It floats!

The loveliest dreams are about flying. The weightless floating in the clouds, the soundless gliding just above the ground. Never do we feel more free than when we can free ourselves from the heavy magnet of gravity – be it just in our heads. Innovator Simon Morris has transferred this age old dream of flying to enchanting objects and has created something that puts a smile in our face and that childlike sparkle in our eyes: free floating light bulbs and vases. Yes, you read right: free floating. Like Marty McFly’s hover board, way back in the future. Like the flying carpets in Arabian Nights. It’s magic, friends, the future is today. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Flyte is the name of the energy efficient LED light bulbs that float over a minimalist wooden bed. And supply us with over 50,000 hours of warm light. And between them nothing but air and magnetism. The same system lets tillandsias float, members of the bromeliad family that need nothing but air (and probably a little love) to live. In a 12-sided pot with a typically Nordic, confident design, the plants float skyward as they grow. A gentle rotation makes sure the plants get enough sunlight from all sides and that plant friends see ever changing silhouettes as shadows on the geodesic vessel. It’s technology, but it actually feels like magic.
Flyte –  floating light bulbs | from 315€ | Store | Lyfe –  floating bromeliad vases | from 194€ | Store


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Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!!


Let’s imagine the following scenario: a romantic picnic, somewhere at a remote lake – cuddling with your favourite person, a cooled bottle of wine, watching the sun set slowly… smack! Mosquitos! Mosquitos?! Mosquito-invasion! And now what? Douse yourself in yucky smelly mosquito repellent? Defy the summer breeze with citronella candles until they singe your eyebrows? Or just cuddle into a really attractive, ultra-comfy outdoor blanket from the Berlin start-up Permetex (yes, sounds a bit cumbersome but is simply genius!). Bingo! Because Marili Werle (sounds sweeter than candy) and the sisters Ellen and Maren Wölk are currently revolutionizing the world of insect repellents with Permetex. Because they hand-weave the component Permethrin into their blankets, the synthetic reproduction of the natural insect repellent from the chrysanthemum blossom. This causes hot feet for insects and makes any surface unattractive to the little critters. This invention is ground-breaking for highly-exposed countries in which mosquitos also often spread horrible diseases. In these parts, it protects us from ugly red spots and annoying itching during mild bonfire moments, but also from ticks and mites, fleas, moths and bed bugs. All you need is a pillow case or sheet, sleeping bag or suit bag with that certain something. The materials are breathable, ecologically certified and, on top of that, really pretty. This is genius stuff! We’re giving away a sleeping bag in teal to the most mosquito-harassed amongst you. Send us an email headlining ‚BUZZZZZZZZZZ, SMACK!‘ to
Permetex |  Textiles with integrated insect repellent | from 39 Euro |

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The Rhythm of Life

Fast, loud, always moving – life means keeping up, keeping on and going along. Which turns your own home into an oasis of comfort, a cave, a holy temple. Since 2011, the internationally renowned Kinfolk Magazine has been cultivating the concept of community and deceleration and engages in the era of slow living. It looks into how the design of living spaces can contribute to deceleration. The recently published Kinfolk Home Book gathers 35 inspiring living portraits from around the World, from Barcelona to Copenhagen to Tokyo. A blend of varied portraits of the people behind the walls, the corresponding interiors and relevant essays over 368 pages creates a book that is animated, beautiful to look at and totally and utterly decelerating. Just looking at the pictures gets you in a meditative mood. We’re giving away an issue hot off the press to the most frugal amongst you. Send us an email titled ‚EASY DOES IT‘ to
The Kinfolk Home. Live your own rhythm | Hardback, 368 pages, 350 pictures | 39,95 Euro |


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Under my skin

Skin Gin

Skin Gin

When you lovingly run a blog or an email magazine such as this one, it can happen that complete strangers just send you their products. We do know why – if we like it, chances are we might write about it. This can include quite unusual things or things we have often seen, heard or drunk before. As happened with a bottle of Skin Gin. What in the world are we supposed to write about Gin? What’s special about that? Well, in the case of Skin Gin, quite a few things. There’s the elaborately designed bottle, for one, that is hand-wrapped in hot stamped leather foil by a small family business. Nice, but not quite enough for us. Gin is still Gin. We took the bottle home and tried some of it one lovely evening. Peppermint?! Lemon?! Coriander?! What might give Gin purists and British nobility the cold shivers actually turned out to be a true taste explosion. While classic gin gets its intense taste from juniper only, Skin Gin adds Moroccan mint as a second main note next to juniper berries as well as five further ingredients called botanicals. Citrus peel from Spanish oranges and grapefruits as well as limes and lemons from Italy and coriander from Vietnam, to be exact. Another special characteristic: instead of adding the botanicals to the wheat mash as is tradition, they are distilled separately in special equipment (called “Geistkorb”) that draws off the rising alcoholic vapours. This way, 100% of the essentials oils they contain can be extracted. The result is incredibly mild and intense. A taste explosion, just like we said. The next morning, none of us could quite remember how the evening had ended. But we all agreed it had been legendary. And there was no mean hangover to ruin the good mood, even though we’re talking about an alcoholic strength of approx. 42%. A good sign. We’re giving away one bottle of Skin Gin ‚Edition Blanc‘ to the particularly adventurous amongst you. Send us an email with the subject ‚PEPPERMINT PRINCE‘ to Cheers, my dears!
Skin Gin |  0,5 litre bottle 43,70 Euro | |

