Elegantly wasted

Elegantly wasted

Fancy turning your life upside down. Ditch the excess baggage, refrain from all unnecessary things, maybe even radically become part of the »100 Things Challenge«. Which objects would survive your ultimate clear-out? On the one hand you’d probably have personal things and memorabilia like your first record, your ex-boyfriends t-shirt or your diaries. On the other hand there would be all those things that we hold in our hands everyday, things that have become so indispensable throughout our daily life and at the same time so trivial and self-evident that we hardly take notice of them anymore. All those things that simplify our life, things that are just there, living in everyone’s drawers because we couldn’t imagine mastering modern life without them. All of them being objects of anonymous everyday design that is not featured on design blogs or hyped in glossy magazines. The exhibition „No Name Design” at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg finally brings exactly these objects into focus. We all use things like scissors, gloves and measuring instruments yet we rarely know who invented or designed them. But in this almost immeasurable chamber of curiosities of product design we can learn about them. The exhibition is curated by Swiss product designer and teacher Franco Clivio, who has been collecting items since he “has had trouser pockets“, as he says – functional items perfectly constructed, innovatively simple and with integrated intelligence.

No Name Design | Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg | until 3. April 2016 | Admission: 12 Euro| www.mkg-hamburg.de | Foto: Hans Hansen



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Ugur Orhanoglu



Ugur Orhanoglu

The 2 Minutes-Interview

Ugur Orhanoglu is part of Berlin’s In Crowd. He seems to know just about everyone and everyone knows him. Either as a photographer – his actual profession – or because of his legendary vegetarian 27-course dinners that he organizes in different locations throughout the city. We were lucky enough to have a taste of one of his latest coups at the leogant Loft where his current exhibition „Water“ is still on show till tomorrow and have been fans ever since.  We talked to Ugur about man and nature, a Q&A with Buddha, Jesus, Moses and Mohammed and about the Mona Lisa. The good news: you are a work of art!


Name: Ugur Orhanoglu
Age: 46
City: Berlin
Job: Photographer
Shoe size: Depending on the make, between 42,5 and 44 2/3
Favourite water: filtered from the tap
Contact: mail@ugur-boss.de

Why are you a photographer?
By accident! The first time I looked through a camera lens, everything was in focus all of a sudden (I hadn’t realised I was short-sighted until then). Photography enables me to capture moments that touch and move me and share them with others.


What makes a good photograph?
A photograph should touch me, no matter by what means.


Who or what inspires you?
In short: man and nature.


Which piece of art would you like to own?
If it were a matter of getting a lot of money for it, I would probably choose Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. But basically, it’s just oil on canvas. Every one of us is a work of art made from a hundred billion cells that unite to become even more. So I already own a piece of art: myself.


Do you prefer being a host or a guest?
I like being both. As a host I enjoy making sure my guests have a good time and as a guest I enjoy the attention.


Who was he most exciting guest at one of your dinner parties?
I can’t really say. There were certainly some people known from films and television, r are incredibly wealthy, artists or writers. But people who know me, know that things like that aren’t important to me – I try to value every moment. People are people, with all their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore everybody is exciting. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody is equally likeable. :-D


Which qualities do you appreciate in people?
I greatly appreciate when people manage to maintain the ability to be unbiased and have empathy for others.


If you could change the world over night, where would you start?
Wow, what a question! I’d probably start where everybody should: with myself!


Who or what were you in a former life?
I believe that I don’t believe in having a former life. And if I was something else, I probably was a person or an animal, or a stone, or maybe a grass stalk. See, I’m getting silly…


Share a magical place:
Take a right just behind the eyes. :-D


With which famous person would you like to have coffee?
I don’t drink coffee but I would like to meet all the religious founders (like Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed) to ask them whether they approve oft he deformation of man and nature that has been and still is being committed in their name. That would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it?


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
Whatever I have in the fridge. Always vegetarian, never with a recipe, usually tasty.


What are you afraid of?
Hopelessness / helplessness.


When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?
At the moment, I’m trying to part with things I once thought were important to have – a new experience I’m currently going through quite often. As you know, I like collecting things.


What should no one know about you?
Doesn’t that question contradict itself?


