Who is Jack?


Who is Jack?

The 2 Minute Interview

Who is Jack? isn’t a question, it’s a statement. Since 2012, the so-named international formation around actor and musician Sven Carl Gusowski and actor and director Christian David Fischer have been developing interdisciplinary cultural projects focussed on theatre and local attachment in Berlin Neukölln. Content wise, the network deals with topics such as identity and the fragmentation of personalities caused by the ’new‘ media, separation and isolation in social agglomerations as well as finding a definition for the terms ‚homeland‘ and ‚at home‘. Whew, so in plain English that’s: step outside your front door, there are others waiting! Last week, he or she celebrated the debut of his/her revue „Wandering Stars“ about displaced people in the popular Heimathafen. On April 21st, 22nd, 29th and 30th you’ll have another chance of getting to the bottom of this. Our rating: do it! Why, wherefore and for what reason? That’s what we wanted to know and got an answer to every question. Well, sort of.


Name: Jack Buginithi
Age: timeless
Home: Berlin Neukölln
Profession: artist collective
Shoesize: L
Favourite piece: strawberry cake
Contact: weristjack.de

Who is Jack?
That is currently being discussed.


Imagine you have to flee – tell us three possessions you would take with you.
Pillow (can’t sleep without it), Ukulele, current playbook – commented version.


What does home mean to you?
I like being from East/Westphalia, I like living in East/West/Berlin, I would really like to GO WEST, but first of all I’ll be travelling to China and Sri Lanka soon. And usually: ‚Wherever I lay my hat…‘ (Marvin Gaye)


The most important moment of your life?
I’m ready for it!


Neukölln is best?
Lentil soup. Have at it. Parallel societies. Live peacefully alongside each other without everyone having to be the same – it works!


What do you spend too much money on?
Rent. No downswing in sight.


The role of your life?
Backflip, off the cuff. I can’t do it yet, mind you, but luckily I have some life ahead of me.


Can art save the world?
As soon as I can do that backflip, we’re all set.


What is the first thing you would if you were invisible?
Run around and hand out slaps, leaving notes with suggestions on saving the world.


If God is almighty, can he create a stone, so heavy, that he could not jump over himself?
If God is almighty, he could give me the power to make myself invisible when needed.

With which famous figure (dead or alive) would you like to share the stage?
God. But does that count as an answer if it’s about ‚dead‘ or ‚alive‘? At least I got ‚famous‘ and ‚figure‘ right…


What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Tinned vegetarian Ravioli. We better visit Christian (stews in all variations!…)


What are you scared of?
Of doing everything right and everything well.
(Geez, these are some serious question… Makes me afraid of the next question…)


What was the last thing that touched you emotionally?
See? I knew it!


What would you change in the world if you had the chance and the power to?
I would immediately put the liquid funds of all Germans in one pot and divide it up amongst everyone. That would make around 60.000 Euro per person. I’m curious what would happen next.


What should no one know about you?
What would happen if I called the shots around here.


Which question should we have asked you?
„Why don’t you answer the question about who Jack is?“


The last word:
We have a question to everything.

  Photo: Rene Jaschke


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4 white walls

4 white walls

The first few days in a new city are always special: new people, new streets, new buildings, new places and new paths to follow. A completely new view from a new window, different light, exotic scents, and strange noises – all of these new impressions leave their marks. Unknown places can be a great source of inspiration and can create new images – either in our heads or even quite specific ones in form of art. Especially artists can feel a great boost to their creativity in the right surroundings. Ralf Dereich, an artist based in Berlin, is well aware of this fact. The vibrant painter enjoys working in places with an unexplored atmosphere, but untouched places aren’t easy to find (or use) – especially if you’re not looking for an airbnb flat for an in-between stay, but instead need a studio to write, paint, doodle, scream or do anything else really. Hotel rooms or normal apartments just aren’t the ideal place for creative work, are they? So, together with his school friend and marketing expert Melina Volkmann, Ralf decided to start the online platform stusu – a global network for subletting and renting artist’s studios, or, in other words: something like airbnb for artists. Creative minds can advertise or swap their studios sorted by cities and easily find a new and inspiring place to work in a new country, a new city or even just around the corner. That way, the term „artist studio“ shakes off its mythical and eremitic image to become a dynamic place for independent and flexible working. The platform offers an infrastructure from which wonderful art can develop – space, light and vision. After all, art is created by the world. And the world is everywhere. Right?!
stusu – the first global platform for subletting and renting artist studios

| www.stusu.com



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The 2 Minutes-Interview

Oh Romano, alias MC Ramon, alias Cornerboy, alias Left Coast alias Dayton the Fox alias  the blonde angel from Köpenick, whose flaxen braids have the power to make hosts of electro, metal and hiphop fans dance, nod or bob to the beat. “Jenseits von Köpenick” is the name of his freshly pressed album, which is being celebrated with good reason. We met the blond bard for a chat and asked him intimate questions that go beyond metal jackets and bottom-spanks. Is that really the plural of bottom-spank? Is that even a word? Whatever, Romano, please take command and enlighten us regarding stained gangster corduroys, steel rooms and Petersburg’s squirearchy. P.S. Köpenick really is beautiful folks and happiness is just a step away.


Name: Romano
Age: Counting the years in jail?
City: Köpenick
Job: Questionanswerer
Shoe size: Too big for this world
Favourite line: „Charming, dominant, distinctive“
Contact: Death Row Records


Who do you think is the best looking singer in town?
I have no idea. But in my childhood it was Frank Schöbel.


Do you always go to the same hairdresser’s?
Yes. I have my hair trimmed every three months. And they always serve champagne and coffee there, too.


UndNiemalsVergessenEisernUnion – duh!


Why is Köpenick better than everywhere else?
Because I live there.


What poster used to hang over your bed?
George Michael.


What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A gangster or policeman. Both of them work at night.


The best invention of mankind?
The coffee machine.


What are ashamed of?
Leaving the house without wearing perfume.


Tell us a joke!
Klaus comes home to Gabi and says: I’m supposed to bring a urine-, sperm- and stool sample to the doctor’s tomorrow. “ Gabi enthusiastically answers: “Well, just take your corduroy trousers then!”


Would you like to say hello to anyone?
Yes, 2Pac.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?


Whose famous bottom would you like to spank?
Kim Kardashian’s.


What are you afraid of?
Of the Stahlraum. A track on my album. Listen to it.


When did you last try something new and what was it?
Ballet – three years ago. I love it!


Which super power would you like to have?
Make people dance by rubbing my braids together.


What should no one know about you?
That I’m actually from St. Petersburg and have a title of nobility.


Which question should we have asked?
Are you the sacred leader of a cult?


Last Words:
I live by my own rules.









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