Snowman in a jar

Only one more week till Christmas and still no snow. This is not what we had in mind, is it? But maybe we can work something out here…We’ll try to compensate the lack of real snow outside with a sweet and sugary version on our plates. Kuchen im Glas („cake in a glass“) has a special Christmas surprise in store for us: a cake-kit including everything you need to build a snowman without freezing fingers! That’s more like it. For almost a decade, the creative minds behind Kuchen im Glas have been reinterpreting this tasty treat and sending joy around the world in jelly jars. The seasonal snowman delight replaces snow with fluffy marshmallows that are stuck on a cake of your choice after it has been covered with a delicious white chocolate coating. Add a marzipan carrot and a top hat…et voilà! Sounds as if this snowman won’t last too long – he’ll be melting away in no time. Choose from christmassy flavours such as red wine and chocolate, almond-marzipan or dates and Tonka beans. Either way, all of them are moist and fresh and oh so yummy. Lactose-free and vegan versions are available upon request. We’re giving away three mouth-watering surprise bags filled with tasty cake and all things christmassy, so quickly send an email titled ‚LET IT SNOW‘ to and start dreaming of a White Christmas.
Snowman-Kit | | 18,95 EUR