The Gift of Giving

Bam, another week gone. Well okay, there is still some time left to muse which presents to place under the tree for your nearest and dearest.  We are happy to continue our round dance of inspiration and are dishing out some more fabulous ideas. Muschi Kreuzberg has created the perfect floor covering for all lovers of the big city and hackers of gentrification: Carpet Diem, a play and matchbox carpet in 200×150 cm that gives the Kottbusser Tor a new, softer side – a tad costly, but love has no price, right? Cork and Piñatex, a material made of pineapple leaves from the Philippines, is what the wallets, backpacks and make-up bags from henties are made of. Turning a by-product of the pineapple harvest into fashion that meets high standards. Sustainable, natural and new. Because leather is so yesterday. If you fancy such a make-up bag, send us an email titled ‚CORKY!‘ to And since we’re in a generous mood anyway: those of you yearning for a night for two in a historic train wagon should send us an email with the subject ‚RAIL REPLACEMENT TRANSPORT‘, also to Because there are five wagons waiting at the Alter Verladeturm in Groß Neuendorf an der Oder, their floor-to-ceiling panorama windows facing the river. That’s what we call functional accommodation at the summerly bosom of nature. And now: bottoms up people – but with style, please. Our lovely Judith swears by the following recipe: Selosoda, the fabulous caffeinated drink made from coffee berries, home-made cascara-white-tea-syrup, Hennessy VS Cognac, white port wine and lemon juice. Oh boy, it’s called Sleepless Panama and if you’ve ever tried it, you know why. Take that, Red Bull whatever! This and five other cocktails can be mixed up in a jiffy with the Whisky, Cognac & Cascara – Sleepless Panama & Elk’s Cordial Cocktail Set by the fabulous Drink Syndikat. Everything included, even the how-to. Cheers my dears!
Carpet Diem |, 299 € | henties |, bags from 90 €, Geldbörse ab 25 € | Verladeturm Bahnwaggons |,  50€ per night for two, 80€ per night for four | Drink Syndikat |, 39,90 €


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