Siems Luckwaldt


The 2 Minute Interview

Business Punk? Siems Luckwaldt. Capital? Siems Luckwaldt. L’Officiel Homme? Siems Luckwaldt. Flair? Ok, we get where this is going. The man with the name that sounds like the hero of a big city column writes as a journalist for fashion, lifestyle, interviews and dossiers for the magazines mentioned above and many more. In addition, he produces editorial content for illustrious clients from the fashion and lifestyle area. The Hamburger native is proud as pie of his very own “Enough Magazine” that he got going together with his wonderful team. If you use the code word ‚muxmäuschenwild‘, you can download the current issue at half price here. At the moment, the third issue is being put together busily. After the focus has been on „change“ and „love“, this time it’s about all shades of the word „green“. We think that’s great and are taking this opportunity to ask all kinds of questions about sausages, changing the world and Cher. In that order and pretty damn inspiring.

Name: Siems Luckwaldt
Age: 38
Home: Hamburg
Profession: Journalist, columnist, publisher (sounds strangely boastful, but it’s true)
Shoe size: 43
Favourite word: virtually… Alternative: “That looks like a pound of sausages”

What can’t you get enough of?
The new.

What is good style?
Much more than fashion.

The best article you ever wrote?
That’s still to come, I hope, otherwise that would mean game over, virtually. I thought my portrait of Charlize Theron (appeared in Flair, issue 10/2015) was quite a success. Apart from that mostly articles that didn’t get a lot of attention.

What would you change immediately if you had the power to?
I would abolish power.

What forbidden thing should everyone have done once in their life?
Forbidden by whom? Law, morals, boss, mum? What doesn’t harm anyone else (or one’s self, best case) shouldn’t really need to be forbidden, should it?

The biggest problem with your generation?
I’ve just recently thought about that. I think our biggest problem is at the same time – that’s how I feel – a blessing: We grew up in a mostly analogue world, which I am thankful for, but are still “young” enough to not only understand the internet but to be part of helping to designing it. A kind of “generation in-between”.  Still being to able to think in more than 140 characters and having a longer span of attention than from one Pokémon-hotspot to the next is, in my view, definitely a strength.

The most exciting personality you’ve ever met?
The most exciting have often been those hardly anyone knows, not celebrities in the general sense. A few favourites: Diane von Fürstenberg, Marianne Williamson and Lisa Kristine (both for Enough), Florian Langenscheidt (for L’Officiel Hommes) and Candace Bushnell (for Flair).

Twitter, Youtube channels, social networks; why do we even need classical publications in the future?
I would have to ask: Why is there so much nonsense on those channels – apart from many exceptions, of course – and such a homoeopathic dose of the afore mentioned contents that are world-changing? The separation of classical and modern media – well, what exactly is modern anyway? – has really been redundant for the past five to ten years. I like stories that move, shake up, entrain, speak softly, have an important message, tell me about the life of a fellow human being that I would otherwise know nothing about. How that gets to me doesn’t really matter, especially in the year 2016.

Can words change the world?
Absolutely, otherwise we wouldn’t have given our magazine Enough the subtitle “Reading is change”. Because without words that make us think, rebut prejudices and broaden bottlenecks in our own horizons, that seize us emotionally, stir us and knock us over, no mind would ever move. And it’s the mind that controls the even more important actions. It all starts on a page. Even if it’s a page on a Kindle.

Which celebrity (dead or alive) would you like to interview? Anyone who knows me knows: Cher. For more reasons than „Believe“. And maybe Jane Goodall, who could tell me if we are really the “better” primates. And finally Stephen King, who would have to take me into his eerie-genius mind with him.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
If I’m expecting you, probably Vietnamese summer rolls and a sweet potato curry. If you drop in unannounced, I would improvise with whatever’s in the fridge.

What are you afraid of?
I am afraid of fear itself, but try not to …

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
That’s easy in our profession. I can remember visiting a “hot iron” course for an article. That was in the mid-nineties. I almost collapsed under the heavy weight. Another first was our sabbatical in 2014, where we spent 6 months travelling 23,000 kilometres through the USA. With a tent in our luggage as well as enough memory cards for 14,000 photographs. Which are still waiting to be sorted :/

What should no one know about you?
You’d expect me to say: I won’t tell because then it wouldn’t be secret anymore. But I have to say that I am less willing to censor myself and my life with each year that passes.
I am what I am. Take it or leave it. Namasté.

