Ettina Berrios Negrón


Ettina Berrios Negrón

The 2 Minute Interview


Ettina is a fashion designer and founder of the fabulous label Thone Negrón. If you have a red carpet event coming up soon or are looking for THE perfect dress for THAT perfect occasion you should definitely check out the website or better yet: stop by the store at Linienstaße 71. In case you’d like to meet Ettina there in person, you should hurry: In just a couple of weeks Ettina will be exchanging silk fabrics and her sewing machine for changing table and nappies. If it’s a girl there might be a girl’s fashion line in ultramarine and yellow soon, too. And if it’s a boy? We think Hans would be a great name.


Name: Ettina Berrios Negrón
Age: 35
Location: Berlin
Occasion: fashion designer
Shoe size: 42
Favourite piece of clothing: dressing gown


What would you rather design, a nun´s habit or spacesuit for NASA?
 A nun‘s habit, of course.


Why? Well, it’s pretty simple: I design clothes for women.


What was your ultimate fashion faux pas? A red merino jacket that I wore out till it had so many holes in it that people started asking whether it was by Margiela.


Black and white or colour? 
Ultramarine and yellow.


Who would you like to dress? 
Cate Blanchett and FKA Twigs.


What is your sign? 


You will be reborn as what? As a swallow in the Mediterranean, preferably in Greece.


What are you really not good at? Tidying up and hurrying up.


Who do you admire? 
Single parents.


What costs you a great effort? Preparing the quarterly statements for the tax.


What would you be called if you were a boy? 


Who or what changed your view of the world forever? 
Erich Fromm and Fritz Riemann.


Would you rather fight a duck as big as a horse or hundred horses as big as ducks? 
A duck as big as a horse.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us? 
 Christophe’s tomato tart with salad.


What are you afraid of? Flies, insect larvae and extremists.


When did you last try something new and what was it? 
Pregnancy – eight months ago.


What should no one know about you? I’m actually really lazy and pick my nose when driving.


Which question should we have asked? What is your favourite band?


Last words: 

The knife.

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The real meal.

The real meal.

What would it be like to open up a restaurant that used only regional, nay, local products? Withdrawing from a world of plenty and returning to the pace of life, where Nuremburg is as far away as Darussalam or Ulan Bator, and the season´s harvest dictates the menu and not the other way around? Sure, there is loads of regional cuisine out there, but what about a restaurant kitchen that strictly processes local produce and avoids using ingredients that have been shipped across the world altogether? No lemons, chocolate, tuna or even pepper – for example. Nobelhart & Schmutzig is the new restaurant where sommelier superstar Billy Wagner and chef Micha Schäfer do just that. Muscovy duck from the Prignitzer Landhof near Perleberg, or wild beet from the Wilde Gärtnerei, an agricultural collective in Rüdnitz – the Nobelhart & Schmutzig uses traditional techniques like fermentation, brining, pickling, acidification, salting and marinating to prepare food made only from seasonal products from around Berlin. Creativity through self-restraint is the recipe for success here. Exactly one menu is served at the rustic oak bar per evening. No à la carte or can-I-have-that-with-different-sides-please-rubbish here. Nope, no can do. The set menu has 10 – yes, TEN – courses, costs 80 Euros and is worth every single penny. Tap water included, too. Finally, someone has read the signs of the times and banished bottled water from the menu. Ever since we’ve had our Leogant system, we know just how good tap water can taste and what good it can do, once it has the same quality as spring water. Apart from that, you can of course indulge yourself in fantastic wines selected by the maestro himself, as well as brandies, local beer, teas or Kreuzberg coffee. Go on, live a little and treat yourself to a culinary self-experience and savour the origin of taste gone rock ’n’ roll. By the way, guess where our next muxmäuschenwild FAMILY STYLE is going to happen…?
Speiselokal Nobelhart & Schmutzig | Friedrichstraße 218, 10969 Berlin – Kreuzberg | Tue–Sat from 6.30 pm | | Reservierung | Photo: Caroline Prange


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Remember Dieter Roth?


Remember Dieter Roth?