Which question should we have asked?
Maybe a question about my current exhibition and future exhibitions?


Last Words:
Come to my finissage tomorrow.









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A room with a view


A room with a view

An abandoned hotel in the middle of the city – completely empty and gutted. 33 rooms stripped down to the core. Come on Berlin, show us some magic! In collaboration with ZEIT Magazin, GALERIE CRONE has invited 33 international emerging artists to present their work on a total of 5 floors and turn “The Vacancy” into a 1,400-sqm art exhibition before expansion and rebuilding begin. Temporary space at its best! The participating artists each have their individual approach to the still existing architecture and the interim presentation. Their artistic media include paintings, sculptures, photographs, video art, installations or live performances and their work explicitly corresponds with its surroundings and the temporary state of the building. The folks from Parker Bowles and Prince Charles have also set up shop and are serving drinks and little snacks. The Vacancy has been opening its doors since October 1st and the exhibition is only on show until next Monday. So if you haven’t made it there yet, we highly recommend to pay a visit to Friedrichstr.124 as fast as you can.
THE VACANCY | Friedrichstr. 124, 10117 Berlin | 01.-19.10.(!), Tue-Fri 1-8pm, Sat+Sun 11am-8pm | Facebook



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In recent years, hardly any artistic genre has evolved as much as photography. The boundaries between reality and illusion are as blurred as ever, icons come and go within a blink of an eye, and minor changes in history are lost in the endless stream of pictures. The intense process of artistic exploration often only starts after creating the image – in front of the computer, on a smartphone or within community consensus. But what actually defines a good picture? What distinguishes a good picture from one that is excellent? Having smartphone with an abundance of filters doesn’t necessarily make you a good photographer. Photography is a skill that requires inspiration, intuition, experience and the determination to share your point of view on the world – without being governed by the daily rhythm of blog rolls. Like every form of art, photography is about revealing a piece of yourself. Something that is so easily hidden behind foodporn, duck face and I-have-the-prefect-life selfies. That is essential the difference. Over the past years, the Ostkreuzschule has turned into talent factory spawning the best young photographers in Berlin. Ostkreuz-students are highly regarded worldwide. They have everything mentioned above. During their training, they have mastered their skills setting no limits to their artistic creation. They were able to make experiences and – above all –they were encouraged to find their own ways of expression. Starting October 10th, the graduate class will be presenting their work in a two-week exhibition at HO Berlin. Ostkreuz + HO = OHO. Oho! The vernissage will take place this Friday starting 7pm (free admission). More events such as a book launch and a panel discussion are to follow throughout the exhibition. See oho-oks.de for the full program. Go and get inspired. We need more pictures!
OHO – Ausstellung der Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie | 10.-24.10., Mon-Fri 12-10 pm, Sat+Sun 12-9 pm, Vernissage 09.10., 7 pm | Holzmarktstraße 66, 10179 Berlin | oho-oks.de | Facebook Eventlink



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Could you illustrate this for me?

Could you illustrate this for me?

His works of art are regarded to be light footed, cryptic and always surprising The FAZ describes him as the best „illustrator of our time“. His work has already made it on to the front page of the New York Times, the cover of ZEIT Magazine as well as the walls of the Museum of Modern Art. There is no doubt about it, Christoph Niemann is one of the most wanted illustrators in the world. As of October 3rd, eight of his silkscreen illustrations will be on display for purchase at the Amazing Crocodile Design Store in Berlin-Mitte. The Vernissage will take place on Friday, October 2nd. Apart from lovely Amazing Crocodile owner Jana Kubischik, the maestro himself will be present to talk about inspiration, art, trends and finger exercises in between snacks and champagne.   By the way, changing exhibitions of renowned artists is part of the store’s concept. Fun fact: When Barack Obama came to visit the German capital, President Gauck gave him a special present – Christoph Niemann’s silkscreen print „Brooklyn Bridge“ (right). Everybody come – we’ll be there too!
Christoph Niemann „Siebdrucke“ | Vernissage Fr. 02.10.15, 7pm | Amazing Crocodile Design Store,  Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 49, 10178 Berlin | free entry |  amazing-crocodile.de



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