One beautiful without everything to go, please!


Good make-up that really flatters your expression, does your face good and lasts has to be possible without. Without animal testing, without chemistry, without synthetic preservatives. That’s what Berlin makeup artist Christina and the marketing hero Stephanie agreed. They got to work, fiddled and experimented, pottered about and tested – on friends, on family, on models. And the result answers to the fairy tale name of UND GRETEL and is, in our opinion, the cat’s whiskers in soul-brightening beautification. The high-quality, consciously reduced and carefully balanced range includes all the products a complete makeup needs: foundation and powder, eye makeup and lip colours – decorative cosmetics for every day and long Berlin nights, inspired by and originating from nature. Ingredients such as avocado oil, camomile essence or clary sage are combined with the purest mineral pigments, vegetable emollients and waxes. In their wonderfully exquisite containers, these products hold up to the daily grind. ILGE, for example, the translucent, pressed powder that gives your face a magically matt look without coating it. And the concealer TUNKAL has a particularly charming way of making us look like 12 hours of sleep and a sparkling lust for life – the happy end to a true fairy tale.
UND GRETEL,  high-quality organic makeup |  available in various Stores in europe or online |

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Bye Bye Spider App!


It happened in an inattentive moment. Hand, phone, sidewalk, display bust. Strike, hit the soft spot, hello spider app. The crater landscape went from the home button all the way up to the display of the front camera. No more selfies. A catastrophe! Time heals all wounds? We couldn’t hope for that. A solution was needed, on the double! Our lifesaver’s name was Musa. The young man works in the field for iCracked and repairs broken smartphone and tablet displays, damaged loudspeakers and microphones. And he does this on house calls. The service start-up takes on repair assignments online and then forwards them to the technicians aka „iTechs“. Phone Doc Musa visited us in the MMW Studio. It took him 20 minutes to take our phone apart and put it back together again. Biggest challenge: not to mix up the differently sized screws – there were 21 of them in our iPhone. That, by the way, is the main reason why amateurs often fail when they order DIY repair kits and try doing it at home. The advantages of iCracked are obvious: the device is repaired on the spot – no sending it away and waiting for ages. You’re right there during the surgery and can look over the iTech’s shoulder. Because data security is always on our minds. All spare parts come with a lifetime guarantee and you get a free screen protector on top, too. The only downer: you lose the original warranty just like with any repair done by an independent workshop. We can live with that. We are giving away a free display repair to the particularly broken amongst you! Send an email headlining „SPIDER PIG“ to Let her rip, baby!
iCracked | | Facebook

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Red Gold

Friends sitting together, laughing, enjoying green tee spiced with cardamom and saffron.  They are tasting the best fruits from over 60 sorts of grapes, enjoying aromatic watermelons and refreshing themselves with rich, juicy pomegranates. These friends are sitting in Kabul. Afghanistan is not just desert and conflict, war and extremism, oppression and poverty. Afghanistan is rich. In tradition. In history. In hospitality. And in culinary treasure. In Berlin, two friends are also sitting together, their names are Salem and Gernot. Maybe they’re having beer or a Club-Mate. And are realising that helping refugees in Europe is important and necessary. But that it is almost even more important to render a peaceful future possible to people living in areas affected by conflict. This insight led them to establish Conflictfood. This distinguished start-up brings traditional agricultural products straight from countries in conflict onto our tables. Saffron, for example, the “red gold” from Afghanistan. During the war against the occupying power Russia, millions of Afghans fled to neighbouring Iran, the largest producer of saffron worldwide. When things calmed down in their home country, they returned with saffron bulbs and new knowledge. The cultivation of this crocus plant in rural areas has peace-making potential and could replace the large-scale cultivation of opium. Saffron has high yields and has an equally established market. Afghan Saffron is one of the best available today. In the Conflictfood shop, you can buy 1 gram of the red gold for 19 Euro. With your own indulgence, you can support the initiative in building up a long-term economic collaboration with people in areas suffering from conflict and therefore contribute to the emancipation of the local population. And, not least, Conflictfood wants to tell the other stories from areas of crisis. The stories of people, of families, of friends who laugh and joke, dance and work, eat and celebrate, live their daily lives and: want to stay. By the way, the next product coming up to sale in the Conflictfood shop is aromatic olive oil from Palestine. Here’s to international relations!
Conflictfood – typical agricultural products from areas in conflict | Saffron from Afghanistan from 19 € | |  Facebook


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Schleck, dance, repeat.

