Something is brewing

Craft Beer is the word. In the motherland of beer the great hop culture is experiencing a true revival, lifting the regular brew into unknown flavourful spheres. The German Reinheitsgebot and natural ingredients are a top priority nonetheless. Craft beer is all about a laid-back and customer-oriented approach on a traditional product without the economic pressure of corporate structure. Hand crafted beer at its best. It’s about creating new flavours and experiences using different brewing methods and hop varieties. The diversity is close to the one found in wine-growing: colour, scent, flavour, aftertaste – it’s all there. From tomorrow on (yay, right on time for the holiday!) and until Sunday, the Berlin Brewery Festival will be held on the RAW grounds in Berlin Friedrichshain (a slightly different take on the subject compared to the mob at the Biermeile on Karl-Marx-Allee). A “Craft Beer Village”, between Badehaus Szimpla and Neue Heimat, will be home to 65 Berlin breweries and international craft beer makers for three days. The list of exhibitors reads like the who’s who of the craft beer scene – the German Breweries for instance, were carefully selected by the Berlin Beer Academy. There’ll be street food from the Village Market next door and a bunch of talks and tastings. Your beer will be served in an original Rastal „Craft Master One“ glass, available for a 2 Euro deposit. Hold on to it well – you’ll need it to taste your way through all 65 stalls. (The occasional glass of water might be good. And food. Remember to have some food.) If you fancy, you can let everyone know about your discoveries and favourite flavours: evaluate the beers you tasted on Okay, we already made our choice. Our personal favourite is named BRLO from Berlin. Fun fact: When you enter the grounds, you’ll get a festival card that works like a debit card – fill it up with the desired amount and you’re good to go. No more searching your pockets for change or wondering where all your money went the next morning… Cheers to that!
Berliner Braufest | 14.-17.05.15 | Location: RAW grounds, Revaler Str.99, 10245 Berlin | admission: 2€ | Facebook |