Family Style

More scrumptious news! We’d like to have dinner with you. And not just anything or anywhere. We want to discover the best restaurants, foodie temples and all those culinary gems tucked away in Berlin and find out which ones pass the muxmäuschenwild taste test. Once a month we’ll be heading to an up-and-coming and very yummy restaurant with a group of maximum 12 participants. Moving “Stammtisch” so to say. We will enjoy wonderful food served with a smile, cooked with the best things the kitchen has to offer and a whole lotta love. But there’s always the same problem: Our tummies just aren’t big enough to feast ourselves through the entire menu, right? So there’ll be one big table, 12 people, lots of little portions, good wine and tons of fun – that sounds like an evening meant to last forever. The very first muxmäuschenwild Stammtisch will be held on March 3rd at the wonderful CHAN on Paul-Lincke-Ufer. The first time we stopped by here, it seemed we were in a typical Thai-style eatery, but on second thought we weren’t so sure. Everything fit together so well here, but in a strikingly unobtrusive way. The restaurants interior is just as spot on as is the menu, the service and the dishes, which are all inspired by Thai street vendor and market cuisine – fresh street food made with the very best ingredients and naturally without monosodium glutamate or any other flavour enhancers. Along with great wines and drinks, this tastes a lot more like Brooklyn rather than “just around the corner from Kotti”. Be at CHAN’s at 19.30 and enjoy dinner and drinks for 29€. To reserve your seat, be quick and email to See you there!

muxmäuschenwild FAMILY STYLE | monthly in changing restaurants | 1st edition: Tue 03.03.2015, 19.30h | Chan, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42, 10969 Berlin | reservations: