Collector’s Trophy

Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, has something very meditative. Fold, smooth, crease. Repeat. And in the end, you hold something in your hand that, best case, actually resembles a crane. If, that is, you didn’t fold in the wrong direction. Or your motor skills got in the way. Because in that case, frustration can destroy the meditative effects pretty quickly. With Papertrophy, however, the dinosaurs and Dobermans, squirrels and unicorns, penguins and hippos turn out perfectly, as if by magic. The things you can make out of paper!  A little time and some glue turn pre-cut paper templates into incredibly attractive 3D works of wall art. They are minimalistic cubic shapes that are ironically reminiscent of the animal trophies that used to hang over dusty mantel pieces. With the small difference that for these beauties, neither animals nor trees have to forfeit their lives. The shapes are machine-cut out of ecological paper, pre-folded, numbered and scrutinised by hand one last time before they start their journey to the tinkers of the world. Almost every favourite animal is available in a range of sizes from mini to XXL. This perfect interaction of polygons was contrived by Holger Hoffmann, who creates the trophies in Berlin. And then they eventually turn into art. Which makes them more suited for gatherers than hunters. We are giving away one lion head in gold and black to the most passionate collector amongst you.  Send us an email headlining ‚HOLD IT!‘ to
Papertrophy |  Paper wall trophies and figures | from 19 € |


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