Happyli ever after


Happily ever after

Everybody knows it, everybody likes it, although nobody knows exactly why: The Märchenbrunnen (fountain of fairy tales). Even grown men get this dreamy look on their faces and are enchanted by the fairytale characters in this lovely corner of the Volkspark and turn into a tame softies. Let’s face it: Hansel and Gretel, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White send us straight down memory lane and back to a time when children’s fantasies were part of reality, life was made of miracles and there was no daily routine. We still want to dream, we still want to believe. No matter how big, strong or evil you are, if a two year old hands you a toy phone, you’re going to answer it. Well, the fountain of fairy tales is no longer alone. Just across from the Märchenbrunne, the Fairytale Bar now takes us to the land of good and evil, happiness and horror and damn good drinks. With all the magic going on inside the Fairytale bar, it’s still all about enjoying exceptionally composed cocktails and long drinks. Come and sip on some magic potion, ease your mind and let your imagination go wild. If the phone rings and there’s no kid standing in front of you, just let it ring – you deserve it.
Fairytales | Am Friedrichshain 24, 10407 Berlin | Facebook

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