The loveliest dreams are about flying. The weightless floating in the clouds, the soundless gliding just above the ground. Never do we feel more free than when we can free ourselves from the heavy magnet of gravity – be it just in our heads. Innovator Simon Morris has transferred this age old dream of flying to enchanting objects and has created something that puts a smile in our face and that childlike sparkle in our eyes: free floating light bulbs and vases. Yes, you read right: free floating. Like Marty McFly’s hover board, way back in the future. Like the flying carpets in Arabian Nights. It’s magic, friends, the future is today. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Flyte is the name of the energy efficient LED light bulbs that float over a minimalist wooden bed. And supply us with over 50,000 hours of warm light. And between them nothing but air and magnetism. The same system lets tillandsias float, members of the bromeliad family that need nothing but air (and probably a little love) to live. In a 12-sided pot with a typically Nordic, confident design, the plants float skyward as they grow. A gentle rotation makes sure the plants get enough sunlight from all sides and that plant friends see ever changing silhouettes as shadows on the geodesic vessel. It’s technology, but it actually feels like magic.
Flyte –  floating light bulbs | from 315€ | Store | Lyfe –  floating bromeliad vases | from 194€ | Store