The 2 Minutes-Interview

Oh Romano, alias MC Ramon, alias Cornerboy, alias Left Coast alias Dayton the Fox alias  the blonde angel from Köpenick, whose flaxen braids have the power to make hosts of electro, metal and hiphop fans dance, nod or bob to the beat. “Jenseits von Köpenick” is the name of his freshly pressed album, which is being celebrated with good reason. We met the blond bard for a chat and asked him intimate questions that go beyond metal jackets and bottom-spanks. Is that really the plural of bottom-spank? Is that even a word? Whatever, Romano, please take command and enlighten us regarding stained gangster corduroys, steel rooms and Petersburg’s squirearchy. P.S. Köpenick really is beautiful folks and happiness is just a step away.


Name: Romano
Age: Counting the years in jail?
City: Köpenick
Job: Questionanswerer
Shoe size: Too big for this world
Favourite line: „Charming, dominant, distinctive“
Contact: Death Row Records


Who do you think is the best looking singer in town?
I have no idea. But in my childhood it was Frank Schöbel.


Do you always go to the same hairdresser’s?
Yes. I have my hair trimmed every three months. And they always serve champagne and coffee there, too.


UndNiemalsVergessenEisernUnion – duh!


Why is Köpenick better than everywhere else?
Because I live there.


What poster used to hang over your bed?
George Michael.


What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A gangster or policeman. Both of them work at night.


The best invention of mankind?
The coffee machine.


What are ashamed of?
Leaving the house without wearing perfume.


Tell us a joke!
Klaus comes home to Gabi and says: I’m supposed to bring a urine-, sperm- and stool sample to the doctor’s tomorrow. “ Gabi enthusiastically answers: “Well, just take your corduroy trousers then!”


Would you like to say hello to anyone?
Yes, 2Pac.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?


Whose famous bottom would you like to spank?
Kim Kardashian’s.


What are you afraid of?
Of the Stahlraum. A track on my album. Listen to it.


When did you last try something new and what was it?
Ballet – three years ago. I love it!


Which super power would you like to have?
Make people dance by rubbing my braids together.


What should no one know about you?
That I’m actually from St. Petersburg and have a title of nobility.


Which question should we have asked?
Are you the sacred leader of a cult?


Last Words:
I live by my own rules.









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Philip Siefer


Philip Siefer

The 2 Minute Interview

Philip Siefer invented condoms. Wait, that can’t be right – he’s only 32 years old! Uh, he reinvented condoms. Together with his business partner Waldemar Zeiler he founded einhorn condoms. Finally, a fairly traded, sustainable and ethical condom! Buying condoms shouldn’t be embarrassing. It should be fun. The guys behind einhorn have made it their mission to make contraceptives cool and sexy. The little lifesavers come in super cute packaging that looks like a bag of crisps. We met the busy bee Mr Siefer and asked him all about his first time, hidden fears and awkward physical complaints.


Name: Philip Siefer

Age: 32

City: Hamburg

Job: Chief Executive Unicorn

Shoesize: 42,5

Favourite position: wheelbarrow


What was your first time like?
Brilliant, the best thing I’ve ever experienced. We were both super skilled and knew exactly what we were doing. 

What was his or her name?
Her name was, err, Esther.


Do you believe in unicorns?


The most beautiful word for the most beautiful thing in the world?
Banging, nailing, fucking, screwing, pounding, shagging. All good if the moment is right. Okay, pounding is hardly ever right…


What is so embarrassing about buying condoms in a supermarket?
On shelves between dog food, toilet paper, maxi-pads, tampons and pregnancy tests is where you’ll find them. Clothing for your penis to keep sex safe. Wrapped in packaging with illustrations of willies and graphics of Andromeda nebula to turn you on. Or not. Why do condoms look so peculiar?


When did you realize you were all grown up?
I have beard and almost no spots. And I’m on first name terms with my mother.


What is humanity’s greatest invention?
Sitting! Before that we could only stand or lie. Just imagine! (Helge Schneider is right…)


What is your generation’s biggest problem?
There is no problem – that’s the problem. No Problem and too many choices.


Which idea would you like to have had?
You mean apart from selling condoms in crisp bags? Well, electricity is a pretty good thing. Oh, if anyone gets it done before me: beaming would be awesome! Which reminds me, ideas aren’t half as important as their implementation. I guess I would like to have implemented the hover board.


