Imperfectly perfect.

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Kintsugi is Japanese and means „to mend with gold“ or „to repair“. It describes a traditional method for repairing pottery. Cracked or broken porcelain is glued with the help of Urushi, a special lacquer that has been interspersed with the finest powdered gold or other metals such as silver or platinum. What results from this is so beautiful that words can hardly do it justice. Kintsugi is based upon the aesthetic principle of Wabi Sabi from the 16th Century, which put its emphasis on simplicity and appreciation of imperfection. Kintsugi doesn’t repair a fault, but accentuates it with a touch of gold, turns it into the star and makes valuable what seemed worthless before. What an idea, what an image – especially in times of arbitrarily repetitive production processes and product cycles that don’t last longer than a few seconds. Rumour has it that some middle and upper class Japanese actually even broke dishes on purpose in order to grant them this golden beautification. The sisters Gieke and Lotte von Humade from Holland have revived this century-old technique and given it a modern twist. The ‚New kintsugi Repair Kit‘ is made up of a two-component adhesive, gold powder, a brush, gloves and wooden spatulas. Handling is child’s play. With the help of small plastic nozzle, you squeeze out a tiny amount of glue and mix it with an even tinier amount of gold dust. This mass is generously painted on one side of the broken favourite mug, then the parts are pressed together. Leave it to set for a few minutes and then brush some more gold dust onto the created gold vein. Rinse and presto. The set costs about 30 Euro and lasts forever. Enjoy making the imperfect perfect. Long live your porcelain!
NEW KINTSUGI REPAIR KIT | For example at Amazing Crocodile, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 49, 10178 | Facebook

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From Belize with Love

From Belize with Love

Good chocolate is like good wine or good Whisky. Once you’ve tried it, you can’t possibly go back to the cheap stuff from the discounter – never, never ever! If you’ve ever chewed raw, pure chocolate sweetened, at the most, with a dash of raw cane sugar, you know exactly what we’re talking about. This combination of bitterness and slight sweetness that literally makes your mouth water while you’re inquisitively rolling the bite from one side to the other in order to a) let as many taste buds as possible in on this pleasure and b) to savour the flavour spectrum of the best of all treats in all its epic splendour. This chocolate makes you happy, some have even reported states close to intoxication. If that is true, the Belyzium in Berlin Mitte is something like the Hell’s Kitchen of chocoholics. Because this is where you get the good stuff, the pure, the clean, the lovingly, sustainably and organically grown, harvested, fermented, dried, roasted, ground and refined dope. Have you ever eaten real chocolate? Ever tried 100% cocoa? They say it has magical powers and lets you grow wings. In plain English: The Belyzium is a small tree-to-bar cocoa manufacturer, meaning the team is responsible for the entire value chain from cultivation to processing of the organic cocoa beans, from the recipe and production of the fine chocolate creations to packaging and transport. And it’s not only about taste, but also about social, ecological and economic meaning. This aspiration, this value is in every single product, this aspiration, this value can be tasted in every single product – be it pure cocao nibs, fine truffles, ice cream or chocolate bars with or without cherries, Maya chili or sea salt. Those who want to take indulgence to the next level can take part in the weekly 2-hour workshop the Belyzium offers and dive in to concoct their very own creations. We’re giving away a spot for two in the next workshop to the particularly hedonistic among you. Send an email headlining ‚BROWN SUGAR‘ to Welcome to Level 2!
BELYZIUM – Tree to Bar Chocolate | Lottumstraße 15, 10119 Berlin | z.B. Belyzium 100 mit 100% Kakao, 50g Tafel, 5€ |



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Felix Ilse

Felix Ilse

The 2 Minute-Interview


Felix Ilse sure knows his tea. He has made it his personal mission to help people lead a happier, greater and healthier life. How does it get any better than this?! His start-up Teatox brings together enjoyment (tea) and health (detox) in an extremely laid-back manner. We wanted to find out what else Felix gets up to when he’s not busy creating new teas or pushing his Teatox web shop to the next level. We went on a wild roller coaster ride with him and Jerry Seinfeld and had Raclette from round pizza boxes. Oops, we might have got things slightly mixed up here. Please re-arrange yourself. P.S. We love your Skype-name, Felix!


Felix Name: Felix Ilse
Age: 27
City: Berlin
Job: entrepreneur
Shoe size: 44,5
Favourite herbs: rosemary (especially on potatoes)
Contact: | skype: filse1

  Do you start your day with tea or coffee?
Actually I prefer coffee, as a matter of fact cappuccino with a pinch of brown sugar sprinkled over the frothed milk…marvellous! And then it’s tea for the rest of the day.


Black or green?
Colour or tea? Green is my favourite colour (just can’t decide between British racing green and teal) and also the colour of my choice when it comes to tea: Matcha!


Which moment changed everything?
Deciding to start Teatox right after graduating. From then on, it’s been quite a roller coaster.


How can you tell that you’re all grown up?
Having to file a tax return and forgetting to do so year for year.