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Days Like This


Time of the month, period, menstruation, monthlies, the curse – the female cycle is both a miracle and a weak spot. Always there, or again and again – periodically to be precise ­– hushed in public, packed away fit for swimming and cycling and, thanks to pill, coil, ring and the like, always timed accurately. Modern life planning, you call it, medical progress or just convenience. In our neck of the woods, the first period – the lingo is menarche – usually starts when girls are between 11 and 14 years old. This “happening” often also marks the time we administer hormonal contraception to our bodies for the first time. And – hey presto – we’re between 24 and 34 years old and have suddenly spent most of our lives under the influence of hormones. No offense, but how does the body react now when we take this concoction away again? Where do the mood swings, migraines and general discomfort come from? What is normal? What does my body need? What does my diet have to do with it and my sleeping patterns? How can I feel my actual self more again? Learn on which days I’m fertile, feel capable and powerful or like total rubbish? Ida Tin wanted answers to exactly these questions. In 2013, she launched her app CLUE with the goal to change the way we handle our period. The result is something like the monthly calendar of our time with over 5 million active users. Confident, scientific and not pink! With CLUE, you can keep track of yourself, your body and your menstrual cycle. Which is much more complex than you think. CLUE uses a special algorithm to calculate and forecast your individual cycle. The app also provides information on topics such as PMS, pain or pregnancy and leaves space for personal notes. CLUE wants to make women confident about their own fertility and make a real contribution to healthy family planning. Oh, and it’s free, of course. You can download it in the App Store or Google Play Store. Your body, your miracle.
CLUE – App | |  App Store | Google Play Store

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Build It, Switch It, Change It


Life means change. We know that. We do it – we move, change directions, develop and discover our possibilities. Isn’t it wonderful when the habitat we create around us can accommodate these changes, can adapt to them or even inspire them. The artist, sculptor and carpenter Stefan Oberhofer created stocubo, a shelf system perfectly tailored to the needs we have today. With their simple and ageless design, the sustainably manufactured modules offer maximum freedom for a flexible layout of living space. Single geometric wooden cubes in different formats can be combined to create individual “shelf-scapes”. The modules are connecting with aluminium brackets but can also be suspended using wall rails. Due to the easy connection, the modules can be rearranged and combined differently again and again. Which creates shelves that easily adapt to changing situations in life and work, that grow and move with your needs. One system, countless possibilities. Next to the classic shelf modules, there are also numerous practical enhancements such as the Flip-Through-Box for flipping through records, rotary files or hanging folders. At you can order the individual modules, pre-configured shelves or design your own custom-made shelf with the help of the online-configurator. Production takes place without impact on climate change in Berlin, shipment is within 2 to 4 weeks. From 500 Euro order value even free of charge. So go ahead and re-invent!
stocubo | | Facebook

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Let It Pop!

Pop. Pop. Poppoppoppoppop. And that smell – a fragrance as warm as your favourite blanky – of caramel, melted butter and endless childhood. Popcorn was one of the first scientific experiments of our adolescence – no other demonstration of the states of matter was as full with relish as waiting impatiently, staring at the covered pan. Sprinkled with salt or tossed in sugar, the puffed kernels of corn were the perfect companion for Sunday afternoons in front of the telly. Cassandra and Ryan from Proper Corn are actually grown-up now, but still love the salty-sweet-puffy snack as much as way back when. That is, however, only if it’s done properly. Meaning: no genetically modified corn, no compact round balls but irregular shapes (because that makes it crunchier), only home-made (in England) and in ingenious flavours made from domestic ingredients. So Proper Corn is available in the variations peanut/almond, Worcester sauce/sundried tomatoes(!), vanilla/coconut, sour cream/pepper, salted and – a culinary compromise – „sweet & salty“ with sea salt and brown sugar. The flavours are as exciting as the pretty packaging of this really good corn. This much pleasure for not even 130 calories? We’ll have the six-pack, please! No, let’s go big! We give away a full month’s supply of deliceous Popcorn. Send us an email headlining ‚SWEET CORN!’ to You can get the good stuff online at foodist or at your local EDEKA. Merry poppin’!
Proper Corn |  from approx. 99 Cent per packet or approx. 5 Euro for the six-pack |