What are you ashamed of?
It’s not too bad anymore. But any physical illnesses, even if it’s just a cold, make me very uncomfortable-


What did you want to become when you were a kid?
A millionaire. 

You’re on a plane and it’s about to crash. Who get’s one last message?
I have a parachute. In any other case it would always be Superman! Sender’s name: Lois Lane


Which super power would you like to have?
Ah, now that question ;) Definitely Wolverine’s.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
My cooking skills are pretty basic, but I do cook a lot. For example noodles (the really thin ones) with loads of Parmesan and butter and some truffles. Or quiche? Perhaps Crème Brulée afterwards and then some cheese. Maybe Chaource? And espresso, of course. Bring a bottle of Pouilly Fumé, please.


What are you afraid of?
Peace and quiet, and incomprehensible ideologies like racism get me down. The fact that Germany has a huge lobby against refugees is very frightening. I just can’t grasp that sort of attitude and I find it rather strange living among people that think that way. Who knows what else they’re thinking?


When did you last try something new and what was it?
I’m travelling to Pellworm tomorrow! That’s the latest thing I can think of, but I love trying new stuff.


What should no one know about you?
Oh wow, I almost fell for that! I’m not telling. Ok, red!


Which question should we have asked?
Nothing to complain about. Good job!


Last Words:
Cytotoxin (well, at least that’s what a German encyclopaedia says!)


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Sascha and Tobias


Sascha & Tobias

The 2 Minute Interview

Sascha and Tobias are Vater & Sohn. No, not as in father and son, but as in the heart and soul of the store Vater & Sohn in Hamburg Elmsbüttel, the only true gentleman’s shop. We met the two splendid gentlemen and sussed them out about all sorts of guy stuff: fashion faux pas, the meaning of life, movies that make you cry, penguins and lucky charms. The bottom line is that the two not only look like they just popped straight out of the latest Heritage Post issue, but they’re witty, honest, charming and super-duper nice, too. Are we allowed to say that? A manly man can. To all those sissies out there: this is how it’s done.


Name: Sascha Kampmeyer / Tobias Pflug
Age: 38 / 39
Location: Hamburg / Hamburg
Occupation: Salesman / selfemployed
Shoesize: 45 / 43
Favourite manly thing: knives / lighting a fire


What car do you drive?
S: An old Mercedes C Class Estate – our dogmobile.
T: An old Mercedes Estate.


Which film always makes you cry?
S: Oh, it’s already getting embarrassing with the second question! Well, I can only think of one film from my childhood: The Fox and the Hound!
T: The Cannonball Run – all those beatiful cars…


What is your earliest childhood memory?
S: I think I was two years old, wearing lederhosen and fell off a swing.
T: Riding through the garden full throttle on an orange and green tractor.What

would you like to pass on to your children?
S: Respect, decency and broad-mindedness. Everything else you can buy.
T: Confidence and happiness.

What is your most valued posession?
S: Wow, that’s a hard one! Well, if we’re talking about real value, then I’d say my appartement. But if we’re talking about what is most valuable to me, then I’d say my wife! But I don’t own her – so it would have to be my wedding ring, as it symbolizes us together.
T: I have a certain passion for collecting things and have lots of beautiful old things surrounding me. But value always is in the eye of the beholder. By the way: I have a ’62 Willys Station Wagon on offer! Interested?


Your worst fashion faux pas?
S: Ever? Most certainly a knitted cable jumper with elbow patches!
T: 1989 I wore glasses with red plastic frames…


What is the most important invention of mankind?
S: I could name a thousand really cool things like car engines, airplanes etc. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to this: the internet.
T: The matchstick.


If you met yourself as an 18 year-old, which piece of advice would you give yourself?
S: Take that knitted sweater off!
T: …and don’t dawdle!


Do you have a lucky charm?
S: I have two very important lucky charms on my key chain. Both are from my wife and accompany me everywhere.
T: No.


What is the meaning of life?
S: Cheesy part two…Honestly? To be happy, whatever that means for each individual. For me it is to live freely and to feel it.
T: Well, you really want to know… Life is the meaning.

