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What do Lady Gaga, David Beckham and Lena Dunham have in common? All three of them really love going nowhere really fast. The fitness revolution indoor-cycling that started in the US has now come to Germany. And it’s about so much more than just cycling on the spot. The focus is not just on the sport, it’s on the common experience and the lifestyle. BECYCLE from Berlin turns the high-power cardio workout into an electrifying electro party in their first Studio in the Brunnenstraße. Beats by hip Berlin DJs are made to match the workout. Motivating instructors from LA, New York and London inspire to reach athletic peaks. And everybody goes: Yeah! So now you can even enjoy club feeling while being sporty and move your legs to the rhythm of the city. At BECYCLE, it’s almost like it takes over the pedals and fires us up with energy. Next to spinning, which forms the focus, you can also put your power into the newest trends in core training, barre training or yoga in its various forms. The courses are spread across the whole day and can be booked individually on the website. You don’t need a membership. The course fee includes rental of spinning shoes and also water, shampoo, towels and other goodies. And did we mention that the studio looks and feels incredibly good? Raw walls, wood, spa showers with Leogant-conditioned water and a modern sound system give it a design hotel flair. No question, that place is on a roll, er, spin.  And rightfully so.
BECYCLE | Brunnenstr. 24, 10119 Berlin | becycle.de | Photo: Mike Fuchs

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