Mama Item!

Listening to some girls talking, you can get the feeling that after having her first child, a woman just stops being a woman and her single option is to give herself up to motherhood, armed only with a mum-bun and apron. Stop! Mother, friend, woman: modern mums have to slip into several roles with focus on the last of that list. Janine Dudenhöffer und Jules Villbrandt illustrate how beautiful the balancing act between offspring, household, relationship and job can look in their time capsule for a new generation of mothers: a style guide for modern mums and those on their way there. In the Mama Style Guide, twenty inspiring women let us have a peek at their life and their fashion, living and life style with children – among them mummies-to-be, single mums and patchwork mothers, mums with full-time jobs and full-time mums. Welcome to the real world! Each one of them shares her favourite piece of clothing, her mama-item. These are complemented by expert advice on all circumstances of mum-life – be it visits to the pediatrician, play-date survival strategies, traveling with a child, shopping-tips, beauty secrets for the days after short nights and decoration ideas. Readers simply can’t help feeling inspired after a first look at the beautiful photographs taken by co-author Jules, paired with Janines articles. Definitely a very valuable must-read and must-see! In co-operation with we are handing out a Mama Style Guide including a bag to the most yummy mummies out there. Send us an email with the subject „DAAAAAAAADY!!!!“ to #mamastyleguide
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