Who do you admire?
S: Anyone who lives their dream! In everyday life people like my business partner and friend Tobias, who is bringing up three children with his wife and is truly living the adventure of family life. Or musicians and artists that were important for my development – like Morrissey and The Smiths!
T: I solely admire my wife! She copes with me and gave birth to our lovely three children!Which artist (dead or alive) would you like to interview in the backseat of your car?
S: Slayer’s Jeff Hannemann
T: Oh, I wouldn’t mind driving through Hamburg in an old car and having a chat with Jan Fedder.A penguin wearing a Stetson Stratoliner comes in the shop and says:
S: Gosh darn it! This shop is even nicer than I thought! I’m just passing through and I need a new pair of jeans!
T: Can I get the TalonMade braided hatbands here?If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us?
S: Currently, I’d definitely make something vegetarian. I’m thinking couscous, dal and parsley salad. But if you’d prefer something with meat, I’d make roulades just like my grandmother used to.
T: Pulled Pork, cooked on a grill for 10 hours. Served in a bun with homemade coleslaw… Delicious!!


What are you afraid of?
S: To be seperated from my wife and my dogs. And I’m definitely afraid of rats!
T: I’m not too keen on heights…


When did you last try something new and what was it?
S: Two days ago, I cut my own hair. That was new for me and quite liberating!
T: Cooking a shoulder of pork on a grill for 10 hours and then making pulled pork burgers…! Sublime!


What should no one know about you?
S: That I support FC Bayern!
T: I’m an open book…


Which question should we have asked?
S: Doesn’t that hurt?
T: Petrol or diesel?


The last words:
S: Something I finally get to have!
T: …have not yet been spoken!

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Tina Gerstung


Tina Gerstung


The 2 Minute Interview

Tina Gerstung, née Haderlein, has counted exactly 1000 freckles in her face, is in a good mood most of the time, is madly in love with Berlin and since August 2012, she has been working as editor in chief for the Berlin based online city portal (which is now also featuring one of our muxmäuschenwild recommendations once a month). Her life on the go is about to change: as of today, Tina is on maternity leave. From now on, she’ll „just“ be a mommy and housewife. And that in Prenzlauer Berg, too, as she commends ironically. Well, at least she’ll have plenty of time to bake cheesecake, write her next berlin travel guide and read all parts of  „Fifty Shades of Grey“ books yet to come. Oh the life of a housewife… P.S. Girl or boy?


Name: Tina Gerstung
Age: 32
Location: Berlin
Occupation: editor in chief at, on maternity leave as of April
Shoe Size: 36
Favourite neighbourhood: Teutoburger Platz



What is the German noun gender for Kiez?  Kiez is masculine, no question. Just like to me, the event is neuter and the blog is masculine.


Where exactly do you live? In the almost picturesque Choriner Straße.


Do you sometimes catch yourself confirming a classic pregnancy cliché such as food cravings? I’ve had surprisingly few food cravings so far – although I’m already nine months pregnant now. But there definitely has been the occasional I-NEED-A-BURGER-RIGHT-NOW moment.


What is the current wallpaper on your phone?
 Kind of cheesy – a picture from our honeymoon on the gorgeous Maldive Island of Kanahura.


What are your three favourite shops? Uh, only three? Well, then it’s Ting for home accessories and gifts with a Nordic touch, my favourite Italian restaurant Trattoria Toscana for gnocchi with goat’s cheese and the Ruhepool for relaxing massages. And definitely the Du Bonheur for macarons.


What will you be missing soon? Shop openings and other fun parties in the evening.


What hair colours have you had so far? Er, blond, strawberry blond, dark blond – so basically: blond.


What superpowers do you have at night?  I can give birth without pain. (Surely, Tina will be teaching autosuggestion classes soon, editor’s note.)


What are you really good at?  Baking cheesecake.


What’s the best way to twist you around one’s little finger? Macarons, doing housework, pretty flowers.


What do you do when you can’t sleep? I get up, sit down in the living room with my nursing pillow and read.


When did you last do something that was completely selfless? Today, I helped an elderly and confused lady get on and off the tram.


What are you afraid of? Loved ones dying.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us? Something quick, a ginger carrot soup, maybe.


What would you change if you had the power to do so? The current state of the world.


What should no one know about you? That I’ve read the complete “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy.


Which question should we have asked?

  Is it going to be a boy or a girl? I’ve hardly heard that question at all, lately :) I don´t even know the answer to that question myself.


Last words: Something I always like to have.


Photo: Sebastian Matthias Weißbach


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Ettina Berrios Negrón


Ettina Berrios Negrón

The 2 Minute Interview


Ettina is a fashion designer and founder of the fabulous label Thone Negrón. If you have a red carpet event coming up soon or are looking for THE perfect dress for THAT perfect occasion you should definitely check out the website or better yet: stop by the store at Linienstaße 71. In case you’d like to meet Ettina there in person, you should hurry: In just a couple of weeks Ettina will be exchanging silk fabrics and her sewing machine for changing table and nappies. If it’s a girl there might be a girl’s fashion line in ultramarine and yellow soon, too. And if it’s a boy? We think Hans would be a great name.


