Teatox your life

Leaves are falling and rain is painting tiny little streets on the outside of our windowpanes. Inside in the warm, we’re wrapped up in cozy sweaters and knitted socks, a hot cup of tea warming our hands. The aroma of cinnamon, anise and cardamom rises through the air and provides a pleasant feeling of ease and comfort. Beautiful autumn is here! In many cultures tea has always played a central role in the attempt of reconnecting body, mind, and soul. And it’s not only about choosing the right herbs, leaves, blossoms, spices and fruits and their effective combination, it’s also about the preparation and enjoying special moments. It’s the small rituals that offer islands of contemplation and relaxation to help us regain strength for upcoming tasks in hectic everyday life. TEATOX, a start-up founded in Berlin in 2013, has rediscovered the health benefits of natural teas making it its goal to give us a better understanding of these benefits in a contemporary way. In cooperation with nutritionists, naturopaths and tea experts, TEATOX develops high-quality organic tea compositions of herbs, spices and fruits, each of them having their particular effects drunk at the right moment. Every tea is 100% organic and helps to detoxify the body, hence the brand name. Tea + Detox = TEATOX! Makes sense, right? At the moment, there are seven different creations available like the popular Skinny Detox blend, Natural Defense to boost your immune system, Natural Beauty for healthy skin, Power Detox and Matcha for more energy as well as four wonderful sets for wellbeing. The newest creation is the especially aromatic Harmony Chai Tea. The organic black tea with its blend of cinnamon, anise, cardamom, cocoa shells, cloves and black pepper contains concentration-promoting substances, its tannins have an antibacterial effect, are soothing and help ease medical conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger stimulates digestion and can work wonders with colds. Harmony Chai is also available in a set with a suitable tea glass, strainer and lid. We’re giving away a Harmony Set to the particularly harmony-addicted among you. Send an email titled ZEN to
Teatox | Chai Harmony Organic Tea | 14,90 Euro, Harmony Set 24,90 Euro  |