Fast, loud, always moving – life means keeping up, keeping on and going along. Which turns your own home into an oasis of comfort, a cave, a holy temple. Since 2011, the internationally renowned Kinfolk Magazine has been cultivating the concept of community and deceleration and engages in the era of slow living. It looks into how the design of living spaces can contribute to deceleration. The recently published Kinfolk Home Book gathers 35 inspiring living portraits from around the World, from Barcelona to Copenhagen to Tokyo. A blend of varied portraits of the people behind the walls, the corresponding interiors and relevant essays over 368 pages creates a book that is animated, beautiful to look at and totally and utterly decelerating. Just looking at the pictures gets you in a meditative mood. We’re giving away an issue hot off the press to the most frugal amongst you. Send us an email titled ‚EASY DOES IT‘ to
The Kinfolk Home. Live your own rhythm | Hardback, 368 pages, 350 pictures | 39,95 Euro |