Who says you have to drink alcohol. Alright, some studies still insist that a small glass a day could actually be good for your health – but then there are other studies stating that those studies are based on lapidary statistical errors. Whatever the case may be: Were not getting into that debate, because that’s not the one we mean. The real question is not why must we drink ALCOHOL, but why must we DRINK alcohol. Exactly! And suddenly, you are stumped. Because there are some good alternatives. Especially with the Summer on its way, because mild evenings and hot nights call for Mojito Popsicles. Or a lick-able Gin Tonic. Or – because cucumber is the arugula of the 2000s – a Moscow Mule straight out of the freezer.  In short: Frozen drinks from SchleckDruff, an idea born from a hangover of the founders Felix Riederer and Alexander Katz, made in Berlin. The long drink and cocktail popsicles with an alcohol volume percent of 11.5 are all the rage at festivals, but are also a formidable choice for home parties, sweating it out dancing in clubs or as a stylish supplement at the barbecues coming up this summer. When the alcohol takes the route via the mucous membranes, the drinks have a more direct effect – they hit you faster but not for quite so long. Enjoy some laced licks with this ice cream for grown-ups.
SchleckDruff, Frozen Drinks | Mojito, Gin Tonic and Moscow Mule | order units starting at 25 pieces at


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Printed Specs

Come on darling, the plane is waiting! Ye-hes, just quickly printing my sunglasses! Okay, it’s not quite that fast and easy, but almost. Lea and Hans-Christian from PROJEKT SAMSEN in Berlin love fiddling about and tinkering with re-interpreting, changing and further developing every day products. As happened with the afore mentioned sunglasses.  Because if they’re concerned, the stylish accessory doesn’t come out of a Chinese plastic factory but out of their own 3D printer. The designed glasses not only look extremely good (frosted, baby!), but they are also literally monolithic and made without screws. Monoframe, the experts say. The lenses are made by Carl Zeiss and are, just like the frames, made of hard-wearing nylon. Because the entire product is built up in layers out of nothing, there are no clippings or waste. What a way to conserve resources!  In addition, the unisex models, simply called A, B, C, D and E and available in various colours, snuggle up to the nasal bone ever so gently with their 17 (yes, that’s seventeen!) grams of weight.  They are produced individually and on demand. We think that’s really great and are thrilled to give away a model C in anthracite to the particularly keen sunbathers amongst you. Send us an email titled ‚I WEAR MY SUNGLASSES ALWAYS‘ to
Projekt Samsen | Sunglasses in various designs, 180 Euro |  | | Facebook


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New socks are what the country needs


We asked for socks on our last birthday. Bourgeois and uninspired? Absolutely not. The right sock is a statement nowadays. Regarding pattern and colour on the one hand and production and quality on the other. The men’s and children’s socks by „von Jungfeld“ are classic and timeless, colourful and patterned, comfy and still sexy. Supercozy, one could say, because they feel so good to wear and touch. The chief attraction of von Jungfeld socks lies in the contrary. Inner collar and overcast seam are knitted in the complementary colour to the main sock. You can keep that a secret. Or you can fold over the sock and make a statement. The pairs are lovingly rolled together, packed in a pretty sleeve and put in an adequate little box by hand and sold online or in stores. If you want, you can even order a sock-subscription (cancellable at any time) in case the washing machine gets a bit greedy again. Oh and by the way: they are completely made in Germany from threads spun exclusively in Europe. That not only means that sufficient minimum standards are met regarding production and working conditions, but also that the supply chains can be controlled consistently. An all-round carefree sock, so to speak. If this has got you hooked, we’re giving away three sets of three “Freiluft“ sneaker socks. Send us an email with the subject ‚GAMBLE MY SOCKS OFF‘ to Keep your toes crossed and wait to see if you won.
Von Jungfeld Men’s and Children’s |