What’s your advice for young entrepreneurs?
No.1: Don’t start a company for the sake of being hip.
No.2: If you’ve answered No.1 with „yes“: Don’t waste time. If you’re aiming to be an active entrepreneur, you should get started straight away.
No.3: Try launching a new product. There are already plenty of online marketplaces and fashion apps around.


What is your generation’s greatest challenge?
Having too many options and being afraid to miss out on something. I love the pace of times and live accordingly myself, but this life style also encourages a certain vagueness and short-term nature.


What are you impressed by?
Knowledge und Empathy.


What can’t you get enough of?
Sushi & liquorice.

Name a magical place:
Rather an area: Patagonia.


Why are pizza boxes square?
That’s a legitimate question. Presumably they’re easier to stack and manufacturing costs are lower. Although round boxes would save material and hence maybe even stop global warming.


With which famous person would you like to have a cup of tea?
Jerry Seinfeld. A pleasant person down to the core and my all-time favourite comedian.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
Raclette. Does that count? Apart from the taste, I enjoy it so much because it’s such a social and communicative way of eating. Things are constantly being passed around, filled up or topped up… It’s like an evening of fun and games. (When and where? Editor’s note.)


What are you afraid of?
Not being able to see the essential things.


When was the last time you did something for the first time?
I try new things almost every day – even if it’s just a new route to the office.


What should no one know about you?
My school bag was the one with dolphins on it.


Which question should we have asked?
Can you sniff Matcha too?


Last Words:
It’s all good.

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Coffee? Cocoa? Tea!

Coffee? Cocoa? Tea!

We’ve already expressed our love for selosoda in a previous article. For those of you that missed our praise, here’s the executive summary: selosoda is a refreshing and sparkling drink made of the sundried shells of coffee beans which are usually discarded or used as a fertilizer at most. Big mistake. Huge. Because the shells are actually where the full aromas and caffeine content are hidden. selosoda is super new, super sexy, tastes of oranges, wild honey, sweet melon and mild tabacco, has the same amount of caffeine as an espresso doppio and increases the yield of the Arabica plant by 50 percent. Period. Just in time for the winter season, selosoda is introducing four new delicious hot drinks. Let there be tea! The South American “Cascara” is also made from coffee bean shells and is fruity, stimulating and invigorating. To be honest, we’ve never tasted anything quite like it. It contains all natural caffeine and has a rather special flavour, which might not be everyone’s taste, but is addictively yummy for those who like it. The second novelty “Cacoa” is made from, yes, you’ve guessed it, roasted cocoa bean shells. Unlike the Cascara, which is carefully sundried in Panama, the cocoa shells are roasted here in Berlin. The result is a brew that looks and feels like tea but tastes super chocolaty, almost like a bar of fine chocolate with a very high cocoa content. Both teas are also available as winter tea blends mixed with spices such as anise, cardamom, cinnamon or organic bourbon vanilla, come in stylish amber glass jars and we think they make absolutely perfect gifts for anything and everyone. We’re giving away 2 sets of all four brews, so if you’d like to get a head start on your “Christmas shopping” or just treat yourself, send an email titled “COCOTEA” to Oh, and just in case we forgot to mention it before: this is really strong stuff! ;)


selosoda cascara, cascara+, cacao und cacao+ |



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Teatox your life


Teatox your life

Leaves are falling and rain is painting tiny little streets on the outside of our windowpanes. Inside in the warm, we’re wrapped up in cozy sweaters and knitted socks, a hot cup of tea warming our hands. The aroma of cinnamon, anise and cardamom rises through the air and provides a pleasant feeling of ease and comfort. Beautiful autumn is here! In many cultures tea has always played a central role in the attempt of reconnecting body, mind, and soul. And it’s not only about choosing the right herbs, leaves, blossoms, spices and fruits and their effective combination, it’s also about the preparation and enjoying special moments. It’s the small rituals that offer islands of contemplation and relaxation to help us regain strength for upcoming tasks in hectic everyday life. TEATOX, a start-up founded in Berlin in 2013, has rediscovered the health benefits of natural teas making it its goal to give us a better understanding of these benefits in a contemporary way. In cooperation with nutritionists, naturopaths and tea experts, TEATOX develops high-quality organic tea compositions of herbs, spices and fruits, each of them having their particular effects drunk at the right moment. Every tea is 100% organic and helps to detoxify the body, hence the brand name. Tea + Detox = TEATOX! Makes sense, right? At the moment, there are seven different creations available like the popular Skinny Detox blend, Natural Defense to boost your immune system, Natural Beauty for healthy skin, Power Detox and Matcha for more energy as well as four wonderful sets for wellbeing. The newest creation is the especially aromatic Harmony Chai Tea. The organic black tea with its blend of cinnamon, anise, cardamom, cocoa shells, cloves and black pepper contains concentration-promoting substances, its tannins have an antibacterial effect, are soothing and help ease medical conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger stimulates digestion and can work wonders with colds. Harmony Chai is also available in a set with a suitable tea glass, strainer and lid. We’re giving away a Harmony Set to the particularly harmony-addicted among you. Send an email titled ZEN to
Teatox | Chai Harmony Organic Tea | 14,90 Euro, Harmony Set 24,90 Euro  |


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