Which question should we have asked?
Have I mentioned our fabulous and passionately produced magazine Enough? Yes? Okay. But have you visited or your favourite app store? See, good that I mentioned it. Honestly, and everyone goes on about the millennials’ short span of attention. Let’s go!

Last words:
Just three: Love and light.

Photo: Oliver Nimz Visuals

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Tell me about yourself!


The prettiest knickers of the world come from Berlin. Okay, the prettiest Bikinis, too. And that’s not just our opinion, it’s a fact – because we discovered Anekdot. That’s the name of the label owned by Sofie, a Swedish designer and Berliner by choice. The unique part: her charming, flattering under and swim wear creations are exclusively hand-made from surplus material from Berlin’s luxury fashion industry. Upcycling at it’s best and also the perfect set-up for the brand name. Because each piece of material has its very own story – seeing as it was once chosen to be turned into a designer gown, a wedding dress, a negligee or whatever and end up as a left-over, going the way all earthly things go. Anecdotes that turn into favourite undies and bikinis. That’s about as sweet as it gets. Each piece of the collection is limited and made for women who want to please. Themselves. Or in other words: „Anekdot collections are made to empower conscious women.“ We have nothing to add to that and are proud to be giving away the ‚Cherry Blossom Set‘, comprised of hipster pants and an adjustable triangle bra made of silky, floral feel-good material to the particularly talkative amongst you. Send an email headlining ‚HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE!‘ to
ANEKDOT | | Instagram | Photo: Ankedot / The Motel Collection

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One beautiful without everything to go, please!


Good make-up that really flatters your expression, does your face good and lasts has to be possible without. Without animal testing, without chemistry, without synthetic preservatives. That’s what Berlin makeup artist Christina and the marketing hero Stephanie agreed. They got to work, fiddled and experimented, pottered about and tested – on friends, on family, on models. And the result answers to the fairy tale name of UND GRETEL and is, in our opinion, the cat’s whiskers in soul-brightening beautification. The high-quality, consciously reduced and carefully balanced range includes all the products a complete makeup needs: foundation and powder, eye makeup and lip colours – decorative cosmetics for every day and long Berlin nights, inspired by and originating from nature. Ingredients such as avocado oil, camomile essence or clary sage are combined with the purest mineral pigments, vegetable emollients and waxes. In their wonderfully exquisite containers, these products hold up to the daily grind. ILGE, for example, the translucent, pressed powder that gives your face a magically matt look without coating it. And the concealer TUNKAL has a particularly charming way of making us look like 12 hours of sleep and a sparkling lust for life – the happy end to a true fairy tale.
UND GRETEL,  high-quality organic makeup |  available in various Stores in europe or online |

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Chanel, Hermès, Céline, Gucci… We love looking at luxury fashion and yearningly thumbing through magazines – but normally, looking or maybe touching it at a shop is as far as it goes. The bravest of us might actually indulge in taking it into the changing room. But buy it? Most of the time, we’re missing quite a chunk of dosh. Except – tadaa! – if it’s been worn before. Even a designer piece can lose the affection of its owner after a while. But normally, it has been treated much better than its cheap and nasty cousin. And that’s why the boys and girls at Vestiaire Collective created one of the (oh go on, THE) leading European demand and supply platform all about selling and buying designer and premium fashion. All articles are checked regarding authenticity and condition and only cleared for sale by the professional team when they are absolutely sure that you didn’t sew fake Gucci labels into your Hennes blouses after one too many glasses of wine. This weekend, the social online market place is visiting the analogue world. From May 20th to 22nd, the first Vestiaire Collective Drop-Off Event is taking place in the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. All of you regretting that bad buy from way back when (the Diane von Fürstenberg-Robe with the waaaaaay to high slit or the Prada sandals that just should have been one size bigger) can hand over your luxury fashion rejects. The Vestiaire Collective team of experts will check the condition of your articles and will thank you for it with an, at best, 500 € voucher for the Galeries Lafayette. It might not be quite enough for a complete re-launch of your wardrobe but will definitely help with some top-class recycling.
Vestiaire Collective Drop-Off-Event| Friday, May 20th & Saturday, May 21st 10 am to 8 pm, Sunday, 22nd May 1-8 pm | Galeries Lafayette, Friedrichstraße 76-78, 10117 Berlin |


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Mio Animo!

Mio Animo!

