Mob Appétit!

Louis „Pretty“ Amberg, a Jewish gangster of the Kosher Nostra, used to enjoy Pastrami and salted pickles with his cronies at the Deli in the early 1930’s. Down-to-earth food for hard-working bandits. Even though Louis met his end in a quite barbaric manner shortly afterwards (we’ll spare you the details),  the new Jewish-American deli cuisine was born. This very traditional, albeit not kosher, cuisine has further developed and matured to this day and reaches it’s newest highlight with the „Louis Pretty“ in Kreuzberg. Oskar Melzer, co-founder of Mogg & Melzer, teamed up with James and David Ardinast, who he met as a teenager at summer camp, to fiddle about with the cured, smoked, cooked and marinated brisket of beef. The result is Pastrami at its finest. And the Berlin version of an authentically American Deli. With Joey Pasarella (that even sounds like he could be one of the good fellas) the kitchen remains in New Yorker hands – the interior decoration, however, has taken a trip down south: you can now enjoy the perfect Pastrami recipe surrounded by a colourful Palm Springs flair. Have you ever sat on a swimming pool? In the Ritterstrasse, you can. The tables have crystal-clear pool images printed on them, flamingo-pink chairs clash with the luscious orange walls. Those afraid this might be too much for their eyes can get their Pastrami variations, salads or soups to go. We think this splash of colour is just what the Rittertrasse needed. And are ready to fill up on filtered coffee, American Diner style. No matter whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bete’avon!
Louis Pretty | Ritterstraße 2, 10969 Berlin | 11.30am – 10pm | |

Photo: Steve Herud