Are Saudis strange?

How can we deal with this feeling of unfamiliarity that seems to be irresolvable? In the face of the global flow of refugees and the desperate struggle for more humanity, this question is subject of daily concern. It is also a question that Rasha Khayat has been asking herself all her life. Born in the Ruhr area in 1978, and raised in Saudi Arabia, the writer tries to find answers in her literary debut »Weil wir längst woanders sind«, which tells the story of the siblings Layla and Basil. Born and raised in Germany, and socialised by the western culture, Layla’s beloved brother is shocked by his sister’s plans to marry a man in the family’s former home country. And what is even worse: Lalya does not want to marry out of love but as a matter of principle. Find out why and what happens next in this story about keeping with traditions in modern times, about a sense of belonging and feeling out of place, about day-to-day racism and family ties. On March 18th, during the Literatur: Berlin festival, Rasha Khajat will be reading excerpts from her book hot from the press. Listen closely and dive into the novel about the challenging search for cultural identity. For the past six years, Rasha has also been writing a blog about this particular quest. Here, Rasha opens the »German window to Arabistan« – for us and herself – with keen observations, sensitive descriptions and wit. Well-formulated education in a world that has got all caught up in xenophopic emotions. We’re giving away a pair of tickets for the reading at the Kulturbrauerei. So, if you’re interested in finding out how Layla’s decision will change her future and what Basil can learn about his supposed home country, send an email titled ‚NOTHING QUIET ON THE EASTERN FRONT‘ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de.
Reading ‚Weil wir längst woanders sind‘ by Rasha Khayat | 18.03.16, 8pm | Bibliothek am Wasserturm | pre-sale tickets 8 Euro, tickets at the door 10 Euro at Kulturbrauerei and Georg Büchner Buchladen | Facebook Event