On Fire

„Visualise the moment in which you reach the end of your path!“ Once or twice per year, Irina and Valentin from Yoga-Team Berlin organise a magical ritual in and around an old granary on Rügen. During the so-called “Feuerlauf” (fire walk), the roundabout twenty participants spend 10 hours with intense preparation of meditation, energy work, body work and reflection before they walk barefoot across a ten-metre-long path of the glowing, no burning, 900 degree hot embers from a pile of wood burnt down during the day. Without this intense preparation, even experienced fire walkers suffer severe burns. But if the participants, one by one, start the path with their mantra and walk towards their personal goal step by step at the end of the fire, no one is hurt. The heat wave shoots through the body and catapults toxins and negative thoughts out. Each and every one arrives at the other side unharmed. And afterwards, everything is different. Because if you can do that, if you can defy the boundaries of nature with you own, weak and totally normal body, then anything is possible! Just like bald monks can split rocks with their foreheads and seem to defy the laws of gravity, firewalking shows us what can be done with the power of our minds when we manage to concentrate entirely on one goal. It’s difficult to explain. And easier to experience for yourself. Dates and information can be found at www.yogateamberlin.de. It will change your life. So, we’ll see you on the other side. Liebekannalles #Dubistperfekt
Feuerlauf on Rügen | Yoga Team Berlin  | yogateamberlin.de | Photo: Yoga-Team Berlin


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The Crowd On The Train


Slowly, slowly, the big city creeps out of sight. The frequency of the passing stations gets less, the grey slowly turns into a muffled green. A train ride as such is already a decelerating experience. Locomore is taking conscious and slow travelling one step further. Since December, the bright orange train compiled of upcycled 1980s train wagons is operating on green electricity between Stuttgart and Berlin and is bringing Berliners by choice home safely for the Holidays. While the ICE advertises speed, electric sockets at your seat and permanent wifi, Locomore attracts with fair and organic food, Neumarkter Lammsbräu beer and theme compartments in which you can travel with like-minded companions. With the business ticket you get more space for working, a comfortable cushion, newspapers as well as snacks and drinks. Managing Director Derek Ladewig already founded Locomore in 2007 with the goal of getting an alternative to the Deutsche Bahn on the tracks. It’s a little David-Goliath-story. But a romantic one. 1300 people invested 600,000 Euros via crowdfunding because they believed in the small, bright orange contender. The ticket prices are fair and cheaper than comparable offers by DB. For three months, the 500 seats have to be half-full in order to enable the expansion to Rügen, Munich and Cologne. A railwayman-Christmas-fairy tale, of which we someday hope to be able to say: and they railroaded happily ever after.
Locomore | Berlin – Stuttgart – Berlin | www.locomore.com | Tickets | Invest

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Love Over Fear

On Monday evening, we were sitting together at our MMW Christmas party, looking back on the past year and thinking about which things we wanted to tackle next year and how to go about it, when – push message by push message – news about the events at Breitscheidplatz reached us. We stopped in our tracks, contacted our family and friends, spoke about our feelings. We didn’t break off our Christmas party, we kept going. Different than before. Calmer, humbler. „What is your personal goal for the year 2017?“ was the question a projector beamed onto the wall. Everyone kept their answer to themselves. Together, we want to contribute to supporting love, understanding, responsibility and constructive cooperation, to eliminating borders in our minds and to making humanity move closer together again. We are sad and our thoughts are with all victims of violence and terror everywhere. At Christmas, we celebrate love – to our dearest but also to our neighbours. We wish for the strength, for you and for ourselves, to resist anger and rejection and to hold on to love. #loveoverfear


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Party Makes Sense


Berlin is lively, colourful, crazy. Berlin parties, Berlin laughs, Berlin dances. Even now, especially now. Not to face reality with the bass-line of ignorance, not to suppress or to desperately demonstrate. Just for our own good and sometimes, for the good of others. Our friends from the Prince Charles are giving a party that perfectly combines zest and sense: refuge. Danceable electronic club sounds – by Avalon Emerson, Matrixxman and San Soda, amongst others – are going to bring Bechstein’s former staff swimming pool to the boil. And give, by the by, refuge. Because all of the money spent by the party crowd that evening goes straight to those who invest it best. Without any deductions whatsoever, the dosh goes to the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe for the benefit of the homeless, the social relief organisation Give Something Back to Berlin and the internationally operating Médecins sans Frontières. As we know from our charity concert within the framework of the Haitian Heroes photo exhibition, the Prince Charles has always been a good place to give beneficence a colourful face. Because conscious partying is more than just a catch phrase. We wish you a meaningful advent!
refuge | 21.12.2016 | Prince Charles, Prinzenstrasse 85F, 10969 Berlin  | Facebook

