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Berlin is lively, colourful, crazy. Berlin parties, Berlin laughs, Berlin dances. Even now, especially now. Not to face reality with the bass-line of ignorance, not to suppress or to desperately demonstrate. Just for our own good and sometimes, for the good of others. Our friends from the Prince Charles are giving a party that perfectly combines zest and sense: refuge. Danceable electronic club sounds – by Avalon Emerson, Matrixxman and San Soda, amongst others – are going to bring Bechstein’s former staff swimming pool to the boil. And give, by the by, refuge. Because all of the money spent by the party crowd that evening goes straight to those who invest it best. Without any deductions whatsoever, the dosh goes to the Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe for the benefit of the homeless, the social relief organisation Give Something Back to Berlin and the internationally operating Médecins sans Frontières. As we know from our charity concert within the framework of the Haitian Heroes photo exhibition, the Prince Charles has always been a good place to give beneficence a colourful face. Because conscious partying is more than just a catch phrase. We wish you a meaningful advent!
refuge | 21.12.2016 | Prince Charles, Prinzenstrasse 85F, 10969 Berlin  | Facebook

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Stefan Reinhardt



Stefan Reinhardt

The 2 Minutes-Interview

Stefan Reinhardt has turned his hobbies into a professional business and is well known throughout Berlin’s restaurant, club and party scene. He’s gone from party animal to organiser (Admiralspalast, Sommersafari), from clubber to club owner (Club Raumklang) and from culinarian to restaurant-owner (Dae Mon). Starting next Saturday, he’ll also be cooking for the Cantina at Bar 1000. What?! Right on! On top of this, Stefan is extremely good-hearted and a really cool dude – despite bovine testicles and Little Red Riding Hood. And if he’s not fighting the big bad wolf for all the goodies, you’ll probably find him mingling in Berlin’s nightlife. He’s the one wearing the prettiest and most colourful sweater (editor’s note)!


Name: Stefan Reinhardt
Age: 37
City: Berlin
Job: businessman
Shoe size: 43
Favourite song: This Sweet Love – James Yuill

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? (We seem to remember an incident at the Dining Days ;-))?
Breaded bovine testicles. Paleo cuisine – not my cup of tea.


Your head or your gut?
Both – I hope to make the right choice in the given situation.


Truth be told, what would you have never done without alcohol?
Spend 8 hours in a beer tent at the Oktoberfest.


What is your ultimate hangover cure?
The ultimate cure? If I had one, I’d have sold it by now and we’d be having this conversation on my private tropical island.


How would you define luxury?
Having a free and thoughtless mind.


Are you a better guest or host?
I think I am a horrible customer – at least that’s what some waiters say.


What is your earliest childhood memory?
Me dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for Fasching – my basket was bulging with sweets.


What did you dream of last night?
I’m quite certain I often dream of beautiful things. But unfortunately I can never remember anything when I wake up.



A penguin with a sombrero on his head comes into a bar and says:
Quit staring – the ice bear is wearing my top hat.


What music do you listen to after waking up in the morning?
Radio Paradiso – the most laid-back radio station ever.


With which famous person (dead or alive) would you like to go out for drinks?
I could tell you whom I’d like to go to bed with… I prefer going out for drinks with my friends.


If we came to visit you at home, what would cook for us?


What are you afraid of?
Why should I be afraid?


When did you last try something new and what was it?
Next week: Paragliding


What should no one know about you?
That depends on the person. Knowledge is powerful and makes you vulnerable.


Which question should we have asked?
You could have given me the answer to the meaning of life.


Last Words:
They shouldn’t always be the last words.



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No more secrets!


No more secrets!

Marienwerde, here we come! This weekend, the very first Secrets Festival is finally happening. Just outside Berlin, surrounded by water, meadows, a beach, woods, hills and clearings, a parallel universe full of music, art, fashion and design, food, sports and workshops, tipis and houseboats, with cocoons hanging from trees, sculptures, light installations, visuals and performances has been created to keep you entertained for three whole days. A great line up of German and international acts will be playing on different stages. Among others, Roosevelt, Leslie Clio, Claire and Robosonic are on board. Dance the night away and then get centred again with some morning yoga and soothing massages. Legendary Ben Pommer (Parker Bowles, Neue Heimat) created the food concept and the BOOZE BAR will get you sorted with dapper drinks. The Secrets Festival wants you to enjoy yourself: linger, join the fun, crank it up or just wind down. Relax and charge your batteries before returning to your daily routine afterwards. And to top it all off, we — as in muxmäuschenwild — are organising a small but mighty lovely design market. You’ll find us smack in the middle of the festival grounds right between the beach and the food court. We’ll be bringing along the people behind Jackfou, dear prudence, einhorn condoms and Papp Up Sunglasses — to name just a few. So, say goodbye to passed out drunks, yucky smells and shower time-outs. Hello nature, family camping, outdoor art gallery and pop-up dinner on the riverbank! If Utopia existed, this is probably what it would look like. We’re giving away 2 of the very last festival tickets. Send an email titled BE MY SECRET to, grab your sweetheart and we’ll see you there!