Well, you should. Dieter Roth was a multi-talent and worked in widely ranged media such as drawing, painting, assemblage, installation, printmaking, artist’s books, literature, action and film. His numerous music-related projects though have remained little known so far. But that’s about to change: „And away with the minutes“ – opening this Friday at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin – is the first exhibition to show the artist’s music-related work comprehensively. Music played an important role for Roth all his life and affects his oeuvre in many different ways. He integrated musical instruments into his assemblages as mute reliefs alongside cassette players and other audio devices, for example, and uses them as motifs in his paintings and works on paper. Roth even performed as a musician himself, playing alone or as a member of the artists collective ‚Selten gehörte Musik‘ (Rarely heard Music), with his Viennese artist friends and at home with his children. Roth had an extensive vinyl collection and his own recording studio. He loved classical music, Schubert, Brahms and Schonberg in particular. The exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof is complemented by selected works of artists showing parallels with Roth’s musical oeuvre and celebrates the connection between visual arts and music. It runs from March 14th to August 16th. Free admission to the opening this Friday from 8–11pm.
Exhibition: And away with the minutes. Dieter Roth and Music | 14th May – 16th August | Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Invalidenstraße 50-51, 10557 Berlin | | | Photo: Florian Holzherr. © Dieter Roth Estate Courtesy Hauser & Wirth

High and Low

High and Low

Escaping the world is the true meaning of life for Moritz and the first-person narrator. Escaping from society, everyday life, and all normative forces. Sublime is only what cannot be controlled nor made use of. Drugs, creativity and the veil of darkness are their gateway to greatness. But one day in the middle of summer, Moritz disappears and the narrator is overcome by a feeling of isolation and solitude he has never felt before. He sets out to search for Moritz, but the places that previously set the stage for their life of ecstasy and youthful hedonism show no trace of him whatsoever. This is a tale about exhaustion, disappointment, fear, defiance, and finally understanding that you can escape everything. Except yourself. Boris Pofalla, author of „Low“, was born in 1983 and is a literary scholar, an art critic for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and prefers to drink his coffee black. In his debut novel he uses plain, calm and pure language to describe the story of an awakening and to portray the way of life of a brilliant and sensitive yet narcissist generation. This book was on the hotlist of the KulturSpiegel for Leipzig book fare (27 out of 20.000!) for a good reason: With his laid-back and unpretentious narrative tone, Pofalla manages to strike the right chord better than anyone else. Prior to the official release on March 9th 2015, the author will be reading from his book at 7 pm this evening at the grand Schinkel Pavillon. Both book and location are well worth the trip, making this occasion a fantastic double feature. After the reading there will be some – most likely somewhat ecstatic – celebrating at Larry’s on Chauseestraße. Drinks at the bar and Britta Thie on the decks. Free admission to reading and party. Culture slam, here we come!
LOW Reading | Wed 04.03.15, 19h | Schinkel Pavillon, Oberwallstr. 1, 10117 Berlin | free admission |


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Kerstin Michels


Kerstin Michels

The 2 Minute Interview

Kerstin Michels has THE best job. For her employer Event Inc. she cycles through Berlin, Germany and the world to find the most wonderful locations, the best caterers and the most amazing agencies. Well, maybe it’s exhausting at times, but she gets to see a lot and meets tons of funny, bizarre, friendly and crazy people – us, for example. Kerstin says about herself that she is in a good mood ninety-nine per cent of the time, is good at refurbishing old furniture, and says „huh?“ all too often, at least when friends don’t stop talking about all their needs and worries but forget that she is deaf on one ear. Van Gogh feature! That´s probably why she missed the “Keep off the grass”-sign last time. Wait, that doesn´t make any sense! She really has got our heads spinning…


Name: Kerstin Michels
Age: 26
Location: Berlin
Occupation: Location Scout for Event Inc
Shoe size: 39
Favourite place: Marmolada on a sunny day


How did you celebrate your last birthday? Enjoying time with my favourite people. Unspectacular, but fantastic!


Berlin is…. Always exciting and always different. And sometimes it’s just a small village.


How do you spend a perfect Sunday? Either sleep-in and have breakfast in bed OR: get on my bike at 6.30 in the morning and cycle all the way from Friedrichshain to Grunewald and back again – while the city is still sleeping. And then have brunch. Either way, have a good breakfast!


Rules for a good party: A great location – what else am I to say!? But no matter how unusual the location might be – in the end it’s the people you spend the evening with that count the most.