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Then And Now



In 1990, Germany united. For the first time, a Russian astronaut flew into space on an American space shuttle.  Phil Collins was at the top of the charts and in Vietnam, there was a shortage of meat. This dire situation (not the musical one, mind you, we mean the food) is important because vegan nutrition alternatives grew from it. The vegan Vietnamese Restaurant 1990 at Boxhagener Platz has dedicated itself to this time and modernised tasty vegan dishes from fresh vegetables and exotic spices. The secret has been out for a while now that the vegan Vietnamese Restaurant Cat Tuong on Kastanienallee is the place to go to convince carnivores of the tastiness of vegan cuisine. So it’s absolutely right that exactly that team has now opened the second restaurant a little further to the East. The demand for good, agreeable ingredients – let’s spell it out: no glutamate of the devil is ever used here – is met all the way up to and including the tap water, which is spring water from a Leogant filter. So this time travel into the past is, at the same time, into the absolute present: tasty, agreeable, environmentally friendly and purely vegan cuisine, cooked in Berlin, inspired by Vietnamese tradition. The best advent cuisine, before the turkey and fondue get you.
Restaurant 1990 | Krossener Straße 19, 10245 Berlin | www.restaurant1990.de

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What Kind of Bar Is This?


If you want you know what’s really going on in Berlin, you’ll end up consulting the magazines Zitty or tip eventually. This can cause confusion occasionally (Zitty, Tip, Tiity, Zippy) but does help to end up in the right place at the right time in this beautiful city. Now, the two have created a real place together, and by that, we don’t mean the editor’s office but – muuuuuuch better – a joint bar. The cozy Kinski-Bar is closed, now open is a Zitty-and-tip-Bar, still nameless but with this promise: Thursdays to Saturdays, you can say cheers in the Friedelstraße 27 in Neukölln. With what exactly and how it’s all going to be nobody knows –  not even the owners and even less us. Zitty says: “It’s all very improvised, it was kind of a crazy idea”. And we think: every bar should start with a crazy idea.
Zitty & tip Bar | Friedelstraße 27, 12047 Berlin | Facebook

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Life is a „Ponyhof“


Well alright, the neighbourhood around the S-Bahn station Greifswalder Strasse has not exactly been known as the place to be in the past. Hot spots in terms of design, fashion, trends and going out are normally found elsewhere. Until now! Because the greatest market of the city, the „Berlin Design Market“ (designed for and with us) is moving exactly there, into the concourse of the former freight depot in Greifswalderstrasse 80 , to be precise. From March 2017, small and larger labels from Berlin and other places will be displaying their products on Sundays while food stands and a pop-up restaurant raise the culinary bar to new heights. All this accompanied by changing installations and activities. Have we mentioned the play area with child care? With this new, own location the market is also getting a new name: The „Berlin Design Market“ is turning into „White Pony“. Before the official opening in Spring 2017, the organisers want to introduce the new location to the Berliners. That’s why the first Sunday market is taking place this Sunday, October 16th, 2016. In a kind of best-of Berlin Design Market, over 50 labels from Germany, Poland and Italy will be presenting their favourite products which can be bought on site and taken home. The culinary joy of the visitors lies in the skilled hands of street food caterers j.kinski and Fuego & Co. Both will be on board as permanent partners in 2017 as well.
„White Pony – Sonntags-Markt an der Greifswalder“ | Greifswalder Strasse 80, 10409 Berlin | Kick-Off Su., 16.10.2016, 11 am – 7 pm | From March 2017 every Sunday | berlindesignmarket.de

