Non-Stop Now

 So, what if there was a festival that combined all aspects of our contemporary and holistic lifestyle that is (all about) yoga, selfness, spirituality, materiality, community and pleasure with a splash of intellectual stimuli, triggered personal and social transformation processes and yet was none the less en vogue? Well, that is actually exactly what the FORVER NOW Festival – taking place for the first time from September 3rd till 6th at Neue Heimat – is all about. Or in their own words: It’s about „knowing where I stand. Understanding what I need to do. And doing it. “Hmm, that might seem easier than it sometimes is being caught up in an „I-yoge-therefore-I-am-reality“ – all too often focused on self-optimization and self-expression. Thinking esotericism? Well, think again! At the FOREVER NOW Festival, it all boils down to a modern, reflected spiritual practice. It’s about creating an approach characterized by openness, awareness and passion. Half-assed solutions just won’t do. Transformation begins in the individual, but at a certain point, progress is only possible together. Each festival day begins with morning yoga and meditation. Afterwards, keynote presentations held by very bright thinkers inspire us with new approaches and concepts. In workshops focused on various socially relevant topics (such as reform of the education system, female leadership, and refugees), ideas will be developed and discussed in collaboration with top-class movers and shakers to directly apply new approaches. Enjoying yummy street food at concerts (e.g. Patrice, Tentakel von Delphi and Taksim Trio) and parties the new thoughts and experiences collected will resound deep into the night. So, let’s sum up: yoga, input, output, art, music, street food plus party! Where do I sign? Right here (! Tickets are available from 29€ (music only), 69€ (one-day ticket) and 179€ for the complete festival. Ticket sales have started.
FOREVER NOW Festival | 03. – 06.09. | Neue Heimat, Revaler Str. | | Tickets