Good things come to those who eat

Let’s face it folks, the gastronomic delights around the Simon-Dach-Straße and Sonntagstraße are rather scarce – the Schwarze Hahn, good old Schneeweiß and vegan deli Laauma being superb exceptions, of course. But mostly it’s a blur of Berlin „fusion food” along the lines of simple burger and pizza joints and Happy-Hour-Texmex-Thai restaurants with ever changing management. We were in the area the other day – we were starving and made a great discovery. About a year ago, a new restaurant opened right next to the Ostkreuz train station, across from Hähnchen Hütte and the 1stFloor hostel. With its wooden panelling, handwritten menu boards and earthy Scandinavian chic it was nothing like any of the other places close-by. When we entered Milja & Schäfa, we had absolutely no expectations – a perfect start to the culinary surprise of the week. We took our time reading the menu over and over because everything just sounded so delicious and rather special. We went for beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato wedges with a lime-basil-garlic dip, a beetroot Carpaccio with smoked salmon and five different dips with lovely fresh bread – each one better than the next. All dishes were perfectly balanced, boldly flavoured and anything but random. Our current breakfast favourite is the avocado sandwich with tomato, lemon-basil-aioli, pine nuts and a fried egg. Pictured here to your right. There’s no doubt about it: Milja & Schäfa know what they’re doing. A relaxed, down to earth atmosphere and signature food – that’s just how we like it. Oh, and everybody is really nice! We’ll be back again soon.

Milja & Schäfa, Café und Soul Food Restaurant | Sonntagstr. 1, 10245 Berlin | Facebook