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Stool To Go


Friday 4 pm at the post office. At the citizen centre without an appointment. At an open air concert in the park. At dinner with friends at the Tiny House. What do all these situations have in common? That it would be great to have a chair with you. A light one, that you can just carry under your arm or dig out of your handbag. One that doesn’t take up space, but offers you a free one to sit on. One that is nice to look at, sturdy and can be set up easily anywhere without any tools or instructions. Voilà – the French have done it! Stooly produces foldable seating. Small, light, attractive figures that can be folded out and back in harmonica-style. The stools, for example, in two different heights, are made completely from recycled cardboard. Because only cardboard can meet the high demands regarding functionality, elegance and sustainability in equal measure. Weighing in at only 2 kg itself, the stool’s finely-designed honeycomb-structure gives it a carrying capacity of 300 kg. Try and put that on the scales. The ecological stools, benches and poufs are available in various colours and can be adorned with a cushion made of felt, rattan or faux leather for the ultimate sitting comfort. Oh yes, and for every Stooly sold, the makers plant one tree. We’re giving away a Stooly stool in white to the most rest-loving amongst you. Send us an email with the subject ‚I SIT THEREFORE I AM ‘ to
Stooly | Hocker, Bänke, Puffs aus recyclebarem Karton | ab 49€ | Shop

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The Bigger Picture


Think of a chair! What does your chair look like? Mine is wooden, very old and has a cover of slightly scuffed red material fixed to the frame with brass nails. It has a crack in the backrest that has been passably fixed with wood glue. What does yours look like? The table that goes with it? Words are words. They leave space. Images are more precise than words. Images are stronger than words. They have the power to change things, people, ideas and truths. Photographer Nick Brandt has been documenting the animals and nature of East Africa for 15 years. No, he doesn’t document the giraffes, lions, elephants, gorillas, zebras and rhinoceroses, the majestic, beautiful creatures of this earth, he portraits them. He creates spitting images in black and white. Monuments. Because as modern humans with their industrialised lifestyle spread out across the planet, the room for those living as one with nature is diminishing. Chimneys are growing ever higher where buffalo used to graze. Forests that offered shelter and food for thousands of animals have had to make room for crop fields and wasteland. In his newest piece of work, Nick Brandt shows us this situation quite plainly. He sets the scene for his life-sized animal portraits in such formerly flourishing landscapes and points out what was and and can’t be anymore. The scenes look like a surreal world of images in which the animals once living there appear like ghosts. The book ‚Inherit The Dust‘ was published this year and can be ordered online for 40,95 Euro. Part of the proceeds go to the Big Life Foundation, founded by Nick Brandt, that wants to preserve 5 million acres of ecosystem in East Africa. We’re giving away one copy of ‚Inherit The Dust‘ to the most conscious amongst you. Send us an email with the subject ‚LIFE MATTERS‘ to
Nick Brandt ‚Inherit The Dust‘ | Gebundene Ausgabe: 40,95€ | Bestellbar über Amazon |

Busy Bee

They are the cupid for plants. Pollinate me, baby! And off they go to the next blossom. Like no other insect, bees keep Mother Nature’s sex life up and running and with it the machinery of the food industry. A large part of our fruit and vegetables wouldn’t even exist without the bees’ busy contribution. However, the buzz of this wondrous animal is growing more and more quiet. The dying of bees is a real threat. Luckily, more and more start-ups and projects are trying to stop this scary phenomenon. A few days ago, a film popped into our heads that was already in the cinemas in 2012, but hasn’t lost any of its topicality and explosiveness. „More than Honey“ just won’t leave us alone any more. The award-winning documentary by von Markus Imhoof searches for the causes of the mysterious mass mortality and paints a melancholy picture. Spectacular close-ups take us into the inside of a bee hive and let us experience the nuptial flight of a bee in mid-air. The film shows the beauty of these highly intelligent animals and tells us about their impressive social structures. It displays the results of globalised and industrialised farming and what humans do to bees in order to generate more profit. „That’s the sound of money“, a Californian beekeeper with a large apiary comments on the insistent buzzing of his bee colonies. He travels across the states with his migratory worker bees to pollinate almond, apple or cherry trees. As needed. Stuffed with antibiotics in order to withstand the stresses and strains. Pesticides, mite pests and stress also endanger the survival of the woolly little animals. In the end, it’s the sum of it all that is leading to colony collapses, says Imhoof: “The bees are dying from humans turning wild bees into compliant pets, turning wolves into incapable poodles.” If you haven’t seen this documentary, you should catch up on it asap on the streaming service of your choice. „More than Honey“ is a tale of bees with powerful images that leave us feeling disturbed. Surely no picnic.
More than Honey | | Trailer | Photo: Esterer und Horn




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