Can drinking really be a sin?


Can drinking really be a sin?

Yes it can! And it is! Especially when it concerns cheap and nasty booze with a very high alcohol content mixed with an extremely sweet flavour enhancer as could be seen widespread and frequently in the past years. Without rhyme or reason the “well intentioned shot” thus turns into a disgusting sticky mixture somewhere between “sex on the beach” and “barfing in the pub toilet”. YUCK. Exactly! Thanks to bar mixer’s heaven the desire for quality in the consumption of alcoholic beverages appears to be widely increasing in the recent past. Meaning that everywhere classy bars are popping up in the big cities and provide growing numbers of discerning costumers with a gourmet choice in spirits. There is the BRYK Bar in Rykestraße for example, or the Booze Bar in Friedrichshain. Cocktails are allowed a price and Gin Tonic is not any Gin Tonic, long live the Green Fairy and all her disciples! The crowning glory for the solitary connoisseur or for communal consumption at home is now available from the Drink Syndikat. Selected spirits including a harmonious flavoured mixing beverage in wonderful packaging will be delivered to your home when signing up for a Premium Cocktail subscription. The small labelled bottles with instructions for mixing incredibly great cocktails are très chic to look at and one is inclined to leave them just as they are and only take the lid of the box for an occasional peek. That of course would be foolish, and so one begins to carefully mix the components, wondering if this is chemistry or just pure magic. The result is extreme enjoyment instead of simple boozing. We do recommend membership in the Syndikat without any reservation. May you enjoy it just as much as we did. And by the way, whilst we are in champagne – beg your pardon – cocktail mood, we are giving away a XYZ Box to the especially thirsty ones among you. Send an email titled LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT to


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