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Tim Renner



The 2 Minute Interview

There are politicians that have as much in common with their portfolio as well as, let’s say Bratwurst with the colour blue. In Berlin, that’s different – at least where culture is concerned. Because that’s a top priority and therefore a matter for the governing mayor. But because he, in the best case, is busy governing, there needs to be someone competent to take care of Berlins most important advantage of proximity. As a music producer, Tim Renner discovered and supported bands such as Tocotronic, Sportfreunde Stiller or Rammstein, was managing director of Universal Music in Germany, held a chair at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, founded and created the legendary and game-changing Motor Entertainment and, since April 2014, is Berlin’s Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs. Phew, just quickly need to catch our breath. Conclusion: the right man in the right post. Whether that will stay that way is up to the eligible Berliners voting on Sunday. Speaking of which, we took the chance to ask how one wins elections these days. And, of course, about saving the planet, basic income and the famous lonely island. Conclusion of the conclusion: Go and vote!

Name: Tim Renner
Age: 51
Home: Berlin
Profession: Miscellaneous
Shoe size: 42,5
Favourite venue: Maxim Gorki Theater, Schaubühne Berlin
Contact: via the Bureau

Do we have to have to address a Secretary of State formally?
Definitely (laugh)!

What would you like to be better at?
I’d like to be a little more patient – that would help in politics…

Can art save the world?
Who or what else could?

How does one win elections in 2016?
In the social media. Unfortunately, right wing parties have understood that best.

The biggest problem of your generation is:
We’re not growing up. And at the same time, it’s our biggest asset.

Why is digital better?
Because Tocotronic already realised that in 1995.

What are you proud of?
My children.

Please complete: Culture is to Berlin…
… What pizza and pasta are to Italy.

The famous lonely island, an iPod, three songs. Which ones?
Love will tear us apart, Love will tear us apart, Love will tear us apart.

You meet your 18-year old self. Which advice do you give yourself?
Study longer to have more free time. When I was 18, there were no standard periods of study…

With which celebrity (dead or alive) would you like to go out for a cup of coffee with?
Herbert von Karajan.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Whatever is in the fridge. I am both loved and feared for my creative cuisine.

What would you change if you had the power to?
I would dare to introduce basic income.

What should no one know about you?
Exactly how strictly I follow traffic regulations when I’m on my bike.

What question should we have asked?
How one manages to look good in old age (giggle).

Last words: Amen.

Foto: Senatskanzlei für Kulturelle Angelegenheit

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Herbert Hofmann


The 2 Minute Interview

Herbert Hofmann is originally from Landeck in Tyrol and studied Geography in Innsbruck and Stockholm. Which wouldn’t be particularly spectacular if Herbert wasn’t significantly responsible for one of the most style-forming Berlin fashion stores ever as Creative Director. The Voo Store in the court of the Oranienstraße really needs no further introduction – no other store is as representative for the modern, lifestylish, naturally casual and pretty confident Berlin as the fashion and lifestyle store in the rooms of a former locksmith’s shop. Who is the actual star: shop or products? If you ask Herbert, the latter is the case, of course. Carefully and with unerring intuition he chooses each piece personally and visits the fairs and stores of the world. Let’s talk rubber animals, Herbert!

Name: Herbert Hofmann
Age: 32
Home: Berlin
Profession: Purchaser / Creative Director
Shoe size: US10
Favourite designer: Raf Simons
Contact: @halloherbert

Why is fashion so important?
Fashion is a great means of expression and is fun, but I have never used the word ‚important‘ referring to it. Naked people are fabulous, too.

What do you find typical for Berlin?
Straightforwardness and tolerance.

Which fashion trend should never come back?
Skinny Jeans.

What does your home look like?
Like a Jungle.

Your biggest fashion sin?
I regret nothing! (I hope there aren’t any pictures of potential bloopers)

What are you proud of?
My friends and family.

What is good style?
Individuality. Just trying to buy and wear styles that you like and then combine them wildly – in the end, everything will fit together.

The hero of your youth?
Rudi Carrell

How would your parents describe you?

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?

Which celebrity would you like to do a make-over for?
To each his own… Changes are good if you want them yourself.

What are you afraid of? Stupidity.

What should no one know about you?
Which music I listen to during sports.

Which question should we have asked?
Beyoncé or Rihanna?

