Kiez Sofa

Have a seat, please!

Once upon a time in a little village along the river Rhine there was a little sofa. And on this little sofa sat the most glorious guests the neighbourhood had to offer. Each of them had a great story to tell and hooray, the whole neighbourhood was all ears. One of these guests was Simon Akstinat and he was so touched, thrilled and entertained by what he heard, that without further ado, he decided to import this concept to his new neighbourhood: Berlin Neukölln. The local talk show “Kiez Sofa”, hosted by Simon Akstinat and cofounder Nadine Kleifges, welcomes local guests from Neukölln (famous or not) to talk about their extraordinary life stories, because nothing is more exciting or pleasing than finding out more about the people who live just around the corner. Musicians, globetrotters, entrepreneurs, politicians and artists take a seat on the Kiez Sofa to spill the beans about their personal connection to Neukölln and everyday life there. There is no main topic, the only thing the guests have in common is calling Neukölln their home. Next Monday, Simon and Nadine will be talking to Neukölln-born TV-author and journalist Güner Balci, never shy to hit hot topics, the team behind “Auf halber Treppe”, who host a staircase coffee-klatsch to get neighbours networking, and Neukölln astrologist Roger Nikodemus. Number 4 on the sofa is a musician or an entrepreneur and definitely still a secret. Come to the Prachtwerk on Ganghofer Straße on February 23 to find out who it is. Grab a seat and enjoy!
Kiez Sofa | Mon 23.02.2015, 20h | Prachtwerk, Ganghoferstraße 2, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln | admission: 7€
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