Take the pure, cold-pressed juice of selected high-quality fruits, fill it into really posh 250 ml bottles and mix it with about 11 grams of nutritious white chia seeds from Bolivia, previously soaked in water. The result is not a juice and not a smoothie – it’s a freshly pressed WOW Chia! Two friends, Oliver Dickinson and Rory Paternson, have created a whole new product category with it.  On their search for a natural dietary supplement for sports while they were still going to university, they discovered Chia seeds for themselves, one of the most nutritious foods in the world.  The high doses of Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins improve health, complexion, performance and concentration. WOW juices are produced and bottled by a Dutch specialist for cold pressing procedures.  First, the fruits are minced and the resulting mash is pressed with pressure in one work step. What’s special about this is that no heat or steam develops during any part of the process, allowing important minerals and vitamins to be preserved. Now so much for the theory. In reality, the whole thing tastes pretty darn delicious! Flavours like apple-spinach-kiwi, watermelon-pomegranate, orange-mango-carrot or blueberry-pear-lemon offer loads of energy and fill your tummy, too. And dear Jacob, who pulls the strings for WOW in Germany, has carelessly filled our fridge with all four sorts. Why carelessly? Well, let us quote Goethe’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”: “Ah, here comes the master! / I have need of Thee! / From the spirits that I called / Sir, deliver me!“ We just can’t get enough and Jacob is going to have to deal with the aftermath. If you want to try them too, just arm yourself with €2,89 and walk into the next Kaiser’s Tengelmann or EDEKA Südwest supermarket. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!
WOW Chia-Säfte | 250ml 2,89 Euro |

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Collector’s Trophy

Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, has something very meditative. Fold, smooth, crease. Repeat. And in the end, you hold something in your hand that, best case, actually resembles a crane. If, that is, you didn’t fold in the wrong direction. Or your motor skills got in the way. Because in that case, frustration can destroy the meditative effects pretty quickly. With Papertrophy, however, the dinosaurs and Dobermans, squirrels and unicorns, penguins and hippos turn out perfectly, as if by magic. The things you can make out of paper!  A little time and some glue turn pre-cut paper templates into incredibly attractive 3D works of wall art. They are minimalistic cubic shapes that are ironically reminiscent of the animal trophies that used to hang over dusty mantel pieces. With the small difference that for these beauties, neither animals nor trees have to forfeit their lives. The shapes are machine-cut out of ecological paper, pre-folded, numbered and scrutinised by hand one last time before they start their journey to the tinkers of the world. Almost every favourite animal is available in a range of sizes from mini to XXL. This perfect interaction of polygons was contrived by Holger Hoffmann, who creates the trophies in Berlin. And then they eventually turn into art. Which makes them more suited for gatherers than hunters. We are giving away one lion head in gold and black to the most passionate collector amongst you.  Send us an email headlining ‚HOLD IT!‘ to
Papertrophy |  Paper wall trophies and figures | from 19 € |


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From Scandinavia with love


There are photo books. There are coffee table books. There are artful editions. And there is SHARE Scandinavia. The first book by the Berlin art start-up Juniqe take it one step further beyond nice-to-look-at. Between two hard covers in the delicate blue of an icy brook lie 50 prints by 50 artists who find the inspiration for their art in Scandinavia. From the unique nature, the distinctive design, the endless summer nights, the eccentricity of trolls and the infinite vastness of the landscapes. And particularly special: each of these prints can be taken out, hung up, given away, turned into stationery for a letter or used as gift wrapping. Shared, you see? A truly magical product has been created in collaboration with the publishing house New Heroes & Pioneers in Malmö, which is specialised on photo books from an eclectic mix of art, culture and fashion. With this, Junique stays true to its principle »Art. Everywhere.«. So the Berliners, who have been selling art in the form of wall hangers, home décor or fashion, have now added the splendid book format of slightly larger then A4. And it’s hand-made. And a limited edition. We are happy and proud to give away one of them to the most passionate paper enthusiast amongst you.  Send us an email headlining ‚TOUCH THIS!‘ to
SHARE – Scandinavia Edition | 50 prints in a hard cover | 75€ | Webshop

