Our friends from Folkdays are opening a shop. Enough said, really. The mission is obvious. Go there, shop some incredibly great products and make the world a better place. At Folkdays, you get hand-made products from countries that aren’t exactly at the economic centre of globalisation – real, traditionally manufactured accessories, jewellery, clothing and interior products far away from ethno-kitsch. All products are purchased directly from the manufacturer at a fair price. On site, support is given to improve the working and living conditions and at the end of the year, a full 10% of profits flow back to the manufacturer. And because one kind of wants to touch and feel potential new favourite products, best case while having a chat and a cup of coffee, Folkdays is now finally available to walk in, look around and stay. Starting from May 6th, Manteuffelstraße 19 is not only a great address for shopping, you can also celebrate there and exchange with various protagonists on sustainability, design or social business. The official opening is already happening in situ tonight at 6 p.m. Be there or be square!
FOLKDAYS Store | Opening on 4th May 2016 | Manteuffelstraße 19, 10997 Berlin | Facebook |