First, there is nothing. You hold a book in your hands – or actually it’s more like a booklet, the vibrant blue cover in A4 format accommodates merely 30 textured, firm pages. A large leering eye adorns the cover. SUNDANCE, it says. And »Natalija Ribovic«. Who is actually the Serbian artist, living in Germany and Austria, who promised us poems and drawings. But all we can see is is a gaping void. White on white. Rien. Nada. Zip zero zilch. Until, that is, sunlight directly hits the open pages. What happens then is pure magic. Letters and fine lines become visible. The more direct the sunlight, the more UV rays, the darker and more legible the characters become. Until, after a short while, the artistic formulations can be clearly seen, read and enjoyed. Physics on the border of sorcery: “Suddenly he was here // Everything became so clear” as she writes in one of her short poems that are printed in German, Italian and English in this book of texts and images. They are slight, fine observations of everyday life, emotional snap-shots, childlike doodles. The artist employs various art forms and travels the world as an illustrator, with performances and large scale installations and mysteriously calls herself a »cosmic assistant between the worlds«. The revolutionary design of the booklet SUNDANCE gives this title sense: The Serbian mediates between worlds, between nature and culture. She creates a cultural product that becomes visible only under the influence of nature. And thus grants us, quite simply, a moment of childlike joy and the memory of early letters written to our best friend in invisible ink. With the magnificent difference that the characters in SUNDANCE disappear again when withdrawn from sunlight. And the effect of the sun leads to new oohs and aahs again. And again. And again.
SUNDANCE, Natalija Ribovic | Edition of 500 at 24 Euro per piece| available at |

01_ final SUNDANCE Cover