Hello glamour, hello drama – Fashion Week is on! Till the weekend, it’s all about exploring new looks, fabrics, and patterns. But even when the hustle and bustle is over, Berlin still struts in style. The city is bursting with countless talented designers and exciting, fresh labels. Just around the corner from us on Rykestraße is a perfect example: This is where our friends from MIO ANIMO have set up shop. The colourful feminine jersey-designs from local production not only please our heart but also our conscience. In one of our first 2-minute interviews, label founder Anne-Kristin Gückel mentioned that some day, she’d like to design a dress for herself. Head on over to Prenzlauer Berg for the shop opening this Saturday and find out whether she’s been able to accomplish that yet. Enjoy a glass of bubbly and pick out a little something for yourself.
MIO ANIMO Shop Opening | Rykestraße 48, 10405 Berlin | Sat, 23.1.16, 1 to 8pm |



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Thinking fashion


Thinking fashion

During Berlin Fashion Week, the most up to date trends and contemporary collections are presented on the catwalks yet the audience merely sees the culmination of a long and complex artisanal and intellectual process. What is there to begin with? Where does creation start? Where is creativity drawn from to then constantly result in a reinvention of clothes? In collaboration with VOGUE, ZEITmagazin wants to consider these questions and explore this exact process. Under the heading »Fashion Reloaded« international speakers from the areas art, fashion and entertainment delve into the phenomena of innovation and creativity. The programme features a versatile and interdisciplinary line-up: ZEIT Style Director Tilmann Prüfer, for example, argues that „we need to be more creative than ever“ today. Dr. Roger, Director of Kunsthalle München, explains how „fashion has revolutionised the museum“ and Christopher Amend, editor in chief of ZEITmagazin, asks Justin O’Shea of the following question: What matters now in fashion? We’re asking: Does fashion matter at all? YES, it does! All the more, of course, during Fashion Week. Attendance to this conference is by personal invitation only, but we’ve managed to get a hold of two tickets for the baddest fashionistas among you. So if you’re ready to get right to the bottom of it all, send an email titled DRESSED TO KILL to

ZEITmagazin Konferenz Mode & Stil | January 18th, 1pm to 6.30pm | Kronprinzenpalais, Unter den Linden 3 |


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Good stuff

Good stuff

Fashion is like art: Sometimes you’ll need an explanation to make it work and sometimes it speaks for itself. If you’ve seen the timeless, beautiful and elegant, sustainable Japanese-style collection by UMASAN, there’s no need to say more. So, we’ll just skip all elaborate and voluptuous descriptions and get straight to the point. In the end, it all comes down to good material – plain and simple. The unique label only uses PETA-approved vegan materials that are manufactured in Japanese weaving mills and tailored in Germany. UMASAN exclusively processes fast growing natural raw materials (ha, that’s actually kind of funny, editor’s note). And that is not only good for our planet and generations to come, but also feels pretty damn good. Browse the flagship store at Linienstraße 140 or the Archive Store at Bikini Berlin and slip on a new skin. We sure feel as snug as a bug!
UMASAN | UMASAN Flagship Store & Showroom Linienstraße 40, 10119 Berlin | | Facebook



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Reminder: BERLIN DESIGN MARKET Summer Edition

Reminder: BERLIN DESIGN MARKET Summer Edition

On August 23rd, the BERLIN DESIGN MARKET – Berlin’s coolest platform for selected design pieces, home accessories, fashion and art – is back for this years last summer edition. This Sunday, the Sage Beach at Köpenicker Straße will open its gates from 1–10 pm for all high-minded design fans, gem hunters, fashion aficionados, street food junkies, art enthusiasts and interior design lovers. Shop till ya drop and munch your way through the summer market. Free entry plus blue skies? Sounds like a perfect Sunday. See you there!

BERLIN DESIGN MARKET – Summer Edition 2015 | Su, 23.08., 1-10 pm| SAGE Beach, Köpenicker Str. 18-20, 10997 Berlin | free entry | | Facebook


Julia & Judith (Newniq)


Julia & Judith (Newniq)

The 2 Minutes Interview

Julia and Judith have known each other since their childhood. They really like each other and after successfully manoeuvring through the pitfalls of city life, they decided to do business together as well. About one and a half years ago, they founded the crowd buying design platform Newniq. Julia is Masterette of Design and Judith is Masterette of Overview – that’s roughly the distribution of tasks here. They create new and unique designer pieces for their Newniq shop and on their Newniq blog they fill you in on all the latest design gossip. They’re also planning a pop-up store and have got lots more up their sleeve. We hope to find out more about all of that soon! Oh, and here’s some more good news: Julia is having a baby! Congratulations!!!


