A matter of heart

The heart is pretty much a universal symbol for and love affection – globally and unmistakeably. And even if there should a society where it’s not, it seems pretty great and almost ironic that this little symbol has become part of universal understanding. And as far as we know, there is no general symbol for war and hatred. After 15 years of development work, Catrina Occhio felt the need to do something more. She started a project called SeeMe, which supports the production and distribution of luxury products with fair and long-term working conditions as well as a genuine concept of charity. Aid is not the main focus, but much rather enabling the socially underprivileged to lead a free and self-determined life. Carina founded the jewelry label not only to offer consolation and support, but also to help especially women in North Africa and the Middle East to start a new life driven by courage and filled with new perspectives. Her message is quite simple: Replace violence with love! The heart symbol is the main element in all her creations. What might fade quickly or seem cheesy to some, becomes a powerful message based on its background. Working under fair conditions and using traditional methods, each woman puts part of her life (and personal history of suffering) into each piece of jewelry she creates while working under fair conditions and using traditional techniques. The heart symbol no longer merely stands for affection, it also claims that love is greater than hate, violence and revenge. That is something extremely powerful. The jewelry pieces themselves become symbols to be worn with pride. They come in all sorts of different sizes and variations. View the full collection here. #heartmovement
SeeMe – ethical Jewelry | bracelet from 15 Euro | seeme.org | Photographed by Melody Lieftink/Featuring Zosha