SECRETS FESTIVAL | 14.-16.08. | Marienwerder bei Berlin | Facebook


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Ten years and still going strong

Ten years and still going strong

Oh my, the St. Oberholz! A temple of digital Berlin Bohème for some and the path to the forever glowing apple for others. But after exactly ten years now, the cafe located directly at Rosenthaler Platz is far more than that. When Ansgar Oberholz opened his shop in 2005, countless concepts for the same place had already failed – including a Burger King Franchise. (Kind of makes you wonder how this was even possible during the early noughties?!) Meanwhile, Rosenthaler Platz has turned into a Mitte Hotspot, the once godforsaken Torstraße has come to life and the cosmopolitan creative power of the capital city is sprouting everywhere. Just a question of luck? No, not at all. The driving force of St.Oberholz is one of the main reasons why this area has evolved the way it has. Berlin’s start-up scene is booming, revolutionary ideas are born (and discarded again), young creatives from around the world are drawn here – lured by the dream of the next big thing and a way of life that releases potential rather than limiting it. The St.Oberholz does not only serve good coffee and organic snacks, it’s an office space, a meeting room and has been the birthplace of some of the best concepts that the city has spawned in recent years. You can practically taste the sweet spirit of entrepreneurship when you walk in. Upstairs you can now officially book co-working spaces or even rent guestrooms another flight up. St. Oberholz has taken things to an even higher level with its own publishing company and their sister company St. Meze is winning fame for its coffee and cakes. Today there’ll be a big ten year anniversary bash with music and snacks and tons of founder stories (including those famous aha moments). Plenty of good reasons to stop by and return to the place where it all – or at least something – began for so many. Let’s raise our soy lattes to that – Happy Birthday!
10 Years St. Oberholz | 19.06. from 8 pm | Rosenthaler Str. 72a, 10119 Berlin | | Facebook Eventlink


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Review: BriteDay15



Review: BriteDay15

Boy, did we have fun at the BriteDay15 last week! We packed three events plus extras into just one single day: Blogger Brunch, Foodie Forum and Partner Dinner. And let’s not forget that magical elevator with coffee-shots and high-speed wizardry, Fräulein Brösels schnapps tasting, our racy roller-girl, tape art by Tape Over and musical entertainment in the underground car park. We’d like to thank Eventbrite for this great collaboration and everyone who was there. We had a blast! Let the photos to the talking…Please click here.



#BriteDay15 | Facebook Fotoalbum

Time to say Goodbye


Time to say Goodbye

That’s all folks! After just one and a half years it’s time to say goodbye to one of the most exciting temporary projects of the past few years. LEHRTER SIEBZEHN at Lehrter Straße 17 (exactly!) is closing its curtains. Forever. Nothing endures but change and believing in the power of change has always been the driving force behind the creators. LEHRTER SIEBZEHN aka L17 originated in 2013 from a collaboration between the property owners and the curatorial duo SEEMS professional. On a total surface of 550 square metres L17 offered space for artistic and cultural interaction, social discourse and was also a platform for promising talents. But before taking off into Post-Lehrter-Galaxies, it´s time to celebrate one last time and one thing is for sure: this grand finale will be a closing party to remember! In the usual LEHRTER manner, old and new friends will be collaborating to present a grand line up of installations, exhibitions, music and yummy nibbles. Pussykrew and the great Pfadfinderei will be there as well as Luca Pozz, Syc, Georgia Girl, Cellographicsw/Konstantin Manaev & Tatsuru Arai and many more. Admission is free, fun is guaranteed. So let´s teardown and start afresh!



LEHRTER SIEBZEHN Closing Party | Sat  28.02.15, from 19h | Lehrterstr. 17, rear house, 3rd floor, 10557 Berlin | | Facebook Eventlink

Life is not a … subway station

Life is not a… subway station.

Once again the freezing winter cold is making life extremely hard for people on the streets. Whether by choice or forced, several thousands of people spend the whole winter with no roof over their heads, regardless of how cold it is. The awareness and fundraising campaign “One Warm Winter”, brought to life by Friends with Benefits, street-magazine “strassenfeger” and advertising agency DOJO, has been making contributions for years in the most berlinesque way possible: without the finger-wagging but with lots of cool faces instead. Thanks to Marteria, Palina and co, the “Das Leben ist kein U-Bahnhof”-sweater is a must-have even among the most stylish of hipsters. See what other great items you can shop here. And this Friday the booziest charity-party of all is returning… While some people only associate charity with social agenda, the prominent contributors get straight to the point. Besides PALINA ROJINSKI, LARY and BALBINA the One-Warm-Winter-Festival is bustling with secret special acts. Led into the great depths of the chardonnay-charity scene by the enchanting voice of VISA VIE, they all make it their mission to bring you the hottest night of the year yet. Show up, spend some money, and make helpies – not selfies. Bravo!

ONE WARM WINTER x MUSCHI KREUZBERG – Benefits Festival 2015 | Fri., 20.02., from 19h, BiNuu am Schlesischen Tor, 10997 Berlin | Facebook Eventlink |

One Warm Winter


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