Inhale, aspirate, pause, let your thoughts wander. Scents are quotes of the past, like small journeys to other times and places of our lives, to loved people, feelings and stories. Our sense of smell is directly linked to the seat of our feelings and memories. A scent decides over top or flop, seduction or abstinence, lust or ennui. For millennia, we have been adorning our skin with fragrances, underlining our personality and our own personal scent. The new line of luxury laundry care L’EAUNDRY conveys this idea of luxurious fragrance compositions to our clothes and laundry. And not by just throwing in some fabric softener. Together with renowned perfumers, three exquisite perfume compositions were created and integrated into the high-quality textile care. L’EAUNDRY not only cleans and cares for our favourite pieces such as negligees, cashmere sweaters or silk cushions, it gives them an enchanting, unique aura that can even make that bottle of perfume in the shelf superfluous. So luxury no longer just touches our skin through perfume, it permeates every textile fibre and rewards us with every breath while we languorously lounge around in our bed linen. Three unisex compositions express three completely different worlds of fragrance: Oriental Olibanum bewitches with its heavy notes of frankincense and blossoms. Asian Ginger Flower gives laundry a fresh scent of ginger. And Scandinavian Moss gives your beloved textiles an earthy, woody breeze with a touch of sandalwood. The unpretentious and simple vials concentrate on the essential: what happens in our noses and then in our brains and hearts.
L’EAUNDRY –  for laundry | 3 fragrances, 1000 ml at 68 Euro each or as gift set L’Eaundry Miniatures for 48 Euro |