High and Low

Escaping the world is the true meaning of life for Moritz and the first-person narrator. Escaping from society, everyday life, and all normative forces. Sublime is only what cannot be controlled nor made use of. Drugs, creativity and the veil of darkness are their gateway to greatness. But one day in the middle of summer, Moritz disappears and the narrator is overcome by a feeling of isolation and solitude he has never felt before. He sets out to search for Moritz, but the places that previously set the stage for their life of ecstasy and youthful hedonism show no trace of him whatsoever. This is a tale about exhaustion, disappointment, fear, defiance, and finally understanding that you can escape everything. Except yourself. Boris Pofalla, author of „Low“, was born in 1983 and is a literary scholar, an art critic for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and prefers to drink his coffee black. In his debut novel he uses plain, calm and pure language to describe the story of an awakening and to portray the way of life of a brilliant and sensitive yet narcissist generation. This book was on the hotlist of the KulturSpiegel for Leipzig book fare (27 out of 20.000!) for a good reason: With his laid-back and unpretentious narrative tone, Pofalla manages to strike the right chord better than anyone else. Prior to the official release on March 9th 2015, the author will be reading from his book at 7 pm this evening at the grand Schinkel Pavillon. Both book and location are well worth the trip, making this occasion a fantastic double feature. After the reading there will be some – most likely somewhat ecstatic – celebrating at Larry’s on Chauseestraße. Drinks at the bar and Britta Thie on the decks. Free admission to reading and party. Culture slam, here we come!
LOW Reading | Wed 04.03.15, 19h | Schinkel Pavillon, Oberwallstr. 1, 10117 Berlin | free admission | metrolit.de