Let’s imagine the following scenario: a romantic picnic, somewhere at a remote lake – cuddling with your favourite person, a cooled bottle of wine, watching the sun set slowly… smack! Mosquitos! Mosquitos?! Mosquito-invasion! And now what? Douse yourself in yucky smelly mosquito repellent? Defy the summer breeze with citronella candles until they singe your eyebrows? Or just cuddle into a really attractive, ultra-comfy outdoor blanket from the Berlin start-up Permetex (yes, sounds a bit cumbersome but is simply genius!). Bingo! Because Marili Werle (sounds sweeter than candy) and the sisters Ellen and Maren Wölk are currently revolutionizing the world of insect repellents with Permetex. Because they hand-weave the component Permethrin into their blankets, the synthetic reproduction of the natural insect repellent from the chrysanthemum blossom. This causes hot feet for insects and makes any surface unattractive to the little critters. This invention is ground-breaking for highly-exposed countries in which mosquitos also often spread horrible diseases. In these parts, it protects us from ugly red spots and annoying itching during mild bonfire moments, but also from ticks and mites, fleas, moths and bed bugs. All you need is a pillow case or sheet, sleeping bag or suit bag with that certain something. The materials are breathable, ecologically certified and, on top of that, really pretty. This is genius stuff! We’re giving away a sleeping bag in teal to the most mosquito-harassed amongst you. Send us an email headlining ‚BUZZZZZZZZZZ, SMACK!‘ to
Permetex |  Textiles with integrated insect repellent | from 39 Euro |