Name: Ettina Berrios Negrón
Age: 35
Location: Berlin
Occasion: fashion designer
Shoe size: 42
Favourite piece of clothing: dressing gown


What would you rather design, a nun´s habit or spacesuit for NASA?
 A nun‘s habit, of course.


Why? Well, it’s pretty simple: I design clothes for women.


What was your ultimate fashion faux pas? A red merino jacket that I wore out till it had so many holes in it that people started asking whether it was by Margiela.


Black and white or colour? 
Ultramarine and yellow.


Who would you like to dress? 
Cate Blanchett and FKA Twigs.


What is your sign? 


You will be reborn as what? As a swallow in the Mediterranean, preferably in Greece.


What are you really not good at? Tidying up and hurrying up.


Who do you admire? 
Single parents.


What costs you a great effort? Preparing the quarterly statements for the tax.


What would you be called if you were a boy? 


Who or what changed your view of the world forever? 
Erich Fromm and Fritz Riemann.


Would you rather fight a duck as big as a horse or hundred horses as big as ducks? 
A duck as big as a horse.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us? 
 Christophe’s tomato tart with salad.


What are you afraid of? Flies, insect larvae and extremists.


When did you last try something new and what was it? 
Pregnancy – eight months ago.


What should no one know about you? I’m actually really lazy and pick my nose when driving.


Which question should we have asked? What is your favourite band?


Last words: 

The knife.

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Kerstin Michels


Kerstin Michels

The 2 Minute Interview

Kerstin Michels has THE best job. For her employer Event Inc. she cycles through Berlin, Germany and the world to find the most wonderful locations, the best caterers and the most amazing agencies. Well, maybe it’s exhausting at times, but she gets to see a lot and meets tons of funny, bizarre, friendly and crazy people – us, for example. Kerstin says about herself that she is in a good mood ninety-nine per cent of the time, is good at refurbishing old furniture, and says „huh?“ all too often, at least when friends don’t stop talking about all their needs and worries but forget that she is deaf on one ear. Van Gogh feature! That´s probably why she missed the “Keep off the grass”-sign last time. Wait, that doesn´t make any sense! She really has got our heads spinning…


Name: Kerstin Michels
Age: 26
Location: Berlin
Occupation: Location Scout for Event Inc
Shoe size: 39
Favourite place: Marmolada on a sunny day


How did you celebrate your last birthday? Enjoying time with my favourite people. Unspectacular, but fantastic!


Berlin is…. Always exciting and always different. And sometimes it’s just a small village.


How do you spend a perfect Sunday? Either sleep-in and have breakfast in bed OR: get on my bike at 6.30 in the morning and cycle all the way from Friedrichshain to Grunewald and back again – while the city is still sleeping. And then have brunch. Either way, have a good breakfast!


Rules for a good party: A great location – what else am I to say!? But no matter how unusual the location might be – in the end it’s the people you spend the evening with that count the most.


What do you spend too much money on? Food, good drinks and old furniture. But that’s ok.


What quality do you value most in people? Honesty and the ability to accept criticism.


What is the current wallpaper on your phone? A picture of „The Rose Table of Perfect“ by James Lee Byars, taken during my last visit to the MoMA PS1 with Anne.


iOS or Android? iOS – I just can’t cope with Android. I have the Apple virus.


What is your greatest weakness? Chocolate and ice cream. Preferably both.


What is your contribution to help improve the world? Concerning co2: I always try to use my bike to get everywhere. Apart from that‚ I try to be considerate – it’s the small things that make a difference.


How does the “Keep off the grass” sign get on the grass? Ups, I’ve never noticed.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us? I wouldn’t cook anything at all. But my boyfriend would make sushi and homemade matcha ice cream.


What are you afraid of? I usually don’t find out till I’m afraid… and that frightens me!


When did you last try something new and what was it? Sneak Preview at the movies last Monday. Whiplash was showing – I probably would never have watched it otherwise. But I was completely hooked! I wonder whether I’ll be as lucky again next time.


What should no one know about you? Oh, there are lots of things no one should know. But of course I can´t tell you.


Which question should we have asked? Definitely not: What is your favourite thingamajig…


Last words: Should sometimes be left to others.

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