What do you spend too much money on? Food, good drinks and old furniture. But that’s ok.


What quality do you value most in people? Honesty and the ability to accept criticism.


What is the current wallpaper on your phone? A picture of „The Rose Table of Perfect“ by James Lee Byars, taken during my last visit to the MoMA PS1 with Anne.


iOS or Android? iOS – I just can’t cope with Android. I have the Apple virus.


What is your greatest weakness? Chocolate and ice cream. Preferably both.


What is your contribution to help improve the world? Concerning co2: I always try to use my bike to get everywhere. Apart from that‚ I try to be considerate – it’s the small things that make a difference.


How does the “Keep off the grass” sign get on the grass? Ups, I’ve never noticed.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us? I wouldn’t cook anything at all. But my boyfriend would make sushi and homemade matcha ice cream.


What are you afraid of? I usually don’t find out till I’m afraid… and that frightens me!


When did you last try something new and what was it? Sneak Preview at the movies last Monday. Whiplash was showing – I probably would never have watched it otherwise. But I was completely hooked! I wonder whether I’ll be as lucky again next time.


What should no one know about you? Oh, there are lots of things no one should know. But of course I can´t tell you.


Which question should we have asked? Definitely not: What is your favourite thingamajig…


Last words: Should sometimes be left to others.

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Let’s drink to international friendship!

Let’s drink to international friendship!

BRLO is the old Slavic origin of the name Berlin (attentive muxmäuschenwild-readers will already know this, of course). Having said that, we are still trying to get the pronunciation right. The latest BRLO creation will most likely not help much – boasting an alcohol content of 7% abv, the “Baltic Porter” just might leave your tongue twisted instead. The best of both worlds come together here: „Baltic“ stands for a very aromatic and especially high-proof Russian Imperial Stout, originally brewed for the court of Russian tsars. In combination with a classic English Porter, BRLO has created an incredibly rich, deep black beer with wonderful roasted flavours and intermingling notes of caramel. Welcome to the dark side of the force! According to the label, it is the perfect match for stews, desserts and really dark chocolates. But of course it goes down just as well with a shot of vodka or simply “afterwards“. BRLO invites you to celebrate with them at the release party this Friday at the KASCHK in Berlin Mitte. In addition to the new creation, BRLO’s „Pale Ale“ and „Helles“ will be flowing from the tap, too. On top of all that? A shuffleboard contest and live music. Well then… NSTRVJ!
BRLO Baltic Porter | alcohol content: 7% abv, price: 2,00 € | | Facebook Eventlink


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Family Style

Family Style

More scrumptious news! We’d like to have dinner with you. And not just anything or anywhere. We want to discover the best restaurants, foodie temples and all those culinary gems tucked away in Berlin and find out which ones pass the muxmäuschenwild taste test. Once a month we’ll be heading to an up-and-coming and very yummy restaurant with a group of maximum 12 participants. Moving “Stammtisch” so to say. We will enjoy wonderful food served with a smile, cooked with the best things the kitchen has to offer and a whole lotta love. But there’s always the same problem: Our tummies just aren’t big enough to feast ourselves through the entire menu, right? So there’ll be one big table, 12 people, lots of little portions, good wine and tons of fun – that sounds like an evening meant to last forever. The very first muxmäuschenwild Stammtisch will be held on March 3rd at the wonderful CHAN on Paul-Lincke-Ufer. The first time we stopped by here, it seemed we were in a typical Thai-style eatery, but on second thought we weren’t so sure. Everything fit together so well here, but in a strikingly unobtrusive way. The restaurants interior is just as spot on as is the menu, the service and the dishes, which are all inspired by Thai street vendor and market cuisine – fresh street food made with the very best ingredients and naturally without monosodium glutamate or any other flavour enhancers. Along with great wines and drinks, this tastes a lot more like Brooklyn rather than “just around the corner from Kotti”. Be at CHAN’s at 19.30 and enjoy dinner and drinks for 29€. To reserve your seat, be quick and email to See you there!

muxmäuschenwild FAMILY STYLE | monthly in changing restaurants | 1st edition: Tue 03.03.2015, 19.30h | Chan, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42, 10969 Berlin | reservations:



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