There are photo books. There are coffee table books. There are artful editions. And there is SHARE Scandinavia. The first book by the Berlin art start-up Juniqe take it one step further beyond nice-to-look-at. Between two hard covers in the delicate blue of an icy brook lie 50 prints by 50 artists who find the inspiration for their art in Scandinavia. From the unique nature, the distinctive design, the endless summer nights, the eccentricity of trolls and the infinite vastness of the landscapes. And particularly special: each of these prints can be taken out, hung up, given away, turned into stationery for a letter or used as gift wrapping. Shared, you see? A truly magical product has been created in collaboration with the publishing house New Heroes & Pioneers in Malmö, which is specialised on photo books from an eclectic mix of art, culture and fashion. With this, Junique stays true to its principle »Art. Everywhere.«. So the Berliners, who have been selling art in the form of wall hangers, home décor or fashion, have now added the splendid book format of slightly larger then A4. And it’s hand-made. And a limited edition. We are happy and proud to give away one of them to the most passionate paper enthusiast amongst you.  Send us an email headlining ‚TOUCH THIS!‘ to
SHARE – Scandinavia Edition | 50 prints in a hard cover | 75€ | Webshop