berlin Neukölln
Profession: artist collective
Shoesize: L
Favourite piece: strawberry cake
Contact: weristjack.de

Who is Jack?
That is currently being discussed.


Imagine you have to flee – tell us three possessions you would take with you.
Pillow (can’t sleep without it), Ukulele, current playbook – commented version.


What does home mean to you?
I like being from East/Westphalia, I like living in East/West/Berlin, I would really like to GO WEST, but first of all I’ll be travelling to China and Sri Lanka soon. And usually: ‚Wherever I lay my hat…‘ (Marvin Gaye)


The most important moment of your life?
I’m ready for it!


Neukölln is best?
Lentil soup. Have at it. Parallel societies. Live peacefully alongside each other without everyone having to be the same – it works!


What do you spend too much money on?
Rent. No downswing in sight.


The role of your life?
Backflip, off the cuff. I can’t do it yet, mind you, but luckily I have some life ahead of me.


Can art save the world?
As soon as I can do that backflip, we’re all set.


What is the first thing you would if you were invisible?
Run around and hand out slaps, leaving notes with suggestions on saving the world.


If God is almighty, can he create a stone, so heavy, that he could not jump over himself?
If God is almighty, he could give me the power to make myself invisible when needed.

With which famous figure (dead or alive) would you like to share the stage?
God. But does that count as an answer if it’s about ‚dead‘ or ‚alive‘? At least I got ‚famous‘ and ‚figure‘ right…


What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Tinned vegetarian Ravioli. We better visit Christian (stews in all variations!…)


What are you scared of?
Of doing everything right and everything well.
(Geez, these are some serious question… Makes me afraid of the next question…)


What was the last thing that touched you emotionally?
See? I knew it!


What would you change in the world if you had the chance and the power to?
I would immediately put the liquid funds of all Germans in one pot and divide it up amongst everyone. That would make around 60.000 Euro per person. I’m curious what would happen next.


What should no one know about you?
What would happen if I called the shots around here.


Which question should we have asked you?
„Why don’t you answer the question about who Jack is?“


The last word:
We have a question to everything.

  Photo: Rene Jaschke


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What can happen when two eccentric-narcissistic and, in the best sense, perpetually pubescent fashion-bloggers and fashion week veterans, extremely successful in zeitgeist, porn, pop and freak show so far, now tackle the subject of food? That’s right: a style-forming, rosy Culinarium following a fast-food model that brings multicultural vegan speedy cuisine in cardboard boxes from the heart of Neukölln to people not only hungry for actual food but also for the potentiality of the future. On April 16th, the most well-known male fashion bloggers of Germany and authors of Dandy Diary, David and Jakob, will be opening their Dandy Diner at Karl-Marx-Straße. The first branch of their self-declared takeaway empire was designed in the style of 1980s fast food chains by Studio Karhard. The studio that also created and implemented the toilets in the club Berghain. And just like there, anything is possible in the Dandy Diner – except for animal products. The culinary repertoire that features dishes from burgers to salads, sandwiches to desserts and pastries is purely vegan aka kosher aka halal. Besides very good coffee, beer and wine, long drinks are also on offer – a definite advantage over all the imperialistic competitors. And because the dandies just can’t do without fashion, the staff-outfits have been meticulously designed as well. Aprons and hats with the little piggy-logo are also for sale for non-employees at the Voo Store. Items available free of charge are first impressions, burgers, drinks and loud music at the opening party on the Danish queen’s birthday, April 16th.
Dandy Diner | Karl-Marx-Straße 9, 12043 Berlin |  Opening hours: daily from 12 pm to 12 am | dandydiner.de | Facebook | Opening: 16. April from 8 pm

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What else is in the teaches of Peaches.


What else is in the teaches of Peaches.

Knowing where to look for information isn’t always as easy as it seems. Just recently, the new book store Topics opened at Weserstr. 166 – right next to lovely Suzy and her deli Stella. The wonderfully minimalistic shop is run by the very likeable Israeli Doron Hamburger (cool name!) and the books aren’t kept in alphabetical order, instead they are arranged on cubes according to their topics (Aha!). The „night“ cube for instance features a capricorn of literary highlights, stories about growing up without a father, time machines or books written in prison and what not… You name it! The atmosphere is so genuinely chic yet down-to-earth you’ll want to spend all day sticking your nose in every book. When we first stepped inside, we weren’t sure if we really were in a book shop or had entered a concept store for modular furniture systems. Tomorrow evening, a real Berlin legend invites you to join her in this fabulous new place for her new book release. The book is called „What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches“ and needs no further explanation really. No other than the cult music heroine Peaches herself and photographer Holger Talinski have created an outrageous photographic volume including countless pictures capturing the artist live on stage and accompanying texts by various pioneers such as Michael Stipe, Ellen Page and even Yoko Ono. The event will begin at 5 p.m. with a Q&A between Peaches and Holger after which they’ll be signing the new book. There’ll be food from Stella next door (no surprise here) and all the bars in the neighbourhood are prepared for the roof to burn down. So Neukölln, get yourself ready and put on the ritz! Or to put it in Michael Stipe’s words: „This is balls like we haven’t seen since Patti Smith; she is Die Antwoord, Kim Gordon, NWA. She stands tall and she is fearless. That is my definition of a hero, heroine, progressive, icon— locked in, and ready to rumble.“
What else is in the teaches of peaches – book release | 16.07., 5 pm | Topics Bookstore, Weserstr. 166, 12045 Berlin | www.topics-berlin.com | Facebook


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Stella, oh Stella!