Name: Julia | Judith
Age: 32 | 32
City: Berlin
Job: Founder of Newniq, Illustrator and Art Director | Founder of Newniq, Key Accountant und Event Manager
Shoe size: 40 | 40
Favourite Designer: changes on a weekly basis | Julia – obviously!


What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Julia: Fear doesn’t really hold me back from doing anything.
Judith: Bungee Jumping. Just letting myself fall… ha-ha.


What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?
Julia: Take a deep breath and keep going. Never lose joy in what you’re doing. Take a deep breath and keep going. Never lose joy…etc.
Judith: Before founding: Be sure to talk about the idea. Often entrepreneurs tend to keep their idea a secret because they’re afraid of someone stealing it. Rubbish! My advice: Talk about it a lot – get as much input as you can. And don’t forget: you know you’re stuff better than anyone else – nobody will be able to steal it just like that. And let’s be honest: If someone really want’s to pinch your idea, they can still do it when you’ve already launched it :)


You never leave the house without which accessory?
Julia: iPhone (yeah, what a surprise…)
Judith: A single accessory? I have a whole bag of accessories I never leave without! I like to be prepared…


What is your most precious possession?
Julia: My family and friends.
Judith: My family and friends. The simple truth.


What can’t you get enough of?
Julia: Liquorice, Loriot, friends.
Judith: Life! May sound a bit philosophical, but that’s the way it is.


What is your contribution for a better world?
Julia: Green electricity and Tupperware. I’m pretty sure that makes me an incredibly sustainable person.
Judith: Sometimes I pretend to be Superman. Does that count?


Please complete the sentence: I’d like to be … for one day.
Julia: …a whale
Judith: …in space


What do you spend too much money on?
Julia: Travelling (Though I’ve not regretted a single cent).
Judith: Eating out. I haven’t mastered the art of cooking yet.


With which famous person (dead or alive) would you like to have coffee?
Julia: Robbie Williams. I really need to overcome my teenage crush.
Judith: Oh God, I can’t decide … there are just too many.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
Julia: Greek cuisine with several starters and probably far too much. But you can just take home the leftovers in Tupperware containers.
Judith: I’d „cook“ raclette or pasta. Yeah, I’m a real pro. But there would be fancy napkins and everything would be presented really well. I worked in the hotel industry for a long time – some habits just stick.


What are you afraid of?
Julia: That something happens to the people I love.
Judith: It’s such a cliché: I’m afraid of spiders. (If you mean screaming at the top your lungs when afraid…)


When did you last try something new and what was it?
Julia: A Latte with almond milk – a perfect way to make me gag. Ugh, yuck!
Judith: I think it was this cell-phone-camera-selfie-stick-thingy – didn’t work. I got bored and went back to taking pictures the old-school way.


What should no one know about you?
Julia: How often I sit in front of the TV – crying. (Right now, I’m blaming it on the evil pregnancy hormones.)
Judith: That I’m secretly saving up for a house in Tuscany. 4,58€ is what I have so far. I’d say it’s going pretty well!


Which question should we have asked?
Julia: How do I manage to be so incredibly beautiful and well educated at the same time?
Judith: Any – except this one. I just don’t have an answer to it.


Last Words:
Julia: Hmm, I should memorize some famous quotes for the next time. They always go down well…
Judith: I like to have them.

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Très chic!


Très chic!

We need fewer things. We need better things. And we really love the simple and beautiful maritime dufflebags by Marin et Marine. Each individual bag is hand crafted and unique. The upper part is made of natural canvas and complemented by a base either in muted or bright colours. Our current favourites are the Sac Marin Mint (79€) and the Marin Cuir Cognac, made in a little traditional leather manufactury in Berlin. Very simple, very chic! The stylish bags come with adjustable straps and are available in three different sizes. Wear them over your shoulder or even as a rucksack and keep your hands free for cycling, sipping cool drinks in the sun, holding hands etc, etc, etc. They’re perfect for any trip – whether you’re on your way to the office, the beach or your weekend getaway. These bags are super practical and offer plenty of space for all your stuff, they look great, were made to last and created locally with love and dedication. What more could we possibly ask for? Marin et Marine was founded by the twin sisters Valérie and Caroline. They both find inspiration staying with their family in France, and while travelling. What colour does summer have west of Paris, anyway? We’d say yellow! That’s why we’re giving away one beautiful Marin Sac Citron. So, if you’re in need of a new bag for your next trip simply write an email titled ‚AMOUR FOU‘ to Here’s to Franco-German friendship!
MARIN ET MARINE maritime duffle bags | 59 – 210 Euro |


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