A splash of gold

Oh, what a very noble bottle indeed! A nearly perfectly square glass flacon filled with 700 ml of what seems to be liquid gold – and a super-sized version of Chanel No 5. Although the glistening and shimmering content of a similar bottle does have a distinct scent equally striking as the one of the reputable perfume classic, you should preferably use it to wet your throat instead of dabbing it on your neck. The fact is, we’re talking about vodka here. Vodka from Lake Constance, to be precise. From generation to generation, the Senft family has specialised in distilling fine spirits. Rooted in tradition and with a strong bond to nature, the family business is not afraid to experiment either. And that is exactly why we were lucky enough to stumble upon their latest creation just around the corner from us at Satt & Glücklich. You see, the secret to Senft Wodka is that it is oak-barrel-aged – a procedure usually reserved for wine, whiskey and, most recently, beer – allowing it to develop its unique and brilliant golden colour and pick up its unmistakably mellow notes of summer with flavours of pine nuts, citrus fruits and a hint of anise. We’ve never tasted anything quite like it! So if you just happen to be on the lookout for the perfect gift that you’d rather keep for yourself, then feel free to knock yourself out right here. Or follow in our footsteps and stop by the Satt & Glücklich in Hufelandstraße and enjoy a soul food sandwich with a side of delicious dips and salads while your gaze wanders over the selection of spirits. Oh, Swabia – is there no end to your talents? If only it weren’t for the dialect… ah never mind. Bottoms up!
Senft Wodka | 700ml for 30 Euros | www.edelbraende-senft.de