Pop. Pop. Poppoppoppoppop. And that smell – a fragrance as warm as your favourite blanky – of caramel, melted butter and endless childhood. Popcorn was one of the first scientific experiments of our adolescence – no other demonstration of the states of matter was as full with relish as waiting impatiently, staring at the covered pan. Sprinkled with salt or tossed in sugar, the puffed kernels of corn were the perfect companion for Sunday afternoons in front of the telly. Cassandra and Ryan from Proper Corn are actually grown-up now, but still love the salty-sweet-puffy snack as much as way back when. That is, however, only if it’s done properly. Meaning: no genetically modified corn, no compact round balls but irregular shapes (because that makes it crunchier), only home-made (in England) and in ingenious flavours made from domestic ingredients. So Proper Corn is available in the variations peanut/almond, Worcester sauce/sundried tomatoes(!), vanilla/coconut, sour cream/pepper, salted and – a culinary compromise – „sweet & salty“ with sea salt and brown sugar. The flavours are as exciting as the pretty packaging of this really good corn. This much pleasure for not even 130 calories? We’ll have the six-pack, please! No, let’s go big! We give away a full month’s supply of deliceous Popcorn. Send us an email headlining ‚SWEET CORN!’ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de. You can get the good stuff online at foodist or at your local EDEKA. Merry poppin’!
Proper Corn |  from approx. 99 Cent per packet or approx. 5 Euro for the six-pack | propercorn.com