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Sleep tight


We had a dream about building our own perfect bed. We’d have to go to one of the forests on the city’s outskirts, cut down the right trees with our own hands or with the help of apprentices and have horses drag them out of the woods. We’d have the wood processed in a local saw mill, refined in a sheltered workshop and packed in recycled regional materials. The delivery would take place exclusively within the city by carrier bikes. For each bed, we would plant four young seedlings with the forest holding of Berlin forests in order to preserve the local forests and give a part of the proceeds to a defined project for nature conservation and integration in Berlin. We’d implement all of this together with friends and fund it collectively. The perfect bed would be solid and beautiful. The perfect bed would float on invisible feet and its elegant lines would give it a minimalistic appearance. Sloping trimmed edges place accents and provide additional stability so that there is no squeaking during, let’s say, an animated dream. The perfect bed would be set up in fifteen minutes – no matter whether we’re talking about a width of 140, 160 or 180 cm and exchanging its headboard lets it “grow” over the years. In short: the perfect bed would be the most local, most gently produced wooden bed of the world, sustainable, socially minded and fair. The perfect bed doesn’t just exist in our dreams – it’s actually real and is exactly as we described it. The perfect bed is called ‚Kiezbett‘. It was dreamed up and created by Kim, Margit, Jörg, Steve und you. Because if you want to snuggle up in this perfect bed to cuddle, snooze and loll around, you have until May 23rd to give your support on Besides collecting Einhorn condoms and other gimmicks, you can also buy your own cloud 9 at a bargain funding price. And who knows, maybe the Kiezbett will soon be available in other cities, produced from a local chain of materials by local protagonists. So here’s to happy cuddling, dreaming, procreating, nursing, crumbling and loving in and on the most important piece of furniture in your life.
Kiezbett | startnext Crowdfunding | | Photo: Julia Kneuese

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Invisible poetry

First, there is nothing. You hold a book in your hands – or actually it’s more like a booklet, the vibrant blue cover in A4 format accommodates merely 30 textured, firm pages. A large leering eye adorns the cover. SUNDANCE, it says. And »Natalija Ribovic«. Who is actually the Serbian artist, living in Germany and Austria, who promised us poems and drawings. But all we can see is is a gaping void. White on white. Rien. Nada. Zip zero zilch. Until, that is, sunlight directly hits the open pages. What happens then is pure magic. Letters and fine lines become visible. The more direct the sunlight, the more UV rays, the darker and more legible the characters become. Until, after a short while, the artistic formulations can be clearly seen, read and enjoyed. Physics on the border of sorcery: “Suddenly he was here // Everything became so clear” as she writes in one of her short poems that are printed in German, Italian and English in this book of texts and images. They are slight, fine observations of everyday life, emotional snap-shots, childlike doodles. The artist employs various art forms and travels the world as an illustrator, with performances and large scale installations and mysteriously calls herself a »cosmic assistant between the worlds«. The revolutionary design of the booklet SUNDANCE gives this title sense: The Serbian mediates between worlds, between nature and culture. She creates a cultural product that becomes visible only under the influence of nature. And thus grants us, quite simply, a moment of childlike joy and the memory of early letters written to our best friend in invisible ink. With the magnificent difference that the characters in SUNDANCE disappear again when withdrawn from sunlight. And the effect of the sun leads to new oohs and aahs again. And again. And again.
SUNDANCE, Natalija Ribovic | Edition of 500 at 24 Euro per piece| available at |