Last words:

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The 2 Minute Interview

Introducing: The tremendous trio of breakfast culture aka Levin, Anna und Leandro from the legendary, sticky and warm Haferkater in Berlin. After the three of them brought the Brits favourite breakfast dish (besides bacon, beans and scrambled eggs) porridge to Germany, to the Boxhagener Straße in Berlin to be precise, they were showered in praise and prizes – and rightly so. As the winner of the XYZ Award of the Deutsche Bahn, they’re even running a pop-up store in the middle of Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Can it get any better? That’s what we wanted to ask. But we then somehow drifted off to mountain hiking, ant-phobia and cucumber water.  How did that happen? Read for yourselves. P.S. Levin and his girlfriend are currently looking for a 2-room flat, so if you have any clues: levin-siert{at}gmx.de ;)

Name: Levin Siert / Anna Schubert / Leandro Burguete
Age: 28 / 25 / 26
Home: Berlin / Friedrichshain / Friedrichshain
Profession: Porridge Magician / Haferkater-founder / entrepreneur
Shoe size: 44 / 38,7 / depends on the country
Favourite topping: Holy Granola and frozen blackberries / strawberries / walnuts
Contact: levin-siert{at}gmx.de / haferkater@gmail.com / haferkater@gmail.com

Hangover: what really helps?
Levin: Porridge with a lacing of rum
Anna: Don’t drink alcohol. And if it’s too late, better try the Knusperkater: porridge with almonds, cashews, cedar nuts, crunchy bits and maple syrup.
Leandro: Sleep.

The best characteristics of your co-founders?
Levin: Never losing their sense of humour. Looking forward even when everything is going well already.
Anna: They’re boys.
Leandro: We complement each other well.

A day without breakfast is…
Levin: …a day without joy.
Anna: … probably one I’ve had to start before 6 a.m., which is pretty rubbish on principle.
Leandro: …unthinkable.

What would you work as if you hadn’t become a gastronomic entrepreneur?
Levin: As a musician or taxi driver. Probably both ;)
Anna: As a volcanologist, literary translator or long-term student.
Leandro: As a barista.

What do you do on a day off?
Levin: I work mentally and pretend it’s free time :)
Anna: What is that?
Leandro: Read the paper.

Your greatest (professional) success so far?
Levin: The Haferkater-Popup-Store in Berlin Central Station and convincing our parents that we’re not going to be broke tomorrow.
Anna: I can play three-and-a-half pieces of music on the piano.
Leandro: My two-year-old son.

What should no one postpone until tomorrow?
Levin: Wishing your parents a Happy Birthday…
Anna: Booking a holiday, enjoying the sun.
Leandro: Doing the dishes.

Which moment of your life would you like to relive once more exactly as it was?
Levin: An unplanned hike from Roses to Cadaqués in a thunderstorm. Without drinking water or a bus schedule for the drive back.
Anna: The moment of reaching the summit after three days of hiking in the Vosges.
Leandro: My first porridge at Haferkater.

The best advice you’ve ever received?
Levin: If you want to build a street, lay one stone after the other. And: If money doesn’t make you happy, you’re spending it on the wrong things :)
Anna: Love it, leave it or change it.
Leandro: Drink lots of water.

Dog or cat?
Levin: A big, greedy, sweet Golden Retriever.
Anna: Cat.
Leandro: Cat.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Levin: Definitely pumpkin-salmon-lasagne. If it’s a spontaneous visit: frozen pizza.
Anna: Sushi. And I would order it, because it just tastes better.
Leandro: A pumpkin-lentil hotpot with coriander.

What are you afraid of?
Levin: Ants. Especially the really tiny ones. And a day without coffee.
Anna: The sound mosquitos make when they’re about to attack.
Leandro: My tax counsellor.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
Levin: The Berghain without alcohol. It was pretty boring…
Anna: I went to Dunkin Donuts for the first time yesterday.
Leandro: Cucumber water at Cookies Cream.

What should no one know about you?
Levin: That I bred snails and frogs in my childhood.
Anna: That I always try to get out of interviews ;)
Leandro: That I really love sleeping.

Which question should we have asked you?
Levin: „What are you doing while you’re answering these questions?“
Anna: From which platform at the central station does the S5 leave? And the S7? And the train to Warsaw? And where can I buy flowers?
Leandro: In which city the next Haferkater will be.

Last words:
Levin: My favourite word: Pumpernickel
Anna: Doesn’t the legal notice have the last word?
Leandro: I leave those to Anna.


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