The Wood is on fire


The wood is on fire

Today is the day. Our friends from the BRKLYN SOAP COMPANY are lifting the veil and finally letting out the genie with a bang while they lift the lid off of their incredible and wonderful birch wood bottle for the very first time. “The Woods” was created by star perfumer Mark Buxton, the nose behind many of the most iconic creations of international luxury perfume houses. The fragrance is a tribute to urban masculinity and its infatuating composition that is subtle yet irresistible will have you rip off your clothes as soon as… er, sorry that’s a whole different story! Damn, this stuff smells good! We’ve had some samples flying around the office for the past few weeks and we keep inhaling the hypnotising scent of mandarin orange, nutmeg, absinthe, myrrh, amber and musk every chance we get. Anyway, tonight, BRKLYN SOAP is now officially celebrating the release of their very own fragrance at the ISLAND in Hamburg’s Banksstraße. The guest list is long – with good reason. Besides the official perfume release and vernissage by photographer Tristan Rösler who created the outstanding lookbook for the fragrance, Jasper & Uhlig will be playing a live set before DJs &Moe and Harmony hit the decks later on. The Dapper Dudes themselves will be there, too, of course. Folks, this is going to be a night to remember. Admission is free – drinks and snacks included. Oh, and if you’re worried you might miss out, you can get your hands on the new fragrance here before it’s sold out. Bring your friends, make some more and enjoy!


THE WOODS Release Party | 05.11.15, 6 pm | Island, Banksstr. 2a, 20097 Hamburg | The Woods – Eau de Parfum, 50ml 69 Euro |  |  FacebookEventlink | Foto: Tristan Rösler


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The Scent


The Scent

Every few years, something completely and utterly cool hits the market. Something so different and special that you just have to have it. A game changer so to speak. Our favourite dudes from Brooklyn Soap Company in Hamburg have revolutionised men’s care in our neck of the woods with their natural grooming products. Plus, they put all their heart in it and did it in style. All products – whether beard care products, shampoos, grooming clay or body wash – are free of bullshit ingredients and smell wonderfully manly. Each one offers a different little journey into the land of herbal scents. But what scent brings everything Brooklyn Soap Company stands for together and sums it up in one little bottle? For their first very own fragrance they put their noses together with perfumer Mark Buxton and came up with the ultimate olfactory expression of new urban masculinity. Elegant and woody – with aromas of mandarin orange, nutmeg, absinthe, myrrh, amber and musk it spreads a hypnotizing fresh and spicy-floral scent. Instead of smothering you in a heavy cloud of essences, it surrounds you with an almost magical aura. Or to put it in Mark Buxton’s words: „It’s a fresh, spicy, floral, woody, musky fragrance!“ The bottle is entirely made of birch wood. The name „The woods“ is a tribute to the eponymous bar in Brooklyn, a place the dudes would often meet during the first chapter of founding Brooklyn Soap Company. The 50ml bottle of Eau de Perfume costs 69 Euro and can be pre-ordered at, orders will be shipped mid October. We got hold of one the very first bottles and are giving it away to the most dapper chap around. Send an email titled MY NECK OF THE WOODS to Oh, and needless to say and just like all other Brooklyn Soap products, The Woods is made of all natural ingredients. A new kind of manliness we love.
The Woods by Mark Buxton for Brooklyn Soap Company | 50ml, 69 Euro |


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