Wood is the message

Our whole team has moved. Each and every single team member. From Moabit to Friedrichshain, from Wedding to Prenzlauerberg, to Neukölln and back again, upstairs, downstairs – the whole shebang. As we all get older and life progresses, so do our demands. Billy and Beddinge might have been enough for our own little piece of heaven in a shared flat, but today, we need something a little bit more substantial – we’re building a nest and not a shack after all. But apparently, that’s easier said than built. Beyond the Swedish universe in yellow and blue, you can either choose from high-end design manufactories, furniture shops offering a full range of Gelsenkirchen Baroque or cheap and off the rack discount furniture. Not your style? You’ve got specific ideas concerning shape, colour and material, but aren’t willing (or capable) to pay the price of a car for a bed or a wardrobe? Well, then you just might just want mosey on over to Holzconnection – one of their shops is just around the corner of our studio on Bötzowstraße. Holzconnection builds individual custom furniture made to measure and exclusively from long-lasting materials – such as maple, oak, alder and walnut. The modular range offers beds, wardrobes and cupboards, tables and chairs, and all sorts of shelves. Everything comes in intelligently packaged units and all manufacturing processes are optimally tailored. The point of all that? Best carpenter quality at a reasonable price. We like that. And we love our new bed Atlantis made of solid walnut with a natural oil finish. If you’d like one those too, check out one of the stores for good advice or browse through the online shop here www.holzconnection.de. Our promo code HolzMaus will get you an extra 5 % off your order over 500€. Sweet dreams.
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