There are those wonderful moments in life when you realise that someone else has ideas similar to yours. And you can tell straight away that they’re good. When you just feel deeply understood, without digression. When you are in absolute agreement for just a split second. That’s how we felt when we heard about the »Erzähl-Mahl« (Story-telling meal), a social dining event taking place in Berlin for the first time on May 20th. The concept is marvellously simple: People who don’t know each other meet for a delicious meal and get into conversations with one another. Now that, as such, is not that big of a deal. But at the »Erzähl-Mahl«, you just skip the tedious small talk that we all shy away from anyway because we are so bored with it and it’s often a waste of time when you really want to get to know someone and find out interesting things about them while you talk. Really talk. That’s why, at the »Erzähl-Mahl«, you get a new conversational partner from a group of strangers with each course, as well as a personal question. What are you thankful for? What was your first travel destination without your parents? Why do you do what you do? And you get a chance to really talk. And listen. And get to know new people, views, ideologies, stories and biographies. And yourself. Because that’s what it’s all about on these long evenings: making connections and conversations, experiencing encounters and finding meaning. The idea for the »Erzähl-Mahl« came from Barbara Zevnik and Katrin Frische. As a landscaper, Barbara professionally plans spaces for encounters. Katrin is a Biographer and passionate about people’s stories. And boom – they found each other immediately in this social dining idea. Though it was originally directed at singles, it has long since passed this category. »Erzähl-Mahl« isn’t speed dating for philosophers, isn’t Tinder with aspirations. Its an evening that gives us the chance to peer beyond the horizon. And enjoy some good food at the same time. Next time, it will be at Conny Schulz’s May am Ufer – which really pleases us because we support Conny’s Refugee Board and our graphic designer Britta created the design for the sweet restaurant at the Maybachufer. We’re feeling connected already.  For all other dates in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt or Hamburg check
Erzähl-Mahl | 20. Mai 2016 | May am Ufer, Pannierstraße 32, 12047 Berlin |  Tickets and 3-course menu at 39 € per person | Facebook |  registration via