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A note of luxury


Inhale, aspirate, pause, let your thoughts wander. Scents are quotes of the past, like small journeys to other times and places of our lives, to loved people, feelings and stories. Our sense of smell is directly linked to the seat of our feelings and memories. A scent decides over top or flop, seduction or abstinence, lust or ennui. For millennia, we have been adorning our skin with fragrances, underlining our personality and our own personal scent. The new line of luxury laundry care L’EAUNDRY conveys this idea of luxurious fragrance compositions to our clothes and laundry. And not by just throwing in some fabric softener. Together with renowned perfumers, three exquisite perfume compositions were created and integrated into the high-quality textile care. L’EAUNDRY not only cleans and cares for our favourite pieces such as negligees, cashmere sweaters or silk cushions, it gives them an enchanting, unique aura that can even make that bottle of perfume in the shelf superfluous. So luxury no longer just touches our skin through perfume, it permeates every textile fibre and rewards us with every breath while we languorously lounge around in our bed linen. Three unisex compositions express three completely different worlds of fragrance: Oriental Olibanum bewitches with its heavy notes of frankincense and blossoms. Asian Ginger Flower gives laundry a fresh scent of ginger. And Scandinavian Moss gives your beloved textiles an earthy, woody breeze with a touch of sandalwood. The unpretentious and simple vials concentrate on the essential: what happens in our noses and then in our brains and hearts.
L’EAUNDRY –  for laundry | 3 fragrances, 1000 ml at 68 Euro each or as gift set L’Eaundry Miniatures for 48 Euro |

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Far away, so close

And suddenly, he was there, the small Frenchman with the bombastic sound. And created music that went straight into the nervous system and dancing legs. That was in 2013. Yoann Lemoine aka. Woodkida tireless, versatile genius, musician and film director stepped on to the stage and into the scene. In his newest Project that goes by the name of „Ellis“, both art forms melt together. The French Street Artist JRdirected a moving short film about migrants whose first contact with land after months on the ocean on the the way to America was Ellis Island at the gates of New York. The small island in sight of but just out of reach of New York was a place of destiny and, for many, the end of the line for their longing for a better life – the promised land almost close enough to touch yet unreachable. The grand master of acting Robert De Niro remembers in the form of a fictitious story of two stranded characters. To underline the powerful images, Woodkid composed a moving soundtrack full of poetry. The melancholic piano sounds are played by Nils Frahm, to whom we also owed the Piano Day at the end of March. The film can be viewed online, the soundtrack will be available from July 8th as a mini album – including the sound of Robert De Niro’s voice, telling a story like the ones happening at boarders around the world today. That’s why all proceeds from the album with the soft, gentle tones will go to the charitable initiative Sea Watch, which is committed to the protection and rescue of civil refugees.
Woodkid & Nils Frahm | „Winter Morning I & II“, Soundtrack of the short film „Ellis“ | Erased-Tapes Mini-Album on CD, Vinyl and digital | iTunes


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My second skin.


We are living in transit. Is home still a physical place? Home is where we feel secure. With other people, familiar smells, individual quirks. Being able to take a soft, cuddly piece of home with you is what makes physical curiosity and travelling perfect. The beautiful and unique pieces from Mica Design are just that. Well, from afar they are first and foremost large, flowing, colourful shawls. They can be a light cape on a breezy summer evening, a beach cloth for a spontaneous trip to the lake, a breezy dress for a grill party or a warming hood on a starry night. Above that, they are everyday companions that are hand-made in Berlin with love and various dying techniques from cotton, wool or linen. By wearing them, they turn more and more into a second skin, a fashionable cocoon that is softened by body heat and reminds us of all that is dear to us on lonely nights in uncomfortable seats on South American inter city busses. And to call a spade a spade: Mica finally gives us the stylish legitimation to have a blankie as a grown-up. And we’re not giving it back. But we have an all-new, all-yours shawl waiting here for the biggest cuddler amongst you. Send us an email headlining ‚I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN‘ to
Mica Design |  Shawl from 280€, bags from 150€ |

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Love or Lobster

„If you don’t fall in love while you’re here, you will be turned into an animal”. Newly-single David (Colin Farrell) has to face this announcement after his wife has left him for another man. David is the main character in the dystopian love film The Lobster by Giorgos Lanthimos. The plot is set in some parallel reality, a not really futuristic future, in a world where being alone is a no go. Those not living in a relationship are brought to a hotel and have 45 days there to find real love – or face life as an animal from there on. In case he fails, David is prepared: he wants to be a lobster. Because these animals live long and monogamously, he says. The choice of the lobster doesn’t seem to be coincidence for the Greek director, either, considering that Dalí and Max Ernst made the crustacean a symbol for surrealism, for bizarre dream worlds. And that’s the kind of world The Lobster plays in. A world in which self-determined singles live in hiding in the forests as »Loners« and are hunted by the couples for recreational purposes. The film is a caricature of the present, in which your love life has become one the most important components of your CV. Relationship Status: It’s complicated.
The Lobster | 2015, Giorgos Lanthimos | in various Yorck-Kinos


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Imperfectly perfect.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-22 um 15.43.30

