Voodoo Voodoo

If muxmäuschenwild were to open a shop, this is what it would be like: presenting and selling lovely pieces handmade with dedication by talented international designers based in Berlin – carefully selected and arranged perfectly to our liking. „Slow shopping“ is the name of the game. It wouldn’t be all about the money – we’d want to get to know the people behind the products, exchange ideas and promote sustainable shopping experiences. Tomorrow night, berlinoise couple Oryanne & Raphael open their shop „Un Autre Voodoo“. And what can we say: their shop IS exactly like that. After launching their magical pop-up shop in December, they’re now ready to grow roots in Berlin Neukölln. The address is fixed, designers and collections will change and what’s gone is gone. Come to the opening party and meet the 25 young designers, have a couple of cool drinks and enjoy some good music. Oryanne and Raphael will be there, too, of course. Maybe we can persuade our soul mates to put a muxmäuschenwild sticker on the door. Officially recommended, loved and covered with frosting by muxmäuschenwild or something like that.
Un autre Voodoo – Store Opening | Tellstr.7, 12045 Berlin | unautrevoodoo.com | Facebook Eventlink