Late Night Dogs

What makes a perfect bar? Not too big, dimly lit and well stocked with exclusive alcoholic beverages. Either there’s a row of elegant stools lined up along the bar or plenty of old and comfy leather armchairs to sink into and make you feel like you had a title of nobility – or  at least an impressive collection of cigars. Wait. Freeze that exact image. Then add some old school hip hop. So far, so good. Now discard everything that might seem pretentious. And then, to top it all off, run a Kreuzberg-filter over everything. Et Voilà: Welcome to Bourbon Dogs. The American whiskey bar at Spreewaldplatz is a slightly different version of the perfect bar. The menu offers an exquisite selection of various classics and reinterpreted whiskey drinks, craft beer and the complete opposite of the everlasting bestseller at Swedish furniture stores: a darn good hot dog. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose from drinks listed as »unusual«, which are by definition »obscure whiskies made in unique styles«. If you’d rather take it slow, then go for a Brooklyn Lager with a Classic Dog. No need to go overboard, right? Well, on second thought…
Bourbon Dogs | Spreewaldplatz 14, 10999 Berlin | Tue to Sun, from 5 pm |