The Rhythm of Life

Fast, loud, always moving – life means keeping up, keeping on and going along. Which turns your own home into an oasis of comfort, a cave, a holy temple. Since 2011, the internationally renowned Kinfolk Magazine has been cultivating the concept of community and deceleration and engages in the era of slow living. It looks into how the design of living spaces can contribute to deceleration. The recently published Kinfolk Home Book gathers 35 inspiring living portraits from around the World, from Barcelona to Copenhagen to Tokyo. A blend of varied portraits of the people behind the walls, the corresponding interiors and relevant essays over 368 pages creates a book that is animated, beautiful to look at and totally and utterly decelerating. Just looking at the pictures gets you in a meditative mood. We’re giving away an issue hot off the press to the most frugal amongst you. Send us an email titled ‚EASY DOES IT‘ to
The Kinfolk Home. Live your own rhythm | Hardback, 368 pages, 350 pictures | 39,95 Euro |


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Collector’s Trophy

Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, has something very meditative. Fold, smooth, crease. Repeat. And in the end, you hold something in your hand that, best case, actually resembles a crane. If, that is, you didn’t fold in the wrong direction. Or your motor skills got in the way. Because in that case, frustration can destroy the meditative effects pretty quickly. With Papertrophy, however, the dinosaurs and Dobermans, squirrels and unicorns, penguins and hippos turn out perfectly, as if by magic. The things you can make out of paper!  A little time and some glue turn pre-cut paper templates into incredibly attractive 3D works of wall art. They are minimalistic cubic shapes that are ironically reminiscent of the animal trophies that used to hang over dusty mantel pieces. With the small difference that for these beauties, neither animals nor trees have to forfeit their lives. The shapes are machine-cut out of ecological paper, pre-folded, numbered and scrutinised by hand one last time before they start their journey to the tinkers of the world. Almost every favourite animal is available in a range of sizes from mini to XXL. This perfect interaction of polygons was contrived by Holger Hoffmann, who creates the trophies in Berlin. And then they eventually turn into art. Which makes them more suited for gatherers than hunters. We are giving away one lion head in gold and black to the most passionate collector amongst you.  Send us an email headlining ‚HOLD IT!‘ to
Papertrophy |  Paper wall trophies and figures | from 19 € |


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Now that’s Berlin



When have you truly seen Berlin? If you’ve watched a sunrise from the television tower? Spent the afternoon dancing in the Berghain? Gone East on a raft, broken into the shut down Plänterwald at night? Yes, sure. All that. And infinitely more. A city is made by those who live in it. Airbnb set out to talk to witty Berliners about their city. Ask them what makes Berlin their Berlin. Which places they will always carry in their hearts and minds. The answers formed an imaginative, collective view of the city. And the artist collective 44flavors has turned it into a colourful, lively exhibition. So the Hallesche Haus, located by the gate of the same name, is being turned into the #LiveThereHaus for one weekend, a place filled with stories made for bringing together, discovering and taking part. Everyone can bring their own Berlin story and build onto the house, the small world. Exciting Berliners are sharing their skills for some extra entertainment: you can brew with BRLO, groove with Nikeata Thompson, get crafty with Sarah from This Is Jane Wayneor discuss with Michael Nast. That’s what makes Berlin Berlin.
The Berlin #LiveThere Haus | July 13th to 17th | Hallesches Haus, Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin| und Facebook

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