Anja Vatter


Anja Vatter

The 2 Minute Interview

Anja Vatter is one of our favourite people – sharp-witted, sophisticated, affectionate, inspiring, inspired and equipped with a strong fighting heart. If you have been searching for a definition of Rock ‘n’ Roll: there you go! Anja writes texts, publishes printed goods, creates from paper, folds, smoothens and strokes, believes in and shapes the good and beautiful, fills it with light and gives it away with love. For some time now, she has been writing for us, right here in this magazine, articles about sweet-talk or unique swimwear, for example, and we are so glad to have her. Dear Anja, today it’s about you. Have blast, her are your questions. And to everyone else: enjoy the next two minutes!


Name: Anja Vatter
Age: the best age after 39: no more have-to’s, but lots of still-can’s
Home: Berlin (and occasionally Bern)
Profession: Writer, publisher, PR-lady, shop-co-owner
Shoe size: 39
Favourite word: flamboyant
Contact: and

  Do you always answer the question ‘how are you?’ honestly?
Depends on who’s asking.


How are you?
Fantastic. I’ve just emerged from a big birthday weekend in a timeless friends-flow.


E-Books, E-Mags etc., everything is going digital. Is print really dying?
Of course not. But print products will change and open a whole new universe of the printed  And by the way: the feel, sound and smell of printed paper can’t be replaced.


When did you write your last letter?
And sent it off? A few weeks ago. And I have been writing a letter to my son for the past four years. He’ll get it when he’s eighteen, when I’m really getting on his nerves.


In ehat form are words the most beautiful?
Hand-written or gently aspirated with a wondrous pause between the lines.


You’re on a lonely island, which books did you bring?
Nico Paech’s »Liberation from Excess « (for reducing to the essential), »The Ship of Theseus« by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst (for the exact opposite) and »Gaming Instinct« by Juli Zeh (because it is the best book of modern times). And as a small extra: 500 blank pages, bound.


The most important invention of mankind?
Movable type printing.


Which moment changed everything.
I learned to read. And the world opened.


What are you no good at?
Ensuring the survival of potted plants.


Which piece of advice would you like to give every person?
There are as many Truths as there are people.


Your favourite swear word?


Please complete: For one day, I’d like to be…
… my counterpart.


Where is you home?
Where I can read in the souls of loving people and they eloquently end my sentences for me.


What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
I would let my boyfriend do the cooking but put all my dedication and passion into decorating the table, writing personal place cards, choosing the perfect drinks and being a relaxed (because not cooking) hostess.


What would you change in the world if you’d have the chance and the power to?
I’d bring back one or two people that passed on too soon.


When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
I mixed up two circles of friends last week. And it worked out fantastically. And we ate lamb sweetbread, which was also a first.


What should no one know about you?
That I can never remember how to spell the German words for »mattress«, »terrace« and »reputed« correctly.


Which question should we have asked?
»what comes after the future?«


Last words: …have by far not yet been spoken. And definitely not written.




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Print me like it´s hot!

Print me like it´s hot!

Every day, wonderful art prints on our walls inspire us to accomplish creative peak performances. We owe the beautification of our barren verticals to the design enthusiasts of
Juniqe. This platform brings together young, talented artists and art lovers and provides affordable art for the naked walls of Europe. And beyond. Under the flag of their motto »Art. Everywhere.«, the three founders Lea, Sebastian und Marc are constantly expanding their selected repertoire. And just in time for pre-pool season, Juniqe now also has swim wear for art-loving individualists. The bikinis, bathing suits and trunks with their all-over prints are European-made from top to bottom and sure to incite jealous looks left, right and center – way beyond the bikini body. Be it seasonally tolerant alpine landscapes, colourful Summer patterns or tropically exotic with a golden pineapple or a pink flamingo – recognition in a crowd is a given. As is the quality of the products. The subtle shine of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex provides perfect radiance for the subjects. All models are lined with soft white material that stays non-transparent when wet. By the way: these beauties can be taken straight from the pool to the party: interpret the bathing suit as a body, pull the high-waist jeans over it, Sandals on, presto, fancy Nancy! We’re giving away a bikini slash swimsuit to the particulary splashy ones among you. Just send a mail heading ‚ITSY BITSY’to Get over here, Summer!


Juniqe Bademode | Bikinis, bathing suits and trunks starting at 25 Euro | | Photo: Junipe



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