Kintsugi is Japanese and means „to mend with gold“ or „to repair“. It describes a traditional method for repairing pottery. Cracked or broken porcelain is glued with the help of Urushi, a special lacquer that has been interspersed with the finest powdered gold or other metals such as silver or platinum. What results from this is so beautiful that words can hardly do it justice. Kintsugi is based upon the aesthetic principle of Wabi Sabi from the 16th Century, which put its emphasis on simplicity and appreciation of imperfection. Kintsugi doesn’t repair a fault, but accentuates it with a touch of gold, turns it into the star and makes valuable what seemed worthless before. What an idea, what an image – especially in times of arbitrarily repetitive production processes and product cycles that don’t last longer than a few seconds. Rumour has it that some middle and upper class Japanese actually even broke dishes on purpose in order to grant them this golden beautification. The sisters Gieke and Lotte von Humade from Holland have revived this century-old technique and given it a modern twist. The ‚New kintsugi Repair Kit‘ is made up of a two-component adhesive, gold powder, a brush, gloves and wooden spatulas. Handling is child’s play. With the help of small plastic nozzle, you squeeze out a tiny amount of glue and mix it with an even tinier amount of gold dust. This mass is generously painted on one side of the broken favourite mug, then the parts are pressed together. Leave it to set for a few minutes and then brush some more gold dust onto the created gold vein. Rinse and presto. The set costs about 30 Euro and lasts forever. Enjoy making the imperfect perfect. Long live your porcelain!
NEW KINTSUGI REPAIR KIT | For example at Amazing Crocodile, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 49, 10178 | Facebook

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Green Gurus

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-22 um 15.55.58

Oh my God, this is delicious! Crisp, fresh salad, tantalisingly combined with carbohydrates, cleverly spiced and beautiful to look at. But let’s back up a bit. At noon, our MMW studio regularly turns into a salad bar/snackeria/Thaiwiese. We slice, dice and spice hell for leather to end up full and happy, picking the crumbs off our chequered table cloth. Delicious! But also pretty strenuous and time-consuming. And then came the GREEN GURUS! They prepare fresh salads, snacks and juices daily in their kitchen in Kreuzberg and deliver them to our office – or anywhere else in Berlin – within 30 minutes. Close attention is paid to a balanced combination of ingredients: proteins, complex carbohydrates, good fats. Resulting in delicious food that leaves you feeling strong and fit instead of full and dull. Bye bye food coma! So far, there is a choice of three salads that change every week. ‚Little Istanbul’, for example, with Bulgur, roasted peppers, Ricotta, black olives, spring onions, cucumber, chick peas, rocket and Harissa-lemon-dressing or our current favourite ‚The Cobb‘ with romaine lettuce, roasted mushrooms, sweet corn, avocado, tomatoes, chives, celery, quinoa und coconut-blossom-balsamico-dressing. Yay! For breakfast or as a snack they offer quinoa yoghurt or oatmeal with strawberries and balsamico.  And here’s the deal: all three salads of the week are available at a super-skinny price of 5,99 Euro. If you want bread with it, it’s plus one Euro. Snacks go for 4,99 Euro. INCLUDING DELIVERY! Which is still free of charge at the moment and there is also no minimum order value yet. So let’s sum it all up: most delicious salads that fill you up, make you happy and cost very little, brought to you free of charge within 20 minutes. Open them up, eat them, finished. No further questions. This shortcut is as good as gold. And we can still blissfully pick the crumbs off the table cloth afterwards.
GreenGurus |

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Tell me about yourself!


The prettiest knickers of the world come from Berlin. Okay, the prettiest Bikinis, too. And that’s not just our opinion, it’s a fact – because we discovered Anekdot. That’s the name of the label owned by Sofie, a Swedish designer and Berliner by choice. The unique part: her charming, flattering under and swim wear creations are exclusively hand-made from surplus material from Berlin’s luxury fashion industry. Upcycling at it’s best and also the perfect set-up for the brand name. Because each piece of material has its very own story – seeing as it was once chosen to be turned into a designer gown, a wedding dress, a negligee or whatever and end up as a left-over, going the way all earthly things go. Anecdotes that turn into favourite undies and bikinis. That’s about as sweet as it gets. Each piece of the collection is limited and made for women who want to please. Themselves. Or in other words: „Anekdot collections are made to empower conscious women.“ We have nothing to add to that and are proud to be giving away the ‚Cherry Blossom Set‘, comprised of hipster pants and an adjustable triangle bra made of silky, floral feel-good material to the particularly talkative amongst you. Send an email headlining ‚HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE!‘ to
ANEKDOT | | Instagram | Photo: Ankedot / The Motel Collection

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