Stella, oh Stella!

Just strolling along the – um, let’s say more „original“ – part of the Weserstraße in Neukölln on a Sunday afternoon and all of a sudden you find yourself in a food paradise gone Ottolenghi only to then stumble upon the famous Chinese cellist Trey Lee giving a free mini-concert just a few minutes later. Cooking and music work with similar principles: it’s about passion and gusto, about craftsmanship and using a recipe with a range of ingredients and tools to create something truly sensual. Both disciplines bring forward prodigies or those that tend to stick to the same simple melody forever (Chopsticks ring a bell?!). Most of us have at least one recipe, that friends are crazy about and ask us to cook it over and over again. Well, Suzy has dozens, nay hundreds of them. Everything she cooks will make you want to have second and third helpings. We love the little posh but hidden Fortuna’s Table in Neukölln’s Weserstaße. No Sign, no opening-hours – the temple of sweet treats and tasty morsels opens exclusively for private dining events. If you’ve been lucky though, you might have been able to enjoy Suzy’s delicious catering specialities – we had the chance to feast on them at one of our Weinmomente and at the Briteday. But alas, there is an end to this reserved pleasure! Tonight, just across the street at Weserstraße 166, Suzy is opening Stella – a lovely deli almost too good to be true. There’s plenty to choose from – small or large, hot or cold. NYC Style Sesame Noodles, meatless meatballs or sausage with a secret tomato sauce you’ll want to swim in – each dish a dream. If you order more than one, Suzy will give you a discount. Oreo-Chocolate-Chip Brownies and Froot Loop Marshmellow Treats – a reminder of an American childhood – are perfect for dessert. Your order is not to go? You can also enjoy your meal at one of the little white tables in the beautifully decorated dining area. At first, Stella will open weekdays from 12–6 pm (and slightly longer). Good luck and bon appétit!

Stella | Weserstr.166, 12045 Berlin | Mo – Fr, 12 – 6 pm | Facebook

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Voodoo Voodoo

Voodoo Voodoo

If muxmäuschenwild were to open a shop, this is what it would be like: presenting and selling lovely pieces handmade with dedication by talented international designers based in Berlin – carefully selected and arranged perfectly to our liking. „Slow shopping“ is the name of the game. It wouldn’t be all about the money – we’d want to get to know the people behind the products, exchange ideas and promote sustainable shopping experiences. Tomorrow night, berlinoise couple Oryanne & Raphael open their shop „Un Autre Voodoo“. And what can we say: their shop IS exactly like that. After launching their magical pop-up shop in December, they’re now ready to grow roots in Berlin Neukölln. The address is fixed, designers and collections will change and what’s gone is gone. Come to the opening party and meet the 25 young designers, have a couple of cool drinks and enjoy some good music. Oryanne and Raphael will be there, too, of course. Maybe we can persuade our soul mates to put a muxmäuschenwild sticker on the door. Officially recommended, loved and covered with frosting by muxmäuschenwild or something like that.
Un autre Voodoo – Store Opening | Tellstr.7, 12045 Berlin | unautrevoodoo.com | Facebook Eventlink


Have a seat, please!

Kiez Sofa

Have a seat, please!

Once upon a time in a little village along the river Rhine there was a little sofa. And on this little sofa sat the most glorious guests the neighbourhood had to offer. Each of them had a great story to tell and hooray, the whole neighbourhood was all ears. One of these guests was Simon Akstinat and he was so touched, thrilled and entertained by what he heard, that without further ado, he decided to import this concept to his new neighbourhood: Berlin Neukölln. The local talk show “Kiez Sofa”, hosted by Simon Akstinat and cofounder Nadine Kleifges, welcomes local guests from Neukölln (famous or not) to talk about their extraordinary life stories, because nothing is more exciting or pleasing than finding out more about the people who live just around the corner. Musicians, globetrotters, entrepreneurs, politicians and artists take a seat on the Kiez Sofa to spill the beans about their personal connection to Neukölln and everyday life there. There is no main topic, the only thing the guests have in common is calling Neukölln their home. Next Monday, Simon and Nadine will be talking to Neukölln-born TV-author and journalist Güner Balci, never shy to hit hot topics, the team behind “Auf halber Treppe”, who host a staircase coffee-klatsch to get neighbours networking, and Neukölln astrologist Roger Nikodemus. Number 4 on the sofa is a musician or an entrepreneur and definitely still a secret. Come to the Prachtwerk on Ganghofer Straße on February 23 to find out who it is. Grab a seat and enjoy!
Kiez Sofa | Mon 23.02.2015, 20h | Prachtwerk, Ganghoferstraße 2, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln | admission: 7€
| Facebook Eventlink


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