01_ final SUNDANCE Cover

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The pure, the sheer, the beautiful


The pure, the sheer, the beautiful

There’s this place in the region Damyang south of Seoul, capital of Korea. In the middle of untouched nature and endless bamboo forests lies the small factory of BINU. The word BINU is Korean for soap. If you’ve ever been to this wondrous and mysterious Asian country, if you’ve encountered the culture and the people, you’ll know which high significance is given to the care of one’s body, face and skin. You’d could almost say ritualistic. That’s why traditionally hand-made toiletry products from Korea belong to the best things you can treat yourself and your body to. With effective, natural ingredients, the world’s oldest detergent is constantly developed and re-interpreted. The Berliners Katharina Bürger and Nami Fündling, born in Korea, are bringing a fresh portion of this cultural asset to Germany with their newly launched brand BINU. Their wonderful, fragrantly foaming facial soaps are the end-all, be-all when it comes to cleaning your face effectively and providing it with abundant care. The secret? Ingredients not seen often in these parts, for example bamboo leaf powder, bamboo active carbon and Hinoki water, pair up with top quality native and essential oils to leave your skin soft, stress-relieved and thoroughly clean. The BAMBOO CHARCOAL FACIAL SOAP, for example, is a vegan black detox soap with bamboo active carbon and is best for a deep-down facial clean for skin prone to blemishing. If you have normal to mature skin and are looking for an additional moisture-boost, the BAMBOO FACIAL SOAP will do the trick. With fine bamboo leaf powder, essential osmanthus, shea butter and ylang-ylang oil it gives your face a moisture-regulating cleanse with an anti-aging effect. A warm recommendation for particularly dry skin is the FACIAL SOAP with native coconut, olive and sunflower oil as well as calendula. Well-known as a proven beauty aide, this ingredient is not only anti-inflammatory but can also repair damages caused by photo ageing. The added blossoms have a gentle peeling effect and the essential lavender oils smoothen and disinfect the skin. Goodness, just reading this makes you feel years younger and more beautiful, doesn’t it?! You can buy this clean threesome at a price of 22,90 Euro per piece (they last forever!), exclusively available online at And we’re giving away 3 x 1 bar of soap to the particularly cleanly among you. Send an email titled ‚SOAP STAR‘ to Oh, and these beauties are, of course, also suited for cleaning your whole body and shaving, by the way.
BINU soap bars | 22,90 Euro | |


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Flower Power

Flower Power

Lush colours, bright petals, delicate grass, luscious green, spring like blaze of colour… Flowers make the world more beautiful. And because we know, from years of collective experience, that it makes no sense to wait for someone to give you some, we prefer to get them ourselves. And this is how: With Bloomon, you subscribe to fresh flowers. And we’re not talking about some puny specimens thrown together carelessly in a 1980s bouquet like the ones you can find at dismal suburban petrol stations (no offense!), we mean fresh, seasonal blossoms in breezy, natural, straight-from-the-meadow arrangements. Responsible for this wonderful flowerage is bloom-virtuoso Anton van Duijn, who comes up with new works of art and nature each week. This clever idea stems from three Dutchmen, Patrick, Bart und Koen. As if their nationality didn’t already give them enough affinity for flowers, Patrick comes from a long line of passionate bloom growers and knows what’s what. And that’s why with this subscription, things go a little differently. And by different we mean better. The flowers are picked directly from the field in their sleep so that they can wake up in our home or office within one day. Bloomon does without vendors and storage and can therefore guarantee longer lasting fresh bouquets in their domestic destinations. Just choose the size of the bouquets (S, M or L) and the frequency of delivery. And then you’re all set! And if you don’t want to give your flowers away while you’re on holiday, just pause the subscription.
Bloomon – Flowers on repeat | available in three sizes S (23,95€), M (27,95€) and L (34,95€) |



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