Jump around

Why walk when you can jump? We’re downright thankful to Christoph Ahmadi and Till Walz. Because these two Entrepreneurs and childhood friends from Hamburg have granted us the ultimate legitimation to romp around. Time and again, we have enviously eyed hoards of children gone wild in bouncy castles and tried to look nonchalant about it. But now, we can finally get in on the action, too. Christoph and Till opened their JUMP House Berlin last week, the largest trampoline park in Germany! Over 120 trampolines are spread over more than 4000 square metres in a listed historic building in Reinickendorf, making it seem like some kind of cool padded cell. Trampolines close together on the floor, trampolines on the wall for walking up walls like insects, basketball baskets for your very first real dunk. Surrounding them are either giant pits filled with rubber foam or soft air-filled pillows – just in case someone bounces out of orbit. The building also houses the »Battle Box« for wannabe gladiators: a balance beam over a huge foam pit. Two adversaries have a go at each other with padded lances – no one really minds losing, because falling into the pit is at least as much fun as the beating. Greetings from the American Gladiators. The heart of the facility, however, is the FreeJUMP. 75 connected trampolines, licensed to bounce. A top-class endorphin generator. Because what starts as a free jump eventually turns into a free heart and mind – and possibly a full-fledged attack of the giggles. And, everyone knows laughing is healthy. As is the bouncing, by the way: Trampolining is an effective cardio workout, much gentler to joints and bones than running, beneficial to posture, balance and coordination and a fantastic way to burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour. Well then: Jump up, jump up and get down!
JUMP House Berlin-Reinickendorf | Miraustraße 38, 13509 Berlin | | 12 Euro per hour