The real meal.

What would it be like to open up a restaurant that used only regional, nay, local products? Withdrawing from a world of plenty and returning to the pace of life, where Nuremburg is as far away as Darussalam or Ulan Bator, and the season´s harvest dictates the menu and not the other way around? Sure, there is loads of regional cuisine out there, but what about a restaurant kitchen that strictly processes local produce and avoids using ingredients that have been shipped across the world altogether? No lemons, chocolate, tuna or even pepper – for example. Nobelhart & Schmutzig is the new restaurant where sommelier superstar Billy Wagner and chef Micha Schäfer do just that. Muscovy duck from the Prignitzer Landhof near Perleberg, or wild beet from the Wilde Gärtnerei, an agricultural collective in Rüdnitz – the Nobelhart & Schmutzig uses traditional techniques like fermentation, brining, pickling, acidification, salting and marinating to prepare food made only from seasonal products from around Berlin. Creativity through self-restraint is the recipe for success here. Exactly one menu is served at the rustic oak bar per evening. No à la carte or can-I-have-that-with-different-sides-please-rubbish here. Nope, no can do. The set menu has 10 – yes, TEN – courses, costs 80 Euros and is worth every single penny. Tap water included, too. Finally, someone has read the signs of the times and banished bottled water from the menu. Ever since we’ve had our Leogant system, we know just how good tap water can taste and what good it can do, once it has the same quality as spring water. Apart from that, you can of course indulge yourself in fantastic wines selected by the maestro himself, as well as brandies, local beer, teas or Kreuzberg coffee. Go on, live a little and treat yourself to a culinary self-experience and savour the origin of taste gone rock ’n’ roll. By the way, guess where our next muxmäuschenwild FAMILY STYLE is going to happen…?
Speiselokal Nobelhart & Schmutzig | Friedrichstraße 218, 10969 Berlin – Kreuzberg | Tue–Sat from 6.30 pm | | Reservierung | Photo: Caroline Prange