The sweet soul of life

Sweets lift the spirits. Good sweets even make you happy. And delicious sweets in unrivalled quality can even make you euphoric. As we experienced ourselves recently during our visit to the Green Market Berlin. Curiosity and an appetite for sugar made us indulge in a few bars from Retos Candy Farm. The „Figaro“, for example: a combination of fantastic fig, rich ricotta and bewitching balsamico. Fluffy malt drops made from creamy, top-fermented British stout. Or the ultimate boost of energy Elvis Presley style: the “Banana Monkey”, a tummy-filling mix of the yellow fruit and sticky peanut butter. That’s about as American as these Retos bars get, mind you. Their delicious creations have absolutely nothing in common with the industrialised, plastic-infested, imperialistically produced calorie bombs that we find lined-up at the supermarket check-out, waiting to attack starved binge-watchers. The products being brewed, stirred and weighed by the gram in a former restaurant kitchen on the shore of the Spree in Kreuzberg are, as their creator Reto Brunner says, “small portions of hand-made joy”. Which brings us back to the beginning. The good things in life. And what made us return to the Candy Farm booth to shop some more after that first taste. Did we mention that the ingredients of Retos sweets are not only hand-picked and merged after countless experiments, but also organic? Goes without saying? Yeah, you know us pretty well by now. And our taste.
Retos Candy Farm | for example at Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstrasse 42-43, 10997 Berlin |