Stella, oh Stella!

Just strolling along the – um, let’s say more „original“ – part of the Weserstraße in Neukölln on a Sunday afternoon and all of a sudden you find yourself in a food paradise gone Ottolenghi only to then stumble upon the famous Chinese cellist Trey Lee giving a free mini-concert just a few minutes later. Cooking and music work with similar principles: it’s about passion and gusto, about craftsmanship and using a recipe with a range of ingredients and tools to create something truly sensual. Both disciplines bring forward prodigies or those that tend to stick to the same simple melody forever (Chopsticks ring a bell?!). Most of us have at least one recipe, that friends are crazy about and ask us to cook it over and over again. Well, Suzy has dozens, nay hundreds of them. Everything she cooks will make you want to have second and third helpings. We love the little posh but hidden Fortuna’s Table in Neukölln’s Weserstaße. No Sign, no opening-hours – the temple of sweet treats and tasty morsels opens exclusively for private dining events. If you’ve been lucky though, you might have been able to enjoy Suzy’s delicious catering specialities – we had the chance to feast on them at one of our Weinmomente and at the Briteday. But alas, there is an end to this reserved pleasure! Tonight, just across the street at Weserstraße 166, Suzy is opening Stella – a lovely deli almost too good to be true. There’s plenty to choose from – small or large, hot or cold. NYC Style Sesame Noodles, meatless meatballs or sausage with a secret tomato sauce you’ll want to swim in – each dish a dream. If you order more than one, Suzy will give you a discount. Oreo-Chocolate-Chip Brownies and Froot Loop Marshmellow Treats – a reminder of an American childhood – are perfect for dessert. Your order is not to go? You can also enjoy your meal at one of the little white tables in the beautifully decorated dining area. At first, Stella will open weekdays from 12–6 pm (and slightly longer). Good luck and bon appétit!

Stella | Weserstr.166, 12045 Berlin | Mo – Fr, 12 – 6 pm | Facebook

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