The 2 Minutes-Interview

berge (Mountains) and their music always stir our emotions either leaving us in high spirits or moving us to tears. Their song »10.000 Tränen« (10.000 Tears) is a heartfelt appeal on behalf of tormented and enfeebled animals and was quite rightly a big hit last year. When we first saw the duo Marianne and Rocco play live at our muxmäuschenwild mini-summer-festival during the World cup in 2014, we were sold/ we knew we had fallen for them. All the way. This weekend, they’ll play a charity gig at the WABE in Berlin and perform songs from their album VOR UNS DIE SINNFLUT. We managed to catch up with them and had a nice little chat about the challenge Thai-curry-loving city slickers face when engaged in Indian temple dance, real concerts and everlasting songs. May they both move mountains.


Name: Rocco Horn | Marianne Neumann
Age: 36 | 28
City: Berlin | Berlin
Job: musician | musician
Shoe size: 47 | 39
Favourite note: 288,33 Hz :) | a
Contact: I maintain it… |



If you could change the world over night, where would you start? R: With myself!
M: That’s a very difficult question and I feel truly incompetent to give a meaningful answer. I would probably try to deglobalise the world and take away everybody’s smartphones. It would be so exciting to see what happens when everyone is forced to actually communicate with one another in the here and now


A good deed for everyone to do before the year is over: R: Tell a friend or a family member why you think they are special.
M: Make Christmas presents yourself or buy them from small regional stores. And tell your parents you love them.


Who or what inspires you? R: Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, my son and you.
M: Genuine and authentic people inspire me immensely.


Which concert will you remember forever? R: My first Steve Vai concert.
M: My first concert without my parents and with my best friend Rosa: ECHT at the Columbiahalle. We felt incredibly cool.


Your song for eternity? R: That’s a mean question, I could easily make a Top Five list… hmmm… „Right Now“ by Van Halen, or „Live Is Wonderful“ by Jason Mraz, or „Transatlanticism“ by Death Cab for Cutie, and and and …
M: Nothing is forever. Songs are no exception.


You will be reborn. As what? R: I hope not…at least not on an existing planet.
M: I hope will not be reborn too many times, it kind of get’s old after a while…But if had to choose, then please make me a tiger.


What makes you feel that you live in the right city? R: Because nothing is drawing me away.
M: Because I can be creative and free and I meet like-minded people everywhere.


Your next vacation: Mountains or Ocean? R: Um, both! :) Really!
M: Ocean.


What did you dream of last night? R: A friend of mine won a motorcycle!
M:  Of warm, far away places and vacation.


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

R: I didn’t want to be anything. I was quite happy with the overall situation
M:  All I remember is that I didn’t find the idea of pursuing the same work every single day to be very appealing. So, considering that, I’ve been very lucky.
What have you been planning to do for a while but somehow don’t manage to do it? R: I usually manage to do the things I set out to do. I even got round to taking some time off now.
M: To pursue plans with discipline and meditate every day. 

With which band would you like to go on tour? R: Great question! Trevor Hall!!! And Berge, as strange as that might sound.
M: Clueso.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home? R: Probably a veggie Thai curry with coconut milk and rice.
M: I’d probably make a lentil curry.


What are you afraid of? R: I don’t understand the question…
M: Sickness.


When did you last try something new and what was it? R: Last night – but telling you WHAT would be rather inappropriate here…
M: I started Indian temple dance three months ago and regularly go to classes now. It’s really quite difficult and new, and you have to be extremely focused, but I enjoy it.


What should no one know about you? R: This is a trick question, isn’t it?
M: That I get bored sometimes.


Which question should we have asked? R: What should everyone know about me!? ;)
M:  Where to buy our current album VOR UNS DIE SINNFLUT.


Last Words: R: I leave them to Marianne.
M: Bye-bye!